He Yuzhu said to an aunt:

"Auntie, long time no see!"

And an aunt saw He Yuqing shouting at He Yuzhu for her brother, so it means that He Daqing contacted He Yuzhu early in the morning.

And it's not too late.

He Yuzhu didn't pay attention to what an aunt thought, and said to Qin Huairu, who was looking at Xiaodang:

"Sister-in-law of the Jia family!"

Then He Yuzhu continued to ask Song Ziyu:

"Aunt Song, where's my dad?"

Song Ziyu didn't expect He Yuzhu to come back, and when he heard He Yuzhu's words, Song Ziyu said to He Yuzhu:

"Daqing, Daqing has gone to work, and he hasn't gotten off work yet, do you have something to do with him?"

He Yuzhu nodded, then pulled Yang Xiaodi and said:

"Aunt Song, Xiaodi, you also know, the two of us have received the certificate, this time I came to discuss with my father about my wedding with Xiaodi!"

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, Yang Xiaodi lowered his head shyly and did not speak, He Yuzhu said this in front of so many people, Yang Xiaodi was still very happy.

Song Ziyu didn't expect Yang Xiaodi to say this, but Song Ziyu said:

"Then you wait here, I'll go find your dad!"

He Yuzhu said:

"Aunt Song, no need!"

Then He Yuzhu shouted loudly:

"Who goes to the back kitchen of the rolling mill to help me find my father He Daqing back, I will pay five cents for errands!"

It was originally an errand matter, but before everyone could react, Yan Jiecheng, who was fine at home, ran out, raised his hand and said:

"I'll go!"

After finishing speaking, he ran out of smoke and watched Yan Jiecheng run out. The others only reacted at this time.

You must know that now five cents can buy five catties of coarse grain, and there are a lot of things.

Seeing Yan Jiecheng running away, Yang Xiaodi knew that He Yuzhu was messing around, and said:

"Messing around again!"

He Yuzhu said:

"No, isn't this worried that Aunt Song is tired? It's okay, it's just an errand matter!"

Yang Xiaodi didn't say anything, after all, this matter is an errand matter.

After all, there is no shortage of money in the family, whether it is He Yuzhu, Yang 06 Xiaodi, or even Chen Xueru, they are not the main ones who lack money.

The three of them are all short of tickets, and the previous rewards for He Yuzhu were all money, but after this year's restructuring, He Yuzhu now has a lot of money, but there are not many tickets.

You must know that the school only has subsidies, but does not pay salaries, let alone bills.

And those who had money and didn't buy anything before have repented of their intestines.

He Yuzhu didn't matter, after all, He Yuzhu had known this day for a long time, and he had hoarded a lot of good things.

When the time comes, wait for five or eight years, or even five or nine years, three years when natural disasters occur.

He Yuzhu took out his own things when he poured, and he could exchange them for ten times, or even dozens of times the small yellow croaker.

At that time, those so-called precious things are not worth the price of a meal.

After all, it is not appropriate to eat or drink, this is also He Yuzhu's non-stop hoarding of meat, grain, and various things in the past few years.

You must know that He Yuzhu has been in storage for three years, and with Chen Xueru here, the cloth will not be used up until it is opened, but when the time comes, it will be used as money.

When the state exchanged national bonds, it was the time when materials were most scarce, and now the reform has just begun, which is better.

At this time, Yan Bugui came in from the front yard, and looked at He Yuzhu pushing the bicycle, very envious, he didn't buy it because he disliked it at the beginning.

Now you can't buy it with money, because it's too hard to get a bicycle ticket now.

And there is a bicycle in the compound, which is He Daqing's, and now it seems that He Daqing's father and son, everyone has a bicycle.

Yan Bugui said:

"Pillar, do you have a bicycle here?"

He Yuzhu said:

"Third master, you have such a memory, didn't I ride this bicycle when I came back last time?

This was given by my master when I was apprenticing!"

Yan Bugui said:

"Didn't you go to university? At that time, you said that you kowtowed to your teacher!"

He Yuzhu did not speak, and Yang Xiaodi said:

"My man has passed the first-class cook's exam, and when he was in college, my man was out of school!"

The people in the big courtyard were shocked, after this period of publicity, everyone knew these professional levels.

