Chapter 15 Dragon Elephant Prajna Kung Fu!

A speechless night!

The next day.

The sun rises in the east, reflecting the light of the original sun.

Chu Ming slowly opened his eyes, and a ray of light flashed in his eyes.

After a night of practice, his cultivation has broken through to the seventh level of Grandmaster!

Now Chu Ming is very energetic and full of energy!

"Finally a breakthrough!"

Chu Ming's eyes were as bright as a torch and he said solemnly,"If I continue at this speed, I believe it won't be long before I can break through to the Grand Master realm. By then, I believe my combat power will have improved a lot."

After having breakfast, Chu Ming had no intention of staying any longer. He immediately rode on horseback, preparing to leave Gusu City and head to Xiangyang City and the direction of the Quanzhen Sect!

Time was flowing like water, and more than a month had passed before he knew it..

And in this more than a month, several major events happened in the Jianghu!

One of them was that Xu Fengnian, the crown prince of Beimuang, returned to Beimuo and got Wang Chonglou to pass on the power to Dahuangting!

This incident caused a stir in the Jianghu. There was quite a sensation, especially within the Liyang Jianghu.

The king of Liyang had a different surname, and what a terrifying existence Bei Ming King Xu Xiao was. The Bei Ming army under his command was even more frightening to countless people!!

And his son, Xu Fengnian has naturally attracted the attention of countless people.

Now that the Beimu Prince has returned to Beimu and received Wang Chonglou's teaching skills in Dahuangting, in the eyes of many people, he is bound to prepare to take over Beimu and become the new Beimu. King!!

And many people don’t want Xu Fengnian to take over Beimu!

Whether it is the Liyang Dynasty or the Beimu army.

In the eyes of many people in the world, Beimu is bound to be in chaos. This Beimu Crown Prince, the future King Bei Ming is bound to have a bad fate!!

The second is the advent of the deer-cutting knife!

The deer-cutting knife was made by Xu Luzi, a famous forger who is a descendant of Mrs. Xu in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, who spent his entire life!

It is said that the day this knife was completed, the world was eclipsed. , dim and dull, with thousands of thunders surging, causing visions in the heaven and earth.

And its name is taken from the fact that Qin lost its deer, and the whole world chased it, but the winner got the deer and cut it off!

Of course, what attracted the most attention from people in the world What happened is still the matter in Xiangyang City!

Guo Jing, the hero of Guo, held a meeting of anti-Yuan heroes in Xiangyang City, which received responses from many powerful people in the world, and even many people in the dynasty!

Who is Guo Jing... a well-deserved hero who has served the country well? People!

Guarding Xiangyang City for more than 20 years, blocking the alien Mongolian Yuan from going south.

Guo Jing is the disciple of Hong Qigong, the leader of the Beggar Clan, one of the Five Ultimates of the Song Dynasty. His father-in-law is also one of the Five Ultimates, Dongxie Huang Yaoshi!!

Posthumous death His background is profound!

His cultivation is even more impressive, and he is a well-known grandmaster for a long time!

But no one knows what Guo Jing’s cultivation is now!!

There are rumors in the world that Guo Jing has become a grand master, but no one is clear

But this does not hinder Guo Jing's reputation in the martial arts world. At this time, in a restaurant in Qingshi Town,

Chu Ming listened to many martial arts masters around him talking about recent events in the martial arts world, his eyes pensive.

It made him feel Of course, those who are interested are the Northern Prince Xu Fengnian and the Xiangyang City Anti-Yuan Heroes Conference

"interesting! Unexpectedly, Xu Fengnian had already returned to Beimu, and had obtained Wang Chonglou's teaching skills from Dahuangting. He was worthy of being the son of luck, and this halo... was like no one else!!"

Chu Ming whispered.

Others have been practicing hard for decades, but Xu Fengnian turned out to be okay. He directly obtained Wang Chonglou's Dahuangting skills and became a master!

Isn't this the person who has obtained the template of the protagonist!!

"According to the plot of the original world, Xu Fengnian, the prince of Bei Ming, should be traveling around the world for the second time soon. Chu Ming thought, and then said with a deep look:"This trip to Xiangyang City can be just in time to complete the sign-in task, and at the same time

, I can experience the Anti-Yuan Heroes Conference. Maybe I can harvest a lot of luck points by then.""

This time Guo Jingguang invites the Central Plains martial arts to hold a meeting of anti-Yuan heroes in Xiangyang City. I'm afraid it won't go too smoothly. There will definitely be obstacles from the Mongolian and Yuan forces!!

Chu Ming thought.

After all, Guo Jing's move is to fight against the Yuan Dynasty..The

Yuan Dynasty will definitely not tolerate it, and will definitely stop it in every possible way!


Three days later!

More than seventy miles away from Xiangyang City, inside a ruined temple

"We'll stay here tonight until the rain stops. It won't be too late to start our journey tomorrow."

At this time, after Chu Ming tied up his horse, he looked at the heavy rain outside.

After coming out of Qingshi Town, he headed all the way towards Xiangyang City.

Originally, according to Chu Ming's calculation, it would take about three days. Rushed to Xiangyang City.

But as a result, when we got here, it suddenly started raining heavily, and there was lightning and thunder!

Chu Ming had to stop, and he was in a wilderness in front of him.

It happened to be a coincidence, Chu Ming I happened to see a ruined temple not far away.

Then I saw the scene in front of me!!

Immediately, Chu Ming lit a fire, dried his clothes, and ate some dry food to fill his stomach.

Chu Ming He was about to start practicing cross-legged, but when he saw no one around, he spoke to the system.

"System, sign in!"

A month has passed now, and Chu Ming estimates that it's just time to sign in!

【Ding! The monthly sign is successful, congratulations to the host for obtaining the Dragon Elephant Prajna Kung Fu!】

"As luck would have it, I didn't expect that Yuezhan would obtain such skills as Dragon Elephant Prajna Kung Fu!"

Chu Ming looked satisfied.

He was no stranger to the Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique.

This technique is the supreme Dharma-protecting magical technique of Tantric Buddhism. There are thirteen levels in total. It is said that each time you practice one level, the power of one dragon and one elephant will increase.

Practicing this The method becomes more and more difficult as it goes on!

And the master of this technique is Jinlun Dharma King...

Even though he is Jinlun Dharma King, he has only practiced it to the tenth level.

Of course.

Dragon Elephant Prajna Kung Fu is not just an external skill, but also a The inner strength and mental skills of the sect!

For Chu Ming now, this is what he lacks!!

The inner strength and mental skills!

"good! This dragon-elephant prajna skill is exactly what I lack."

Chu Ming said calmly.

Although he had previously obtained the ninth level of the Wedding Clothes Divine Skill in the Liuren Divine Dice, which can absorb other people's internal energy for his own use.

But Chu Ming does not intend to practice it.

Now the Dragon Elephant Prajna Skill is just right for him!!


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