Chapter 18 Upgrade your cultivation! Exchange martial arts!

Chu Ming looked at his current attributes with satisfaction.

The Eight Steps of Heavenly Demon and the Eight Jue of Heavenly Sword have reached the perfect state of martial arts!

Even the newly fused Heaven-Destroying Hand has reached the realm of Xiaocheng.

What makes Chu Ming curious is... what is the upgrade after the cultivation level!

So, I asked the system

"The host can be upgraded! The current host can upgrade his cultivation through luck points."

The system replied


Chu Ming understood instantly, and then asked:

"How many luck points are needed to upgrade the system to the first level?"

"Host, the first luck point upgrade currently requires 500 points!"

The system said.

If it were 500 points, his luck points are only 200 points now.

It cost 100 points to analyze the Liuren Divine Dice before!

It was obviously not enough.

Moreover, Chu Ming heard the meaning behind the system's words. It was just the first upgrade. , the required luck points are relatively low!

Second, after the third time... the required luck points will increase a lot!

This is indeed a good upgrade choice for Chu Ming

"Host, you can obtain a certain proportion of luck points by exchanging martial arts and money."

The system seemed to understand Chu Ming's concerns, and then continued.

After hearing this, Chu Ming suddenly thought about it.

Chu Ming almost forgot! You can also get luck points by exchanging martial arts and money. Before, he left Jiang He had confiscated some martial arts and a lot of gold, silver and jewelry.

But those martial arts were of little use to Chu Ming, so he could just give it a try!

Then, Chu Ming said to the system:"System, Redeem system space martial arts!"

【Ding! Successfully exchange martial arts and get 200 luck points! 】

The system sound sounded, and Chu Ming discovered that more than a hundred martial arts books had disappeared in the system space.

"So many martial arts skills were exchanged for 200 luck points! The system is too dark."

Chu Ming couldn't help complaining.

"Host, the martial arts level you are currently redeeming is too low, so naturally you cannot redeem luck points that are too high."

The system explained.

After hearing what the system said, Chu Ming thought that when he conquered the Jiang Mansion, he didn't care whether the martial arts secrets were useful or not, and directly put them all into the system space!

And next... Chu Ming directly exchanged them with money, I redeemed the remaining 100 luck points!!

I got exactly 500 points!!

"System, start upgrading."

Chu Ming said directly

【Ding! Spend 500 luck points, upgrade successfully, and break through to the eighth level of Grandmaster!! 】

As the system's voice sounded, the next moment Chu Ming suddenly felt a warm current surge in his body, and the innate true energy in his dantian became much more powerful.

"good! Breakthrough to the eighth level of Grandmaster! The next step is to hit the Grand Master realm!"

Chu Ming's eyes were awe-inspiring and he said solemnly.

Who would have thought that a few months ago, Chu Ming's cultivation was only at the innate realm, but now he is already in the late stage of a master! He is only two steps away from the great master.

However, he There is no rush.

Breaking through the Grand Master is only a matter of time!!

"This place is not far from the Quanzhen Sect of Zhongnan Mountain, so you can go to the Quanzhen Sect to complete another sign-in task!"

Chu Ming decided.

After all, there are still several days before the Anti-Yuan Heroes Conference.

Chu Ming was not in a hurry.

He stood up immediately, and the demon walked out in eight steps.

With one step, the figures were already hundreds of meters away!

Two of them! Hours later.

Zhongnan Mountain!

The moon is sparse, and a round of bright moonlight is falling, reflecting an elegant figure in a green shirt.

The figure in a green shirt is naturally Chu Ming!

In front of Zhongnan Mountain, apart from the Quanzhen Sect, , there is another sect!

That is the Ancient Tomb Sect, which is also located here. At the foot of Zhongnan Mountain, the Tomb of the Living Dead!

Unfortunately, the Ancient Tomb Sect has always been low-key, living in ancient tombs and rarely setting foot in the world!

So , very few people in the martial arts world of China know about the Ancient Tomb Sect.

"According to the time at this moment, that thing must not have happened yet, and it should still be too late."

At this moment, Chu Ming looked deep in thought.

However, this world is a world of comprehensive martial arts, and many trajectories have changed.

Thinking of Little Dragon Girl... Chu Ming is not sure now!

I just hope that everything is not too late!!

Once upon a time, Chu Ming He also fantasized about being a dragon knight!

Unfortunately, he didn’t have the chance. Now that he has traveled to this world of mixed martial arts, isn’t it the opportunity God gave him!

Immediately, Chu Ming’s figure did not stop at all.

He took a step forward and immediately turned into a green shadow that shuttled through the world. In the dense forest in the Zhongnan Mountains.

After burning an incense stick, in vain, a movement not far away caught Chu Ming's attention.

Immediately, Chu Ming's figure flashed towards the place of movement.

Soon... by the moonlight, Chu Ming saw two people, one old and one young.

Among them, the older one seemed a little crazy and had great strength!

The other one was a young man with a handsome face, but the young man at this moment looked... It looked a bit green!

And the two people seemed to be practicing Kung Fu.

Seeing the two people, Chu Ming already knew the identities of the two people below.

And in Zhongnan Mountain, there were two people, one old and one young, except Xidu Ouyang. Who else could it be besides Feng and Yang Guo?……

"Xidu Ouyang Feng and Yang Guo are both here, and Xiao Longnu must be not far away as well."

Chu Ming's heart was spinning.

Without stopping, his figure flashed quickly.

After all, he was not sure at this moment!

And when he reached a towering tree, Chu Ming's eyes froze.

Not far away, there was a road in the jungle. The sound of rustling footsteps came

"Finally found it!"


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