For He Yuzhu, Chen Xueru has blind trust.

He Yuzhu said that business will rise in the future, so it will definitely rise.

Chen Xueru said:

"Okay, then you can compensate me and go back together in a few days!"

You must know that in the first year of public-private partnership, the manager of the private side is in charge, and then the public is in charge.

After three years, it will all be public, and it has nothing to do with the private party.

And this year is the last year for Chen Xueru to get dividends, and there will be no dividends in the future.

That is, since the beginning of this year, there will be no more private businesses, all of them are public.

Of course, there are other industries, such as bicycle repair, barber shops and other service-oriented industries, and there are many individuals who open them.

But they are all individuals, and they cannot hire anyone, and they can take in apprentices, but they cannot hire anyone.

If you hire people, it is capitalism, and if you open a store by yourself, such a store is still allowed.

In the past few days, He Yuzhu has basically been fishing, and in the research institute, he has also finished researching his own inventions.

Then he left, He Yuzhu gave enough technology, and now there are still many technical countries that have not digested it.

After all, the technology given by He Yuzhu is too advanced, and it has surpassed Western countries by a lot.

But who made the current country have a thin foundation and not have so many talents.

There is also the fact that He Yuzhu has a plug-in, but others don't.

On this day, He Yuzhu took a leave of absence the day before, because on this day, He Yuzhu planned to accompany Chen Xueru to Xueru Silk Village to collect the last year's dividends.

Then Chen Xueru went to collect the rent of the house every year, and there was nothing else.

If He Yuzhu didn't come, Chen Xueru would still become a worker in the silk village, but after He Yuzhu, Chen Xueru would not go.

He Yuzhu drove the car to the silk village quickly, and after arriving, Fan Jinyou saw Chen Xueru and pointed at Chen Xueru very angrily and reprimanded:

"Do you still have a little organization, do you have a little discipline, for so many years, you just come once a year, and you don't care about the silk village?"

Chen Xueru said lightly:

"Manager Fan, please pay attention to the words, this silk village is not mine now, I was only a private manager before.

And when it comes to public-private partnerships, it's very clear that in the first year, I'll hand over all the business to you.

As a private manager, I have the right to operate for the first year.

After that, as a private manager, I only had the right to dividends, and I made it clear when I signed the contract.

After three years of dividends, the entire silk village is public, and it has nothing to do with me.

I want to be a worker here, now I'm just a worker, I don't want to, I'm going to find another job.

What right do you have to yell at me, now I'm here to settle the final year's dividends!"

Fan Jinyou originally had thoughts about this female boss, and originally wanted to suppress this boss.

But I didn't expect Chen Xueru to give herself so much face, Fan Jinyou angrily reprimanded:


Hearing Fan Jinyou's words, Chen Xueru didn't say a word, turned around and left, He Yuzhu just parked the car and watched Chen Xueru walk out with a black face.

Asked Chen Xueru:

"Xueru, what's wrong?"

Chen Xueru angrily said what happened just now.

Hearing Chen Xueru's words, He Yuzhu said:

"This is not simple, go, I'll take you to call the shots!"

After saying that, He Yuzhu took Chen Xueru and left, but Fan Jinyou was very angry, thinking that Chen Xueru didn't want this year's dividends.

You must know that although these dividends are not as much as the silk village, they are still more than 20,000 a year.

Fan Jinyou didn't believe that after so many years, Chen Xueru wouldn't want it!

At this time, He Yuzhu took Chen Xueru to the street office and directly found the director of the street office.

I also know the director of the street office of Zhengyangmen, Director Sun, and He Yuzhu, but I have met a few times, and I haven't met too much.

He Yuzhu said:

"Director Sun, hello, my name is He Yuzhu!"

Director Sun looked at He Yuzhu and asked He Yuzhu:

"Comrade He Yuzhu, may I ask you something?"

He Yuzhu asked:

"Director Sun, I would like to ask that the state follows the state's policy contract for public-private partnerships.

