Director Sun said to Fan Jinyou:

"Fan Jinyou, from today, no, from now on, you are not the public manager here, go back to the street office and wait for the notice.

Also, the income of this store, let me find out when the time comes, you are corrupt.

Then you're dead, and if you say it now, I'll spare your life, if you don't say it.

Don't say I didn't give you a chance then!"

Although Fan Jinyou wants Chen Xueru, he doesn't have the courage to embezzle, you must know that Fan Jinyou is very careful on it.

is the kind of person who is a villain, so Fan Jinyou quickly shook his head:

"Director, no, where do I have the courage to embezzle! I just want to use the dividends to pinch Boss Chen Xueru.

I'm going to give the dividends!"

After saying that, he went to the safe and took out two packages:

"This package was not given to Qi before, I plan to give it to him if she promised me, this is this year's dividend.

I haven't had time to buckle it yet!"

After speaking, he looked at Director Sun cautiously, and Director Sun looked at Fan Jinyou's appearance and was very angry.

I didn't expect that there would be such a bold person under my subordinates.

Chen Xueru said disdainfully:

"You don't want to deduct it, do you plan to use this money to force me to comply?

And then you get both people and money, so you don't have to deduct it at all, right?

Force me to marry you, and then all this money is not all yours?"

Hearing Chen Xueru's words, Fan Jin was very shocked, but he didn't expect that Chen Xueru actually knew his plan.

Director Sun looked at Chen Xueru, and then said cautiously:

"Comrade Chen Xueru, I will deal with this Fan Jin when I go back, what do you think of this matter?"

Chen Xueru didn't want to have anything to do with these people, and then said:

"This house is my ancestral property, I have all the documents, and now the silk village is public.

But this house is not public, is it?"

Director Sun nodded:

"Yes, yes, this house is yours, but this silk house has been open for so long.

It's impossible to relocate, you see the rent ......."

Chen Xueru said:

"I won't let you move, but the rent will be given to me every year, and as for the rent, it will be at the market price.

It's as much as it should be!"

Director Sun said:

323 "Okay, well, according to the market price, your house is a store house, and the rent is 45 yuan per month."

Can you see?"

Chen Xueru doesn't care how much money it is, only the other party pays the rent, so it means that this house is her own.

You must know that this house is not small, almost more than 700 square meters inside and out.

Forty-five is not high, and if it was placed five or five years ago, forty-five would not even be able to rent one-tenth.

However, this price is set by the state, and there is no way to change it at all, Chen Xueru nodded:

"Okay, since Director Sun said it, then I'll collect the rent in a year!"

Director Sun said:

"No, no, I'll give you the rent now, and this rent will be paid first!"

After speaking, Director Sun took out 540 yuan at the counter and gave it to Chen Xueru.

Chen Xueru also wrote a receipt, stating that it was rent, and then said:

"Okay, this silk village will have nothing to do with me in the future, whether to use him or you to change one, it's all your business!"

Hearing Chen Xueru's words, Director Sun breathed a sigh of relief, if something happened at this time.

I couldn't eat and walk around, and when I saw that Fan Jinyou hadn't left yet, Director Sun scolded loudly:

"Why don't you go back, what are you doing here?"

Fan Jinyou saw that Chen Xueru didn't pursue it, so he cautiously asked:

"Director Sun, what about here?"

Director Sun looked at Fan Jinyou's appearance and immediately reprimanded loudly:

"Why, do you still care about the position of the public manager here? I tell you, no way.

See how I clean you up when I go back! Get out, don't worry about it here!"

After speaking, Director Sun said:

"Comrade Chen Xueru, I'm really sorry, I have such scum in our team, I mismanaged it!"

Hearing Director Sun's words, Fan Jinyou knew that he was finished this time, and he even described himself as a scum, Fan Jin was like a mourner.

Chen Xueru said:

"Director Sun has a lot of opportunities, so many things need to be managed by Director Sun. It's normal to be a little negligent!"

Director Sun knew that this was Chen Xueru stepping down again.

