Chapter 11 Twelve horoscopes!

In the private room.

Xu Fengnian snatched the money bag from Lao Huang's hand and said angrily:"Old Huang, this is what Brother Chu gave me, and I should accept it! In case you lose it again."

As he said that, Xu Fengnian looked at him. He looked up at the sky at this moment and said slowly to Lao Huang:

"Lao Huang, let’s go! It’s time for us to leave back to Beiming!"

"Go back to Beiming to see Xu Man'er. I haven't seen him for a long time. I don't know how he is now. This time my prince returns to Beiming, I'm afraid many people will be scared."

"Master, you finally figured it out, okay! Let's go back to Beiming."

Lao Huang nodded, looking excited.

"Xu Xiao, this prince is back!"

Xu Fengnian said quietly, his eyes stern.

And at the same time, on the other side

"interesting! The world here is becoming more and more interesting. If you have the opportunity, you can go to Liyang Jianghu to have a try!!"

After Chu Ming bid farewell to Xu Fengnian, his heart sank.

Not long after he set foot in the Jianghu, he unexpectedly met Bei Ming Crown Prince Xu Fengnian and Jian Jiuhuang in the Song Dynasty!!

Obviously, this was their first time traveling.

However , , Chu Ming thought of the peerless strong man in Liyang Jianghu, with stern eyes.

Li Jianjia who opened the gate of heaven with one sword!

Cao Guanzi, the Confucian saint in green!

Deng Taohua, the peach blossom sword fairy!

And on the East China Sea, he guarded the fate of the world with one person's power, claiming to be The second best guy in the world, Old Monster Wang, from Liyang!


This person is famous in the world and suppresses the peerless strong man in the world. Chu Ming is all excited and excited!!

But soon, Chu Ming turned his eyes and looked behind him.

Immediately, he couldn't help but snort coldly, and a bit of cold light burst out from his eyes:

" dare to follow me, there are really some people who are not afraid of death!!"

Actually, the moment Chu Ming came out of Songfeng Restaurant, he realized that he was being followed, but he was curious about who the person following him was.

Seeing this, Chu Ming rode directly towards Gusu City. He headed outside.

The person following him seemed to have realized that his whereabouts had been discovered, and did not immediately pursue him.

"This kid is quite alert. Jiang Biehe is really getting more and more alive."

"It's a pity that he was a stupid young man. Unexpectedly, he ran out of the city, just when the black-faced king and the green snake god were outside the city!"

The person who spoke was a middle-aged man wearing red cockscombs and an ugly face.

This man was the red-clothed cockscombs, one of the notorious Roosters in the Twelve Astrology!

Beside him there was The two of them are also one of the yellow-robed chicken breasts and the colorful-robed chicken tails among the chicken morning guests!

And there are not only twelve people in the twelve zodiac signs, there are twenty-two people in total!

They were influenced by Jiang Biehe Entrusted them to take action.

Originally, Twelve Stars did not want to take action, but Jiang Biehe's conditions were too generous.

They could not refuse!

This was the scene in front of them.


Outside Gusu City, in a jungle.

Call! Call! Call!...

Chu Ming tightened the reins, stopped, and looked around.

The next moment the figure flashed and disappeared.

Just as Chu Ming disappeared, four figures appeared directly.

One person had a fat head and big ears, with a dark complexion, and there was a big black pig beside him.

One person was wearing green tights, with a slender figure, as if he had no bones, and a pair of small eyes that glowed with green light like poisonous snakes!

The other two people are also in strange costumes, and they are all dressed up in colorful clothes!!

When Chu Ming saw how many people were dressed, he already knew their identities.

Twelve horoscopes!

"Humph... It seems like what I guessed. The reason why the Twelve Stars Meeting appeared in Gusu City must be because of Jiang Biehe. It seems that Jiang Biehe spent a lot of money to invite the Twelve Stars!!"

"Jiang Biehe, I didn't take the initiative to look for you, but you took the initiative to come to my door. Since you are looking for death, don't blame me."

At this time, Chu Ming still didn't know what was going on.

"Where are people?"

"Where did that kid go? I saw him leave Gusu City and directly enter the jungle."

"That guy's horse is still here. It must not be far away. It should be nearby. Give chase!!"

Below, several people were talking, all with curious faces. They had followed them all the way.

After entering the jungle, they found that Chu Ming was missing.

In vain, at this moment, a figure flashed, fell from the sky, and slowly appeared in the dark. In front of Mianjun and others

"snort! No need to look for it, who I thought it was, turns out to be your twelve horoscopes, tell me! Tell me who instigated you, and I can leave you a whole body."

Chu Ming's voice was cold, and a murderous intent flashed in his pupils.

Although he probably had a guess in his mind, he still had to ask the person behind the scenes!!

"I didn’t expect your kid to recognize us, that’s right! We are the twelve zodiac signs."

The black-faced gentleman looked surprised.

He didn't expect that Chu Ming would show up on his own initiative and come to the door!

And he also directly recognized their identities.

Their twelve stars had been silent for many years. In order to avoid the pursuit of Yihua Palace, they finally They had no choice but to flee to the realm of the Song Dynasty!!

If Jiang Biehe hadn't offered generous enough conditions this time, they would definitely not have taken action.

"ridiculous! Boy, you are really arrogant and boastful! When our twelve horoscopes were famous in the world, and you were still in your mother's womb, let me, Mr. Chenke, see what you are capable of."

One of the colorful chicken tails couldn't help but laugh, and then he held a steel peck weapon and blasted towards Chu Ming.

"Ha...seeking death!"

The corner of Chu Ming's mouth raised a cold arc, and a cold killing intent burst out from his eyes!

The devil took eight steps!

One step forward!

Following closely behind, a terrifying golden sword light came from Daxia Longque The sword burst out.


The sword light fell, and the steel blade was cut directly from the middle.

Everything happened in the lightning and flint, and the Si Chenke had no time to react.

He was cut in half on the spot, You can't die any more!

"The twelve horoscopes are vulnerable!"

Chu Ming glanced at the remaining three people proudly.

When the Black-faced Lord, the Green Snake Lord and the other three people saw this scene, they were completely stunned.

They didn't react at all. What was going on? Everything It's all over.

If it weren't for the bodies lying on the ground, I'm afraid they wouldn't be able to believe that all of this is real.

"You twelve horoscopes are nothing more than a group of thieves who kill people and set fires. How do you want to die?!"


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