Chapter 14 System Analysis! Get luck points!

Suzhou City.

In an inn.

Chu Ming took a bath and put on a clean green shirt.

Take out the Liuren Divine Dice obtained from Jiang Biehe directly from the system space.

After looking carefully, I didn't find any clues.

Chu Ming did not expect that the Liuren Divine Dice would be in Jiang Biehe's hands.

He has heard about the Liuren Divine Dice!!

It is rumored that there is a peerless martial arts in the Liuren Divine Dice.

Moving flowers and grafting trees is the highest and ninth level of the magic skill of Yihua Palace Wedding Clothes!

He has many martial arts skills, including the Eight Steps of the Heavenly Demon and the Eight Heavenly Swords. Chu Ming is not very attracted to the idea of grafting others onto his own.

But for Chu Ming, having one more martial art has all the benefits without any harm, it can be said to be the icing on the cake!!

【Ding! System analysis is enabled. Does the host spend 100 luck points to analyze the Liuren God Dice? 】

And just when Chu Ming was thinking about it, the system prompt tone suddenly sounded.

"System analysis? Good luck?!"

Chu Ming was stunned.

The system can analyze this thing!

The key luck point... Chu Ming doesn't have it either.

【Ding! System analysis is enabled. Does the host spend 100 luck points to analyze the Liuren God Dice?】


The system did not answer Chu Ming’s question.

"System, open the properties panel."

Chu Ming decided to check his current attributes first!

Host: Chu Ming

Age: 16 years old

Cultivation level: Grandmaster Sixth Level Realm

Kung Fu: Eight Heavenly Sword Jue [Dacheng Realm], Eight Heavenly Demon Steps [Dacheng Realm], Chang Wind Sword Technique, Zongyun Step, Tongbei Dragon and Tiger Fist, Seven Spin Palm...

Divine Weapon: Daxia Dragon Bird Sword

Luck Points: 300........

"There are actually 300 luck points!"

Chu Ming was curious.

But soon, he completely understood how to obtain luck points.

And now his 300 luck points were obtained by killing the Twelve Stars and Jiang Biehe!

They can only be obtained by killing those who are in the fifth level of the innate realm. Only by doing this can you get rewards of luck points!

In addition, of course, luck points can be obtained through exchange, skill exchange and money exchange!

You can also exchange for a certain proportion of luck points!!

And Chu Ming learned that luck points It can also be used for system draws and system mall purchases!!

"I didn’t expect that killing the Twelve Stars and Jiang Biehe would also give me a wave of luck points, which was really an extra surprise!!"

Chu Ming was surprised

【Ding! System analysis is enabled. Does the host spend 100 luck points to analyze the Liuren God Dice?】


Chu Ming replied directly.

As the words fell, the Liuren Divine Dice opened in response.

【Ding! The Liuren Divine Dice was successfully analyzed and opened successfully!】

"As expected of the system, I didn’t expect to be able to analyze the Liuren Divine Dice so easily."

Looking at the Liuren Divine Dice opened in front of him, Chu Ming discovered that there was a piece of brocade silk inside.

Immediately, Chu Ming picked up the brocade silk.

Just like the rumors, it was the ninth level of the Wedding Clothes Magic Skill, which is to replace flowers and trees!!

"This kind of grafting is similar to the method of absorbing energy, which involves absorbing other people's inner energy for one's own use."

After looking at it, Chu Ming did not immediately start practicing the technique of transferring flowers and trees.

Instead, he put the brocade and silk into the system space!

Then, Chu Ming began to practice cross-legged.

And at the same time!

On the other side.

Jiangnan hero Jiang The murder of Biehe and Jiang Yulang soon spread like wildfire and spread throughout Gusu City.

After all, Jiang Biehe was quite famous in the martial arts world in the Jiangnan area.

Although enemies in the Jianghu were seeking revenge, Killings are commonplace!

Now that Jiang Biehe and his son were killed, the Jiang Mansion was looted.

Especially when people in the Jianghu heard the news and rushed to the Jiang Mansion, they saw traces of fighting in the hall and the tragic death of the Jiang family father and son. It still makes many people in the world of martial arts lament it!!

…… at this time.

Inside an elegant residence called Listening to Perfume Pavilion


"Jiang Biehe and his son were actually killed!"

"Could it be him……"

When A'Zhu heard the news, his pretty face was full of surprise.

And the person A'Zhu mentioned was none other than Chu Ming!!

"What's wrong? Sister, is there anything else that could be him?!"

A long-haired woman wearing a green dress beside A'Zhu couldn't help but asked curiously.

After all, my sister has rarely been involved in the affairs of the world.

And just now I saw that my sister looked obviously nervous.

She has never seen her sister look so nervous before.

The key thing is... who is the person her sister is talking about!!

Seeing this, A'Zhu shook his head,"Abi, it's nothing, it's just that it can't help but make people nervous." I just feel a bit sad."

A'Zhu quickly found something to talk about and tried to explain it away.

"I don’t know if it’s Mr. Chu."

A'Zhu thought to himself.

But in her opinion, even if it was not Chu Ming's fault, now that Jiang Biehe and his son are dead, they would naturally not cause trouble to Chu Ming!!

Thinking about it, she didn't know why.

Suddenly it came to A'Zhu's mind Show the back of that elegant and dusty green shirt!!


The other side!

Inside the inn.

Naturally, Chu Ming didn't know that the news of the murder of Jiang Biehe and his son had spread throughout Gusu City.

At this moment, he is practicing!

Ever since he left Changfeng Villa and set foot in the world, Chu Ming has not stopped practicing and has remained as before.

I saw Chu Ming circulating the innate true energy in his body.

Showing the trend of weekly movement! boom!...

The next moment, the innate true energy in the body was like a scourge, constantly impacting.

It seems to be breaking through the bottleneck of realm!!

Time passes by slowly during cultivation!

"well! We are still just a little short of breaking through to the seventh level of Grandmaster!"

In vain, Chu Ming opened his eyes and shook his head.

"No problem! The seventh level of Grandmaster is only a matter of a few days!"

In this regard, Chu Ming is not disappointed!

In his opinion, breakthrough is just a matter of time.



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