The other side.


Rahu was completely frightened.

Feeling the powerful aura that flashed after Shi Hao made a move.

Rahu couldn't help but tremble.

There is a panic that is so big in the world that there is nowhere to hide.

"How is that possible!"

"This desolation, has it reached the original realm of Pangu?"

Luo Hu couldn't help but be a little surprised.

He saw Pangu's shadow from Shi Hao, which made Luo Hu feel unbelievable.

But the strong sense of reality made Rahu have to believe it.


Jade Void Palace.

"There will be no accidents this time, the first must be the Emperor of the Desolate Heaven!"

Yuan Shi was very nervous at this time.

I don't know if my previous thoughts were noticed by Shi Hao.

Thinking that Shi Hao suppressed Hongjun so easily, Yuan Shi was even more trembling, and he couldn't help himself at all.

Even so.

Yuan Shi still had a big doubt in his heart.

"Such a powerful existence needs a reward from the Heavenly Dao?"

"I shouldn't need it, right?"


Tushi Palace.

Lao Tzu had the same question as Yuan Shi.

"Hongjun, whose strength has broken through to the Heavenly Dao Realm, is enough to mobilize most of the strength of the Heavenly Dao!"

"But even with this kind of strength, it's not a ridiculous opponent at all!"

"Such an existence can be arranged by the Heavenly Dao Gold List?"

Lao Tzu, who had no clue at all, couldn't help but fall into deep doubts.


Mount Meru.

After receiving Zhun Ti, he was scared, and he was extremely glad that he didn't jump out.


The two of them sat by the Eight Treasures Merit Pool, worried about being liquidated, but also attracted by the movement of the Heavenly Dao Gold List.

After a while.

"Senior brother, do you think this number one will be the one who is not Zhou Shan?!"

In the Eight Treasures Merit Pool, the sound of Zhun Ti reverberates.

"Probably not!"

"Six, four, seven" "What an existence that is, how can he look at the reward of the Heavenly Dao!"



"The Emperor of the Desolate Heaven, who is stronger than the Heavenly Dao, will still be on the gold list made by the Heavenly Dao?"

The same doubts also arise in the hearts of all beings in the immeasurable desolate world.

The incomparably strong questions were not answered, making all the creatures in the desolate world extremely uncomfortable.

They all looked at the Heavenly Dao Gold List, looking forward to the clarification of the Heavenly Dao Gold List.

That's when it happened!


The brilliant divine light emitted by the Heavenly Dao Gold List instantly enhanced to the extreme, making it completely impossible for people to look at directly.

Everyone's eyes went blank.

All the creatures in the desolate world who lost their sight instantly realized the true identity of the first place on the gold list, and it was really time to reveal.

Even if there is already speculation.

The immeasurable desolation of heaven and earth beings is still excited.

After a burst of intense light, the beings of the desolate world regained their sight.

Immediately discovered.

In the incomparably bright golden curtain in the sky, an incomparably huge line of Heavenly Dao Divine Texts was suddenly revealed.

The real name, which has been extremely familiar to everyone, suddenly appeared on the gold list.

[The first place in the inventory of the living beings of the fortune of the saints of the flood wilderness, Shi Hao]

Shi Hao!

The real name came out.

Suddenly, in the entire desolate world, an incomparably strong vibration was set off.

All the creatures of the Flood Wilderness were still extremely excited, even if they took it for granted.


"It turns out that Emperor Wasteland's real name is Shi Hao!"

The beings of the desolate world also learned Shi Hao's real name, and they couldn't help but be even more excited.


At this time!

The whole flood seemed to be in violent turmoil again.

Hundreds of millions of immeasurable beings are united in their hearts, forming red dust and rising to the sky, as if they want to compete with heaven and earth.

The rich orange-red fire collided with the power of the purple gold Heavenly Dao that covered the dense sky.

Bang burst out of incomparably strong sparks, and soon occupied the entire sky.