Especially Yan Bugui, who has a cousin at school, explains the matter of professional level.

And Yan Bugui knows what the concept of a first-class cook.

Jia Zhang came out at this time and said very disdainfully:

"Hmph, a little first-class cooker is great, and my son is a second-class fitter.

His master is a sixth-level fitter, a first-class cook, and he will give you a proud 1"

At this time, Yan Bugui explained:

"Old sister-in-law, the cook and the fitter are two different things, the fitter is the lowest in grade 1 and the highest in grade 8.

But the cook is just the opposite, the lowest level 10, the highest level 1, and the first level cook, the salary alone is eighty-nine yuan and five.

Hearing the popularity of Yan Bugui, Jia Zhang felt very embarrassed, you must know that in this compound, the younger generation has the best son.

Unexpectedly, after He Yuzhu came back, he immediately compared his son.

Jia Zhang's mouth was stiff and said:

"My son is so smart, he can become an eighth-level fitter early in the morning!"

Yang Xiaodi immediately laughed:

"Hahaha, Brother Zhu just passed the eighth-level fitter test a while ago!"

When Yan Bugui heard this, the salary of this eighth-level fitter was 99 yuan, which was nine yuan and a half yuan higher than that first-level cook.

However, Yan Bugui asked He Yuzhu:

"Pillar, is this true?"

He Yuzhu nodded:

"It's okay to just have fun, and I don't want to be a fitter!"

Hearing He Yuzhu's words, the entire compound was quiet.

Listen, listen, is this human talk?

What didn't you want to be a fitter?

What is the test to have fun!

The men in this compound all work in the rolling mill and naturally know about this rating.

Yan Bugui asked:

"Pillar, then you don't want to be a cook, let alone a fitter, what do you want to do?"

Yang Xiaodi said proudly:

"Of course Brother Zhu is going to be an engineer, Brother Zhu is a person with a level 5 engineer certificate.

How could it be possible to do that!"

Hearing Yang Xiaodi's words, except for Yan Bugui, who knew how powerful this position was, no one else knew.

Because the engineer is so far away from these people.

It's not at all that these people can understand.

"What, Engineer, I've heard Engineer is amazing!"

"I've heard too, I've heard that the lowest engineers are more than a hundred?"

"Yes, I also know that if this was put in the past, wouldn't the salary be more than one million!"

"That's for sure, it's more than a hundred now, and our compound hasn't made that much money!"

"More than a hundred, how can you spend so much money?"

"I can't even eat meat every day!"

"But isn't it, now the He family is having a good life, not to mention that the whole family is a city hukou. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

And He Daqing and He Yuzhu are both employees.

He Daqing is a third-level cook, and his monthly salary is seventy-one and five.

Coupled with He Yuzhu's salary of more than 100 yuan, my God, this family is developed!"

Hearing everyone's conversation, Jia Zhang's jealous eyes turned red.

You must know that at that time, as long as you talk about hundreds of thousands, you can give a city hukou.

But at that time, Jia Zhang's disliked too much money, saying that he didn't need anything, and at that time, he didn't buy anything in a quantitative amount.

So it doesn't matter if you have a city hukou or not.

And He Daqing directly registered the rural girl in the city.

I did not expect that after this year's reform, there will be no quota for rural household registration, and it will not be possible to buy grain at all, except for urban households.

Except for his son, no one in his family is a city hukou, and at this time, the child falls under the mother's name.

Stick terrier, Xiaodang are all rural hukou, Qin Huairu and himself are both rural hukou.

And now I don't want to go to the rural hukou.

If you want to become a city hukou, the first thing is to have a formal job in the city.

In that case, the unit will issue a letter of introduction, and the street will give the upper city hukou.

Second, that is meritorious service, and if you make great contributions, you can be rewarded for becoming a city hukou, and you will also be given a job.

Third, that is to take the university entrance examination, in fact, the university entrance examination and the assignment of jobs are the same.

In this era, as long as you are a college student, you have a job, not to mention a college student, it is a secondary school, and a junior college has a job assignment.

Jia Zhang's yin and yang said weirdly:

"Hmph, you people just have nothing to do, no matter how good people are, what does it have to do with you, do you give you a dime?"