Or is the state just trying to seize other people's ancestral property?"

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, Director Sun didn't dare to say this, this matter is a big deal.

"Of course, it is done according to the contract, and the public-private partnership in the whole country is done according to the contract!"

He Yuzhu asked:

"This is Chen Xueru, the former boss of Xueru Silk Village, and Boss Chen was the first batch to take the initiative to sign a public-private partnership agreement with the state, right?"

For Chen Xueru, Director Sun also knew that indeed, Chen Xueru was the first batch to participate in the public-private partnership.

At the beginning of the policy, most of the businessmen did not agree, and Chen Xueru didn't ask, but directly asked for the contract and signed it.

He Yuzhu continued to ask:

"So why is there no dividend for this last year?"

Director Sun said:

"It's impossible? I said that if I give it three years, I will give it three years, this is the last year, how can it not be.

And I've talked to all the public managers about this before, and the public managers have also expressed their full cooperation with this matter?"

Chen Xueru said:

"Manager Sun, I don't know what you and your people say, but when I go to get the last year's dividends today.

The public manager reprimanded us and said that I would not go to the Silk Village, as you remember saying at the time.

In the first year, as a private manager, I had to hand over the affairs of the entire silk village, and there was nothing to do later, right?

And I can't be involved in the management, let alone the management, right?

I only have the right to check my accounts for the past three years, right?"

Director Sun nodded:

"That's right, it's not just you, it's everyone else!"

Chen Xueru asked:

"Then after I finish handing over, I don't even check the accounts, and I will take as many dividends as I give.

Is it because I don't go to the silk village anymore, I have no organization and no discipline?

And no more of my dividends?"

Director Sun said:

"No, no, Comrade Chen Xueru, don't worry, I'll go with you now, I want to see what's going on?"

Chen Xueru nodded:

"Okay, let's go, I don't want this money, but this thing can't be finished!"

Director Sun had no choice but to leave with He Yuzhu and Chen Xueru.

When the three of them arrived at the silk village, He Yuzhu grabbed Director Sun, and then glanced at Chen Xueru.

Chen Xueru immediately knew what He Yuzhu meant, and she entered the silk village again.

At this time, Fan Jinyou's words came from inside:

"Isn't this Boss Chen? Why did you leave just now, I thought you didn't want this year's dividends?"

Chen Xueru was very angry and asked patiently:

"Didn't you just say there were no dividends?"

Fan Jin said with a sigh:

"That's right, whether there are dividends or not, it depends on whether you can go to the road or not!"

Chen Xueru was very angry, and then asked:

"What do you mean?"

Fan Jinyou said coldly:

"What do you mean, hum, Chen Xueru, don't pretend to be confused, don't you know what I mean?

I have a crush on you, I know you are still single, if you are honest, I will give you a lot of dividends this year. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

If you don't know how to lift, hmph, this year's income is not good, there is no dividend!"

Hearing Fan Jin's words, Director Sun was very angry and slammed!

Director Sun kicked the door open and walked in directly, seeing Director Sun walk in, Fan Jin was very shocked.

Unexpectedly, Chen Xueru came in with Director Sun, Fan Jin said viciously:

"Chen Xueru, you yin me!"

Director Sun was very angry when he saw Fan Jin like this, and he was still concerned about this at this time.

Director Sun reprimanded loudly


Then Director Sun said to Fan Jinyou:

"Fan Jinyou, that's how you serve the public, and let you be the manager of this public side.

That's what I want you to think about before.

Before you were asked to be the private manager of the tavern, you didn't do well and let you come here.

In the name of the public manager, you want to insult women.

Looks like you're really tired of being crooked!"

Fan Jinyou knows about these two crimes, if these two charges are implemented.

Then you're really finished.

"Director Sun, no, I didn't mean that, I was just confused for a while, I fell in love with Chen Xueru, this is a normal pursuit!"

