Chapter 17 Mission Sign-in! Heaven-destroying hand!

The night passed quickly.

The next day!

The sun rises in the east, and the dazzling sunlight shines into the ruined temple.

When Chu Ming opened his eyes, Zhao Min and his party had already left.

Last night, Chu Ming was in a state of concentration.

Didn't sleep!

However, after a night of closing his eyes and concentrating, Chu Ming did not feel sleepy at all.

On the contrary, he was very energetic.

After all, if a warrior has reached a certain level of cultivation, he can stay up for several nights without any harm, there will be no impact at all!!

"Sure enough, as I expected, this Anti-Yuan Heroes Conference will not go so smoothly!"

Chu Ming said solemnly.

Zhao Min has many experts around him, so naturally he would not appear near Xiangyang City by such a coincidence!

In Chu Ming's opinion, it must be for the Anti-Yuan Heroes Conference.

Regardless of the purpose of Zhao Min and his party , it has nothing to do with Chu Ming.

Of course, if the situation is unavoidable, Chu Ming will naturally take action.

This is a good opportunity to harvest a lot of luck points, and Chu Ming will certainly not miss it.

After cleaning up...

Chu Ming Ming got on his horse and continued heading towards Xiangyang City.

On the road leading to Xiangyang City, Chu Ming saw many martial arts people like him heading towards Xiangyang City.

From time to time, he saw some people among them. There are few well-known and decent sects in the world!

Such as Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, etc.……

"Guo Jing's influence in the world is still very good. This move has received responses from many people in the world and various forces. Even big sects such as Shaolin and Wudang have sent disciples here!!"

Seeing this, Chu Ming couldn't help but admire.

Guo Jing's chivalry is well known in the world of comprehensive martial arts!

It's a pity that he can't stop the trend after all!!

"Haha... It's funny to me too, why do you think so much!!"

Chu Ming couldn't help but smile bitterly.

Half an hour later,

Chu Ming rushed to Xiangyang City.

After looking at the Xiangyang City Wall, Chu Ming got off his horse, led the horse and headed towards the city.

Chu Ming immediately went directly Find an inn and check in first.

In the room,

Chu Ming said to the system:"System, can I sign in now?"

And the next moment...the system's voice came

【Ding! Xiangyang City mission sign-in is open, please ask the host if you have signed in!】

"Sign in!"

Chu Ming replied

【Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully signing in for the task. The rewards will be distributed randomly. The host can enter the system space to view it by himself!】

"So mysterious!"

Chu Ming was curious.

He became more and more interested in the rewards for signing in for this mission.

Then, he entered the system space directly.

He suddenly found a gift package reward.

Chu Ming clicked on it directly!

【Heaven-Destroying Hand]: A technique that comes from a fantasy world somewhere. It is an extremely advanced version of the Bird-Dragon Hand. The palm is invisible and shadowless, and the Heaven-Destroying Qi is condensed into a hand.

"Destroying hand……"

Chu Ming's eyes were as bright as a torch and his expression was full of energy.

The Heaven-Destroying Hand, this is the ancient forbidden martial art of Ancestor Chen!

Chu Ming really didn't expect that the reward for signing in for this mission would be the martial arts of such a mysterious world!!

You know, Chu Ming now has two secrets from the mysterious world.

The Eight Steps of the Demon and the Heaven-Destroying Hand!

What a coincidence, these two techniques come from the ancient forbidden ancestor Chen!!

But Chu Ming did not immediately fuse and practice the Heaven-Destroying Hand!

After all, practicing this technique will inevitably cause great phenomena in the world.

What's more... Chu Ming is now in the Xiangyang City Inn, with a mixture of fish and dragons, and many people from the martial arts world.

If practice is interrupted, that’s not good!

Therefore, Chu Ming decided to leave Xiangyang City first.

I plan to find a quiet place and practice the Heaven-Destroying Hand before it’s too late!!

Soon, Chu Ming left the city.

As the figure flashed, he took one step and already spanned hundreds of meters.

And when Chu Ming appeared again, he was already in a mountain forest dozens of miles away from Xiangyang City!

"Nice place, just right!"

After Chu Ming took a look at the surrounding environment, he found that there was a cave not far in front of him.

"good! It's here."

Entering the cave, Chu Ming took a look and found that it was relatively spacious and suitable.

Then, he decided to practice the Heaven-Destroying Hand here.

"System, transmit the Heaven-Destroying Hand Technique!"

Immediately Chu Ming sat cross-legged and said to the system.

As the words fell.

The next moment, a vast and majestic information poured into Chu Ming's consciousness like a flood!

"This heaven-destroying hand is so mysterious and majestic."

Just after the transmission, Chu Ming suddenly felt that it was very mysterious.

However, when Chu Ming thought about it, he understood instantly.

After all, the Heaven-Destroying Hand is definitely not at the same level as the previous Heavenly Sword Eight.

It is far higher than the Heavenly Sword Eight. Techniques are also more mysterious and complicated!!

But for Chu Ming, these are not a problem.

After all, he has bugs and cheats.

Time passes little by little in the transmission technique.

Chu Ming's entire consciousness seems to be immersed in annihilation In the Heavenly Hand Technique!!

If anyone was present at the scene, they would be shocked. At this moment, a huge palm was condensed above Chu Ming's head.

The entire palm, like a solid substance, exuded a terrifying pressure of aura.

I don't know why. How long did it take for Chu Ming to completely integrate the Heaven-Destroying Hand?

Only then did the shadow of the giant hand above his head dissipate.

"Give it a try!"

Chu Ming thought.

He planned to try the power of the Heaven-Destroying Hand!


Chu Ming came out with one hand.

He saw a giant hand seal tens of feet condensed in the void and burst out.

The terrifying aura on it was powerful. The pressure burst out.

Chu Ming aimed at a boulder and pinched it with a bang.


The boulder was instantly crushed into powder!!

"good! Now I am afraid that my strength is unmatched in the master realm. Even the great master is confident to fight. If I use my full strength, I am afraid that the great master's cultivation can kill him!"

Chu Ming's eyes were stern.

"System, open the properties panel."

Chu Ming planned to check his current attributes.

The next moment, a panel that only Chu Ming could see appeared.

Host: Chu Ming

Age: sixteen years old

Cultivation level: Grandmaster level 7 [can be upgraded]

Skill: Heavenly Sword Eight Jue [Perfect Realm], Heavenly Demon Eight Steps [Perfect Realm], Dragon Elephant Prajna Kung Fu [Fifth Level], Heaven-Destroying Hand [Xiao Cheng Realm], Changfeng Sword Technique, Cloud Step, Back-to-Back Dragon and Tiger Fist, Seven Spinning Palm...

Divine Weapon: Daxia Dragon Bird Sword

Items: Shifting Flowers and Trees Skill [Status Not Practiced]

Luck Points: 200 Points

Mission: Sign in to Xiangyang City [Status Completed], Quanzhen Sect Sign in [Unfinished], Hengyang City Gold Signing in for the basin handwashing meeting [Unfinished]】


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