Hearing the words of the family, the eldest lady of the Fu family is not used to Jia Zhang's family:

"Jia Zhang's, we didn't have the shame to go to other people's houses to grab food, and we were beaten.

We're willing to discuss, what's the matter with you!"

You must know that this woman of the Fu family is very low-key in the courtyard, but the man of the family is a director in the meat factory.

In the entire compound, except for the He family, there is no shortage of meat, that is, the Fu family is not short of meat, and several children of the Fu family have gone to serve in the army.

If you dare to make trouble with the women of the Fu family, then the street will definitely drive you away.

Because once, if it weren't for Jia Dongxu and Yi Zhonghai's good words, the Fu family would have rushed back to Jia Zhang's family a long time ago.

Since then, as long as the women of the Fu family scold Jia Zhang's family, Jia Zhang's family has to suffer obediently.

In fact, the woman of the Fu family knows that as long as it has nothing to do with her, she will not be involved in it no matter how much she goes too far.

But if you want to bully yourself, you can't do that.

In the imperial capital, these imperial people all said that they looked at face very seriously, and they couldn't lose face if they lost anything.

Just when everyone was almost arguing, Yan Jiecheng ran to the Red Star Rolling Mill.

After registering, Yan Jiecheng was about to run to the back kitchen, but he happened to run into Yi Zhonghai, and Yi Zhonghai stopped Yan Jiecheng:

"Xie Cheng, what are you doing here, you're in a hurry!"

Yan Jiecheng did not hide it:

"I went to look for Uncle He Daqing, He Yuzhu came back, and asked me to come to Uncle He, it seems to be talking about the wedding.

Okay, I won't talk to you more, I'll go find Uncle He!"

Yan Jiecheng didn't say anything about the 070 thing of five cents, in Yan Jiecheng's heart, nothing is as important as money.

And hearing Yan Jiecheng's words, Yi Zhonghai's mind was like a thunderbolt from the sky.

He Yuzhu didn't die, he came back, and he got married.

What's more, when chatting with He Daqing, Yi Zhonghai said more than once that He Daqing gave him the living expenses for the two of them.

But now I haven't given a penny, and if I let people know about it when the time comes, how will I fix it.

Will he be sentenced, Yi Zhonghai was very flustered, no, I have to go back and see.

I have to control things, and after speaking, Yi Zhonghai didn't go to the toilet anymore, and went directly to the workshop director:

"Director, I have a bit of an urgent matter at home, I want to ask for leave to go back, can you see it?"

The workshop director knows that Yi Zhonghai usually works very seriously, and this time the rating is in.

There are three eighth-level workers, seventeen seventh-level workers, and fifty-four sixth-level workers, among which there is one Yi Zhonghai.

I believe that according to Yi Zhonghai's last technology, it won't take long to be promoted to level seven.

Therefore, the workshop director is also willing to give Yi Zhonghai this face.

Yi Zhonghai said very gratefully:

"Thank you, Director, I'll leave first if it's okay!"

While working, Jia Dongxu chatted with his co-workers:

"Master Yi, what's wrong?"

Jia Dongxu said:

"I don't know, I'll go over and ask!"

After saying that, he stopped the machine, and then went to ask the workshop director:

"Hello Director, I would like to ask, what's wrong with my master?

The workshop director had a very good impression of Jia Dongxu and explained:

"I don't know, but it seems to be a matter of the compound, your master himself is fine!"

Hearing that it was said that it was a matter of the courtyard, Jia Dongxu remembered the unreasonable and ridiculous mother.

I guess it's a trivial matter, and I can't help if I go back.

His master can handle it, and every time he handles it, he will be biased towards his own family.

Jia Dongxu didn't worry about it, so he went to work attentively!"

If He Yuzhu was here, He Yuzhu would be 10,000 people who didn't believe that Jia Dongxu would die in an accident.

Because Dongxu's operation in the summer was too standardized, He Daqing heard Yan Jiecheng's words, talked to everyone in the back kitchen, and rode his bicycle back.

But by the way, he also took Yan Jiecheng with him, and met Yi Zhonghai on the way, Yi Zhonghai was just about to speak, He Daqing didn't say hello, and ran away!

Yi Zhonghai sighed, and then sped up his pace .......

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