Director Sun is not a BJFE person who does not know the sophistication of human feelings:

"Thank you for your understanding, don't worry, I'll go back and I'll be out of this scum, since everything is over, then I'll go back too!"

After saying goodbye, Director Sun said goodbye to Chen Xueru, and after Chen Xueru and He Yuzhu went back.

He Yuzhu didn't ask Chen Xueru to deal with it like this, after all, this is Chen Xueru's own business.

Seeing that He Yuzhu didn't ask, Chen Xueru asked He Yuzhu curiously:

"Xianggong, why didn't you ask me, why did you give up pursuing Fan Jinyou?"

He Yuzhu smiled and said:

"No, how to deal with it is your own business, we are not qualified to ask, and you have also dealt with it?"

Chen Xueru said:

"I still want to open my store then, so I don't want to offend Director Sun!"

He Yuzhu said with a smile

"I can understand, you don't need to explain it to me, besides, I don't believe it, what do you have to do with that waste!"

Chen Xueru was very happy to see that He Yuzhu did not misunderstand, He Yuzhu said:

"By the way, is there anything else going on today?"

Chen Xueru shook her head, and then asked:

"I found out that all the food places are closed now, what's going on?"

He Yuzhu said:

"It's not this big canteen, the public food in the small canteen is noisy!"

Chen Xueru asked curiously:

"What's going on?"

He Yuzhu said:

"Now it's all collective purchasing, and I won't sell things to individuals, and if I want to eat, I must have my own collective canteen!"

Chen Xueru asked anxiously:

"Then what will we do when we eat later?"

He Yuzhu smiled and said:

"Isn't it me? Besides, I'm not in a hurry, what are you doing in a hurry?

Can I starve you? Don't worry, I've got a way!"

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, Chen Xueru was no longer worried, but Chen Xueru still said:

"Xianggong, if the money to buy things is not enough, just tell me, I still have some money in my hand!"

He Yuzhu nodded:

"Don't worry, it's enough, my money may not be as much as yours, but it's still a lot, it's enough, don't worry!"

Since the beginning of the 50s, He Yuzhu has been hoarding materials one after another, and now, the materials Hoarded by He Yuzhu are enough for everyone to eat until the 21st century.

So for food, He Yuzhu is not worried at all.

Although there is no planting space, but your own storage space, it is also infinite. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Therefore, He Yuzhu has a lot of materials in storage, so there is no need to worry about it at all.

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, Chen Xueru said:

"That's good, that's good!"

As for where He Yuzhu got it, Chen Xueru didn't worry about it at all, after all, he had his own secrets.

As his woman, it's good to have something to eat, so why bother asking, and even if you know, you can't help yourself.

So it was in vain to ask, and after the two drove home, Chen Xueru gave the dividends to He Yuzhu and went to coax the child.

He Yuzhu knew that if he didn't want to, it was estimated that Chen Xueru would be in a bad mood.

After all, Yang Xiaodi's salary has been given to himself.

After He Yuzhu saw Chen Xueru coaxing the child, He Yuzhu looked at the time and said:

"I'm going to see Xiaodi's parents, and I'll be back in a while!"

Chen Xueru responded:

"Got it!"

He Yuzhu put some meat in the garage, not much, but enough to eat for a day or two, after all, if you take too much at this time, it is easy to spoil.

In your own space, it doesn't break for a long time.

He Yuzhu drove to Yang Zhili's house, his father-in-law Yang Zhili was not at home, only his mother-in-law Hu Shuzhi was at home.

Seeing He Yuzhu coming, Hu Shuzhi smiled at He Yuzhu and said:

"The pillar is coming!"

He Yuzhu's ability is very recognized by the two elders.

He Yuzhu took the bag, put it in the kitchen, and said to Hu Shuzhi:

"Mom, this is for you to eat, is your unit also opening a big canteen?"

Hu Shuzhi nodded:

"yes, but you don't need to bring us meat, we eat well in the big cafeteria.

I don't have to cook three meals a day at home, I eat them directly in the cafeteria!"