I can't stop at all for a while.

Such an astonishing movement completely alarmed the entire flood famine.

"What's going on?"

The beings of the desolate world looked at the sky in amazement.

For a moment, I was a little confused.

Until the abnormal movement just now disappeared completely.

I didn't know that everything just now was from my own desolate creatures, so I slowly came back to my senses.

Gaze up at the Heavenly Dao Gold List.

Only then did I realize that it was standing in the sky and had not changed on the Heavenly Dao Gold List.

Shi Hao's real name exudes a divine light that cannot be ignored at all.

"Is it really the Emperor of the Desolate Heavens?"

"It's incredible!"

"I didn't expect that the Emperor of the Desolate Heaven has surpassed the Heavenly Dao, and he will be included in the Heavenly Dao Gold List!"

"How can there be a feeling of wasting a place!"


Repeatedly confirmed that the figure revealed on the Heavenly Dao Gold List was the Emperor of the Desolate Heaven in their cognition

The whole flood set off an incomparably violent wave.

The incomparable sense of shock suddenly rose from the bottom of my heart.

Let most of the creatures in the flood wilderness feel the strong impact.


The other side!

The Heavenly Dao Gold List is so clearly manifested.

All of a sudden.

Not only all living beings in the desolate world.

Even Lao Tzu and others couldn't help but be shocked.

Biyu Palace.

"The first place still falls on the wilderness!"

Tongtian's expression was unusually calm.

As early as when Hongjun was defeated by Shi Hao before, Tongtian already knew that revenge was hopeless, and completely extinguished the idea of finding the field.

"Even Teacher Hongjun, who broke through the Heavenly Dao Realm, is not the opponent of the Emperor of the Desolate Heaven!!"

"I don't know what kind of situation his strength has reached!"

Tongtian, who was completely convinced, couldn't help but yearn for the strength that Shi Hao had just revealed.

After a long time.

Tongtian came back to his senses.

"I don't know when, I will be able to break through to the Heavenly Dao Realm?"

Knowing that if you want to reach Shi Hao's realm in a short period of time, you may be a little wishful thinking.

Tongtian lowers the target to the Heavenly Dao Realm.

But even if it is the Heavenly Dao Realm that can be seen, Tongtian is not completely sure.

However, he was incarnated by the Pangu Yuan God.

Tongtian quickly cut off the distracting thoughts in his heart.

"I am the authentic Pangu sect!"

"No matter how difficult it is!"

"I will definitely be able to break through to the Heavenly Dao Realm!"

Tongtian stood up, and the blade of the sword pointed directly at the golden list that had been manifested by the Heavenly Dao himself.

Qingping's sword is full of sword spirit, and it goes straight to the sky.

The entire Penglai Wonderland was completely shrouded in a bone-chilling chill.

Duobao on the side, and Sanxiao in Penglai.

I couldn't help but tremble under the cold sword intent.


The other side!

Jade Void Palace.

"The first place on the gold list is Shi Hao!"

"What a waste!!"

"What if you give the first Emperor of the Wasteland!!"

"Heavenly Dao's reward can't help it go further at all!"

Looking at the information manifested by the Heavenly Dao Golden List, Yuan Shi couldn't help but feel heartbroken.

In line with most people's perceptions.

Yuan Shi didn't think that the reward of Heavenly Dao would be effective for Shi Hao.


"It's a waste, it's a total waste of resources!!"

"If this is to give the first place to the poor Dao, the Heavenly Dao Realm will no longer be a luxury at all!"

This moment.

Yuan Shi suddenly felt a strong heartache in his heart.

And that's not all.

"No way!"

"You can't let the Heavenly Dao be so wasted!!"

Yuan Shi, who was extremely distressed, had other thoughts rising in his heart

When you think about it, the possibility of success is high.

Yuan Shi immediately couldn't help but want to put it into action.

It's just that, at this time.

