Chapter 10 I’m Chu Ming! Sure enough it was him!

In the private room

"Brother, don’t you know your surname?"

Xu Fengnian bowed his hands and asked.

"I'm Chu Ming!"

"It turns out to be Brother Chu, I am Xu Fengnian, this is Lao Huang!"

Xu Fengnian clasped his fists, then looked at Lao Huang aside and introduced to Chu Ming.

But as soon as he said these words, Lao Huang's eyes unconsciously fell to Chu Ming.

From the beginning, Lao Huang looked wary and looked at him. Chu Ming!

But he found that even he couldn't see through the other party's strength.

It made Lao Huang even more curious, who was such a young boy in front of him, and how strong was he?!

After all, Xu Fengnian's status as the Northern Prince was too special!!

Along the way they traveled, they encountered many assassins who wanted to kill Xu Fengnian.

However, they were dodged one by one!!

Now, Chu Ming suddenly invited them to dinner, how to prevent Lao Huang from being too jealous.

Without Lao Huang did not dare to relax completely until he fully knew the identity of the other party.

Chu Ming naturally noticed the way Lao Huang looked at him and did not pay too much attention to it.

He could also understand why Lao Huang was so vigilant.

After all, Xu Fengnian was The Crown Prince of Beimu, many people in the Liyang Dynasty and even Beimang did not want Xu Fengnian to live and inherit the title of King of Beimu!!

"Brother Xu, it is fate to meet you two in this Gusu city. Anyway, Chu is drinking alone, so it is boring to have free time! How about having a drink!"

Chu Ming looked at Xu Fengnian and said calmly

"Then I would rather be respectful than obey my orders!"Xu Fengnian nodded.

After all, he was pleased with the Chu Ming in front of him and liked him very much.


Xu Fengnian and Lao Huang ordered a large table of dishes and started gobbling them down.

They didn't even care that Chu Ming was still there.

And Chu Ming, when he saw the eating looks of the two people, his heart couldn't help but turn, Ana Shen.

How long had it been since these two people had eaten?

Who could have imagined that the young man devouring food in front of him was the Prince of Bei Ming!

Bei Ming's future The successor!!

The future existence that stirs up the Liyang Dynasty temple and the world!!

And Xu Fengnian seemed to realize that his appearance was a bit exaggerated, and quickly said to Chu Ming:"Mr. Chu, I'm sorry for making you laugh.! Lao Huang and I are really hungry. If you treat me to a meal today, I will repay you tenfold or a hundredfold in the future!!"

"No problem! It’s just one meal, if it’s not enough, just ask again."

Chu Ming said with a smile.

He picked up the wine in front of him and drank it all in one gulp.

"Mr. Chu, thank you very much! That's so embarrassing. Just have a roast chicken, a plate of peanuts, and a pot of wine."

The one who spoke this time was Lao Huang!

"You old man, you can't be too greedy. It's not easy for Mr. Chu to treat us to dinner!"

Xu Fengnian glanced at Lao Huang fiercely, then looked at Chu Ming and said with a smile:"Mr. Chu, I also want a roast chicken and a pot of wine."


Chu Ming nodded. He didn't say much.

As he said, it's just a meal! What's more, the person in front of him is the Crown Prince of Bei Ming, the future Lord of Bei Ming!!

If Bei Ming is allowed to accept a favor from him, it's already a big deal. It will be of great benefit to Changfeng Villa without any harm!!

This is a very cost-effective deal, why not do it for Chu Ming!!

Soon, the waiter brought two roast chickens and a plate of peanuts. Two pots of wine and one cup of tea.

The two roast chickens were wiped out by the two of them like a whirlwind.

The two of them drank the wine in one gulp and then burped.

"You old fool... you just snatched a chicken drumstick from me!"

Xu Fengnian looked at Lao Huang angrily and was about to kick him.

"Master, you can’t blame me! I couldn't hold it back for a while, who knew the roast chicken cooked by Songfeng Restaurant was so delicious!"

Lao Huang said with a smile, showing his gapped front teeth,"Young Master, there are still people here, we will kick you later.

Hearing this, Xu Fengnian stopped his movements and said to Chu Ming:"Brother Chu, I made you laugh!" Laohuang is not like this on weekdays"

"Haha...Brother Xu, it’s okay! There is some silver here, although it is not much, but it can keep you master and servant from running out of food and clothing. Chu has something to do first, so I will take my leave!!"

After drinking and eating, Chu Ming took out a bag of silver and handed it to Xu Fengnian, and said

"Brother Chu, you are... so polite!"

Xu Fengnian looked at Chu Ming in surprise.

This was the first time since his travels that he encountered someone who treated him to delicious food and gave him silver coins after eating.

You know, it was Xu Fengnian who gave out silver coins to people in Bei Ming. , watch the reward!


Lao Huang on the side quickly put the money bag into his arms when he saw this. When Xu Fengnian saw this scene, he also raised his forehead and said sharply:"Old Huang, what are you doing? What a shame!!"

"Hehe... Young Master, I accepted it for you, but I can't let Mr. Chu down."

Lao Huang said with a smile, showing two leaky front teeth.

"Lao Huang, you……"

Seeing this, Xu Fengnian didn't know what to say for a moment, and he quickly raised his hands to Chu Ming and said gratefully:"Brother Chu, thank you very much, I really made you laugh. If we have the chance to meet again, Xu will definitely pay back tenfold or a hundredfold.""

"Brother Xu, it’s just a small matter! Then I'll take my leave first. If we have the chance to see you again in the future,…!"

Chu Ming waved his hand and didn't care.

"good! Brother Xu, see you again when you have the chance!"

Xu Fengnian stood up and replied.

After saying that,

Chu Ming left Songfeng Restaurant.

In the private room,

Xu Fengnian looked at Chu Ming's leaving figure and said with deep eyes,"Brother Chu, you are really an interesting person!!"

"yes! Young Master, Lao Huang also feels that he has never seen such a generous person!"

Lao Huang opened the money bag directly, his eyes flashing like those of a money man.

Just looking at Chu Ming's disappearing back, he felt horrified in his heart!!

From the beginning to the end, he could clearly see Chu Ming's strength!!

His Nine Sword Emperors cultivation has reached the late stage of Grand Master!!

But he can't even detect Chu Ming's strength.

What this means, Lao Huang knows very well.

Otherwise, Chu Ming's strength is much higher than him , is also a great master!!

Although it is a bit funny to say this idea! Even he himself does not believe it!!

Of course, there is another possibility, that is, Chu Ming has a hidden cultivation method.

Whether it is these two Maybe any of them shows that Chu Ming is not simple.

Thinking about it, Lao Huang's eyes were stern.


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