He Yuzhu said:

"I still know the food in the big canteen, if you are hungry, you will beat your teeth.

If you don't have meat, just tell me!"

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, Hu Shuzhi knew that his son-in-law was capable, and now there was a shortage of meat in the whole country.

I didn't expect He Yuzhu to be able to get meat every time, no matter how he got it, it was He Yuzhu's filial piety.

So Hu Shuzhi did not refuse.

After talking to He Yuzhu, He Yuzhu left.

The next day, He Yuzhu continued to return to the Seventh Branch, and when he arrived at the Seventh Branch, Gu Zhiqiu found He Yuzhu and said to He Yuzhu:

"Zhuzi, you're back, I have something to tell you!"

He Yuzhu asked curiously:

"What's the matter?"

Gu Zhiqiu asked:

"You can develop cars and tanks, but can you do airplanes?"

He Yuzhu was stunned for a moment, and then said:

"Give me time, you can be, but when you study the plane, the previous engine is useless.

The engine needs to be re-studied, and the engine of the aircraft needs to be more powerful.

And it takes a lot of manpower, and I can't make it by myself!"

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, Gu Zhiqiu was very excited:

"Okay, as long as you can get it out, if you need anything, just tell me, I'll get it all for you!"

Hearing Gu Zhiqiu's words, He Yuzhu said:

"Our place is too small, and the entire 403 is not enough to make the aircraft.

Well, I'll give you the drawings in a few days, and you find someone to build the runway, the airport, and the laboratory according to the drawings, and most importantly, there are too many parts of all kinds.

There is no three or five years, and there is no result at all!"

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, Gu Zhiqiu asked very excitedly:

"Three or five years to have our own plane?"

He Yuzhu nodded:

"That's right, I'm talking about fighters, not about the current ones, which are too outdated.

We just make it ourselves, and it doesn't work, it's all technology that has been eliminated by Western countries!"

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, Gu Zhiqiu was very excited:

"Okay, as long as you can get an advanced plane, you tell me what you want, as long as I can get it, I'll get it all for you.

If I can't get it, I'll find a way to get it for you!"

He Yuzhu looked at the excited Gu Zhiqiu, thought that the country really lacked such technology, and then nodded:

"Okay, since you said that, then I'll start working on airplanes.

After the preliminary work is done first, I will design the other parts.

When the site is ready, I'll go develop the engine!"

Gu Zhiqiu said:

"Okay, if you get it out this time, then you are the hero of our country!"

He Yuzhu smiled and said:

"What's the matter? I'm not a hero of the state now?"

Thinking of He Yuzhu getting so many meritorious deeds, Gu Zhiqiu said with a smile:

"Yes, yes, yes!"

He Yuzhu did not continue to make fun of Gu Zhiqiu, and then said:

"It takes a lot of time, not a few months to make!"

Gu Zhiqiu nodded:

"Okay, as long as it can be done!"

After speaking, Gu Zhiqiu went to prepare to find a place and find someone.

He Yuzhu didn't care where Gu Zhiqiu was, after all, he was not a professional, he only needed to be in charge of technology.

He Yuzhu finished the drawings of the experimental base, and after finishing it, He Yuzhu put it next to him.

Then he designed his first aircraft.

You must know that foreign aircraft technology is very mature, and the planes of our own country are still bought from other countries and transformed by ourselves.

Although it looks like it is a plane from its own country on the outside, the core is still something that other countries have eliminated.

Therefore, He Yuzhu is designing very advanced aircraft and fighters in the future.

The next day, He Yuzhu handed over the drawings to Gu Zhiqiu, and then began to design the aircraft by himself.

To know the design of the aircraft, there are more parts, and the safety needs are stronger.

Time flickered, and it was autumn.

On this day, as soon as He Yuzhu came back, he saw He Daqing, Song Ziyu, and He Yuqing all coming.

He Yuzhu looked at He Daqing, and then asked He Daqing:

"Dad, why are you here? What's going on?"

He Daqing nodded:

"That's right, that Jia Dongxu is gone?".

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