From the gold list above his head, which contained the power of the Heavenly Dao, the threat meaning that was suddenly faintly transmitted.

Let Yuan Shi immediately stop, and no longer dare to act rashly. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Even so.

Heavenly Dao is still not at ease.

It contains the most fundamental and incomparably vast origin power of the Heavenly Dao, which has completely enveloped Kunlun Mountain.

Completely trapped Yuan Shi in the Jade Void Palace.

...... []

The Hall of the Northern Demon Master.

"How can it be the Emperor of the Wasteland?!"

"This supreme existence, why would you look at the small Heavenly Dao reward!!"

Kunpeng roared violently in his heart.

An incomparably strong unwillingness appeared in Kunpeng's heart

"The reward of the Heavenly Dao has no effect on that kind of existence at all!"

"What if Heavenly Dao ranks him first!!"

"It's a complete waste of places!"

Kunpeng was completely in a frenzy, and his eyes instantly turned red.

The next second.

Kunpeng couldn't hold back any longer, and suddenly burst out of his body, which contained incomparably powerful mana.


Kunpeng had already approached the northern part of the Flood Desolation Continent infinitely, and had come to the near sea.

Under the full force of Kunpeng.

The entire Beihai, as well as the northern land of the small semi-flood wilderness, was suddenly hit by a strong impact.

The monstrous waves swept in all directions in an instant.

The Northern Sea Demon Clan, which lives in the depths of the sea, has also been affected.

It wasn't until much later that calm finally returned.

After the storm, the whole flood north was in shambles.

And it was at this time that Kunpeng regained his senses.

"Teacher Hongjun can't count on it!"

"Now there is no hope for the gold list!"

"The Ancestor really has no chance with the Holy Throne?!"

Kunpeng had never felt that the Holy Realm was so far away from him. All of a sudden, I fell into complete despair.


Not around the mountains.

"Lord Shi Hao, it's really ranked first!"

Looking at the god name that was completely manifested in the Heavenly Dao Gold List.

Di Jiang and the others were stunned for a moment.

Followed by!

After reacting, a strong look of joy appeared on the faces of Di Jiang and the others, and they were really happy for Shi Hao.

Just when Di Jiang and the others wanted to congratulate Shi Hao.

Suddenly, I saw Shi Hao with an extremely calm face on the side.

"It's worthy of Lord Shi Hao!"

Di Jiang and the others couldn't help but sigh with emotion

At this time.

Di Jiang and the others realized that their sister-in-law Houtu seemed to have taken something from Shi Hao's hand.

After a careful look.

Only then was I surprised to find that it was Hongjun's canonization list.

"It's a canonization list!"

"This is what Lord Shi Hao snatched from that old guy in Hongjun?"

Not long ago, I just saw the true face of the canonization list........

Di Jiang and others admit that they will not admit their mistakes.

At this moment, when I saw the canonization list from Shi Hao's side, I couldn't help but have such a thought in my heart.


A cold snort suddenly came from his ears, which made Di Jiang and the others tremble, and they no longer dared to have other disrespectful thoughts.



It belongs to the incomparably powerful half-saint-level momentum of the River Styx, overwhelmingly suppressing the entire sea of blood.

The sea of blood, which had already returned to calm, once again produced violent turmoil.

From the time when the desolate world was opened, the sea of blood that had already taken shape suddenly set off a monstrous wave.

Countless remnant souls of gods and demons floating at the bottom of the sea of blood, completely unconscious, couldn't help but let out a strong roar.


The entire sea of blood was full of yin wind, and the aura was surging to the sky, completely turning into a Jedi.

And the River Styx is completely indifferent to the changes in the sea of blood.

The whole person's mind was completely in disbelief.

"Aren't I dazzled, Ancestor?!"

"What kind of character is the Emperor of the Wasteland, how can he look at the little reward of the Heavenly Dao?"




Demon Ancestor Rahu's face was even more ugly, and his whole person's expression was no better than that of Styx.