Chen Xueru reprimanded loudly:

"You fart, how many times have I seen you? You are a lewd person, playing hooligan is playing hooligan, what reason do you give yourself?"

Fan Jin didn't expect Chen Xueru to say this, and immediately said:

"You fart, when did I play hooligan on you?"

Chen Xueru, you said lightly:

"What did you just do, you didn't play hooligan? When I'm not interested, what? You think you're a bandit?

If I don't marry you, there will be no dividends, and if I marry you, there will be dividends?

I'm telling you, the old lady doesn't care, although this money is astronomical for you.

Maybe you can't earn it for decades, but I, Chen Xueru, am not rare, I will reflect this situation with the country, I didn't take the last year's dividends, then I have the right to check the accounts.

When the time comes, let the relevant departments of the state check your accounts here.

I don't believe it, and I can't get you1".

Hearing Chen Xueru's words, Fan Jinyou was almost frightened to death, and said to Chen Xueru:

"Comrade Chen Xueru, Boss Chen, I was wrong, I shouldn't think so.

You bypass me this time, I was really wrong!"

Chen Xueru said:

"The dividends you gave me before were less, and they were too different from when I saluted before, but I put up with this.

After all, our country has implemented a system of integrating ticket and money.

I just have more money than I can buy anything, and I have made a lot of money before the public-private partnership.

What I'm missing is bills, and it doesn't matter if there's money or not.

But you have to make an inch today, so don't blame me for being rude!"

Fan Jinyou is a villain, and he hasn't done anything to post accounts.

And it's just a small car face, if you check the accounts, whether there is a problem or not, you will be unlucky.

So Fan Jinyou was scared, looking at the scared Fan Jinyou, Director Sun said in his heart, it can't be that this kid is really corrupt, right?

If it's really corrupt, then it's not a small matter, and it's not good to eat peanuts.

Director Sun said:

"Fan Jinyou, I didn't expect you kid to dare to embezzle, I think you really have lived enough.

The last corrupt person, what will happen, I think you should also know!"

Fan Jinyou hurriedly said:

"Director, no, I'm wronged, I really didn't embezzle, I really didn't!"

Director Sun said:

"Since there is no corruption, why are you worried about being audited?"

Fan Jin said hesitantly:

"That (Li Zhao) doesn't have an account book, I can't study well, so I didn't do accounts in vain, so I ......"

Hearing Fan Jinyou's words, Director Sun was almost not angry, how could he pay the difference if he didn't do the accounts.

How to distribute dividends without accounting, Director Sun finally knew what Chen Xueru meant just now.

It's not that the dividend is less, but Fan Jinyou has this kid who actually made his own claim, didn't keep accounts, and then estimated it.

didn't expect Chen Xueru to be waiting for him here, Fan Jinyou looked at Director Sun, who had a dark face.

Fan Jinyou lowered his head and didn't dare to speak, Director Sun said:

"I know this Fan Jin, although he is also a villain, but he doesn't dare to do corrupt things.

So this thing, you see if it's ......"

Chen Xueru said:

"It's okay if you don't report it, take the courage of the three years of purchase, I want to check.

I set up this silk village, do you think there is no account book here?

I'll know how much profit I'll know by looking at the receipts, and as for how much you're selling, I'll be able to see it here.

So I'm asking to see the purchase receipts! You're not going to tell me about that, and you don't have a record, are you?"

Hearing Chen Xueru's words, Fan Jin nodded a little:

"This one has!"

Looking at Fan Jinyou's appearance, Chen Xueru was very disgusted and disgusted.

Chen Xueru asked Director Sun:

"Director Sun, I want justice today, okay, if you don't agree, then ask the state to intervene.

I don't want justice, I'm going to say the law!"

Hearing Chen Xueru's words, Director Sun also breathed a sigh of relief, at this time, there can be no mess here.

If something goes wrong, then I, the director, will also share the responsibility.

It would be nice to solve it yourself behind closed doors.

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