"No matter how much merit there is in the Heavenly Dao, it will have no effect on the existence above the Heavenly Dao!"

"Such a supreme being will also look at these things that are completely useless to him?"

Seeing the figure displayed on the Heavenly Dao Gold List, Luo Hu was completely unaware of why.

I thought about it for a long time and couldn't figure it out.

Until an idea suddenly flashed through my mind.

"Could it be that Tiandao is afraid, so ......?"

The more I thought about it, the more I felt that it was very likely, and Rahu knew it in his heart.


The other side!

Tushi Palace.

It's different from what Rahu thinks.

It's not that Lao Tzu can't understand.

"Sure enough!"

"Heavenly Dao puts the Emperor of the Desolate Heaven in the first place!"

At this time!

Lao Tzu had an unsurprising look on his face.

"Heaven will also bully the weak and fear the hard!"

"Even if it's not a real creature at all, it's just a little instinct!"

"This also shows how strong the strength of the Emperor of the Desolate Heaven is!"

"Teacher Hongjun is not unjustly lost!"

In the dim Tushi Palace, a faint sigh suddenly sounded, and it quickly disappeared.


That's when it happened.

The Gold Chart screen continues to be displayed.

[Name: Shi Hao.] 】

[Gender: Male.] 】

[Age: over 1 billion years old.] 】

[Identity: Master of the Ten Thousand Worlds Plane. 】

[Title: Emperor of the Wasteland.] 】

[Realm: Above the Heavenly Dao. 】

[Treasures: Nine-Leaf Sword Grass, Fighting God Stone, World Treasure Box, Deserted Tower, Thunder Emperor Armor, Third Bronze Coffin, Six Reincarnation Strings, Daluo Sword Fetus ......]

"Gold list evaluation: born supreme, lonely and miserable all his life, there is no one before and no one after him. "

"Reason for being on the list: Countless star fields, the master of countless planes. Since the era of the fall of the emperor, in front of him, no one dares to call himself invincible, no one dares to say that he is invincible, and he can get eternal life in the reincarnation of his true name. "

A line of huge Heavenly Dao Divine Texts.

Manifested in the entire desolate world, imprinted into the eyes of all living beings.


On the top of the Heavenly Dao Gold List.

The reason why Shi Hao was on the list was revealed.

The whole flood suddenly fell into calm for a while.

After a while.

"Lord of the Ten Thousand Worlds Plane?"

"Above the Heavenly Dao?"

The first time I heard the Great Dao Sage say, the beings of the desolate heaven and earth only felt shocked.

"Ten Thousand Worlds?"

"Other worlds?!"

"It's still different from other worlds in the desolate world!"


From time to time, a violent roar resounded throughout the flood wilderness, and it continued to expand as time passed.

Soon, the voices from all corners of the desolate world converged together, making the entire desolate world become extremely noisy all of a sudden.


In the vast and vast desolate world.

Whether it is the demon clan and the witch clan, or the dragon clan, the phoenix clan, the unicorn clan and other former overlords of the three clans.

There are even beings of all races such as the Flood Desolation Demon Clan that appeared based on the Demon Dao opened up by Rahu.


Invariably, a large number of doubts have arisen.

In the hearts of hundreds of millions of sentient beings in the desolate world, a huge curiosity suddenly rose.

It even rises to the point of not being satisfied, and will not give up at all.

This is true even for Lao Tzu and others.


Tushi Palace.

The Sage's Palace, which had just fallen into silence, was no longer peaceful again.

"Lord of the Ten Thousand Worlds Plane?"

"Could it be that this Desolate Heaven Emperor is not a creature of the Desolate Heaven and Earth?"

Lao Tzu frowned tightly and fell into deep thought.

"I can't rule it out!"

"But it needs to be further confirmed!"

Lao Tzu is not sure, so he can only bury his doubts deep in his heart.

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