Lord of the People: My Talent is 100 Million Points Strong

Chapter 1207: Advance to Level 5 (Part 2)

Just when the staff was about to be released, Fei'er snorted and said sternly: "You evil man, who let you touch the personal belongings of this princess?"

For a moment, the whole body of the exquisite staff suddenly glowed with silver light, and the end held by the mysterious existence disappeared out of thin air, allowing Lei Xiao to regain control of the staff.

Just when Lei Xiao took advantage of the situation and retreated, he was surprised by this magical scene.

Not only the newly obtained silver staff in his hand, but also Rolandel in the other hand and the Orlandine's Guard worn on his chest began to tremble faintly.

The vibration frequency among these three pieces of equipment was uniform, and a dazzling silver light emerged from the staff, sword and badge at the same time. It was obvious that some kind of reaction had occurred.

Lei Xiao can feel that the strength of the new staff, Rolandel and Olandine's Guard have been obviously newly strengthened, just like when Rolandel met Olandine's Guard not long ago.

"It seems that this new staff is indeed the last sacred weapon, Odorst."

In this flash of lightning, Lei Xiao had no time to check the specific attributes of the new equipment. Just when he thought of this in his mind, Mayfair's clear voice sounded again: "Odoste can greatly enhance the protection of Rolandel and Olandine. Additional equipment effects.”

"In particular, Olandine's Guard can withstand a fatal sixth-level elemental defense barrier. It will be upgraded to a sixth-level absolute elemental defense barrier that lasts for 10 seconds and will be recharged with energy."

Hearing this, Lei Xiao's dark eyes suddenly lit up. This undoubtedly meant that not only did he get a brand new life-saving trump card, but he would also get a long-lasting life-saving trump card.

10 seconds of invincibility!

However, Fei'er's next words made Lei Xiao's heart tremble suddenly. She just heard her say: "And you are going to use these 10 seconds to successfully step into the threshold of the fifth-level powerhouse!"

"Using 10 seconds to advance to the fifth level?"

Lei Xiao was startled, and then he was extremely surprised.

Just like what I just thought, it is conceivable how difficult it is to advance to the fifth level. Ordinary people need a week or even longer before they have a glimmer of hope.

And he only had 10 seconds, and he was still on the battlefield? This is simply an unimaginable thing.

For a moment, despite being mentally prepared, Lei Xiao still had a lump in his throat and swallowed involuntarily.

"Don't be so surprised. This princess has just said that there is indeed a small risk involved."

Mayfair's understated voice came over again: "Whether you fail to advance or exceed the effective time of the absolute defense barrier, your only end will be death."

"Is this a small risk? It's a narrow escape."

Lei Xiao looked at the mysterious existence that was about to attack again, calmed down and said, "Tell me what I should do next."

"I will replenish and mobilize the nearly saturated energy in your body to the maximum extent and make them fully active. You only need to ensure that the energy circuits in various parts of the body are not exploded, and then concentrate on compressing the energy vortex."

Faile's response sounded, and she wrote lightly: "Although this is extremely difficult, it is not without success precedents. Don't forget that you are the chosen son of God, and this promotion method is the privilege of the chosen son of God!"

"I understand, let's start now."

Seeing that the mysterious existence with overwhelming momentum was already shooting toward him, Lei Xiao, who knew he had no way out, gritted his teeth and simply sat cross-legged on the throne, trying his best to sink his mind completely into his body.

For a time, the thick stench that filled the surroundings, the overwhelming energy waves and murderous intent of the mysterious existence, and the sound of fighting when our strong men broke free from their restraints all gradually faded away from Lei Xiao's perception.

What finally appeared in front of Lei Xiao's eyes were two energy vortexes that merged with each other in his belly.

Whether it is a milky white physical energy vortex or a light cyan magical energy vortex, they are all slowly rotating.

Every time the two rotate at the same frequency, there will be waves of faint energy ripples, just like two partially overlapping planets, surrounded by a dense energy nebula.

While Lei Xiao felt this, he began to mobilize a large amount of the power of the gods and spread it towards the energy circuits throughout his body.

Lei Xiao had already discovered it when he advanced to the fourth level.

In addition to enhancing the power of skills, the power of divine favor also has the function of protecting and nourishing energy circuits.

It is precisely in this way that you can enhance the power of your skills without taking any damage to yourself.

In other words, the power of divine favor is like a divine blessing pill that assists advancement, and it obviously also plays an extremely important supporting role in advancement.

With the continuous injection of divine power, Lei Xiao could clearly feel the extremely soft and warm energy spreading to every corner of his body in an instant.

After Lei Xiao’s guidance, the gentle power of divine favor began

It quickly adheres to the energy circuit walls, forming a thick protective film.

For a moment, Lei Xiao felt that his whole body was extremely warm, as if he was taking a bath in a hot spring.

However, despite the preliminary preparations, Lei Xiao still did not dare to be careless at all.

I remember that it was extremely dangerous when I advanced to the fourth level, but the difficulty of advancing to the fifth level is definitely not comparable to that of advancing to the fourth level, which can be seen from this.

"Get ready, my princess is about to begin!"

As Phil's words fell, earth-shaking changes suddenly occurred in Lei Xiao's body.

I saw two energy vortices that were originally rotating slowly, as if they had been stimulated by some kind of stimulation. Their rotational speed instantly increased countless times and began to spin crazily.

Driven by the crazy rotation of the two energy vortices, the originally calm energy nebula suddenly expanded, and its volume instantly increased by ten times. It was obviously in an extremely active state.

This is not over yet, what is expanding is not only the energy nebula attached to the surface of the energy vortex, but also the countless energy stored in the energy vortex.

With all the energy becoming active instantly and squeezing each other crazily, the two energy vortices with limited capacity were unable to bear it, causing countless energies to begin to spurt out uncontrollably.

In an instant, Lei Xiao felt waves of unstoppable violent energy exploding in his belly one after another, and then poured into every part of his body like a landslide and tsunami.

That wave was stronger than the previous wave, and the warmth that had just formed in Delei Xiao's body was gone. It was replaced by an endless cold that penetrated deep into the bone marrow.

"An unexpected unfolding."

Although a lot of cold sweat instantly broke out on his forehead, Lei Xiao still

He gritted his teeth, tried his best to stabilize his mind, and continued to mobilize the power of the gods to compete with the violent energy in his body.

"We did a good job and successfully withstood the first wave of impact, but this is just the beginning. After all, this is only about 30% of the activity level."

Phil's voice sounded slightly approving, and suddenly became harsh: "Don't forget that we only have ten seconds, and the next step will be 70% active!"

"It was only 30% that it was so violent just now? Now it's 70%?!"

Before Lei Xiao could react, the extremely violent energy in his body seemed to explode for the second time, and all the meridians were fully stretched in an instant.

In addition to the cold pain that penetrated into the bone marrow at first, the intense and hot tearing feeling also crashed into Lei Xiao's mind like a stormy sea.


Since all this happened in the blink of an eye, Lei Xiao's body trembled violently and he almost fainted.

Just when his consciousness was about to blur, the corners of Lei Xiao's mouth curled up in an upward arc.

"I have experienced countless difficulties and setbacks along the way. No one has ever been able to stop me, so how can I be defeated by my own energy? It is simply ridiculous!"

Lei Xiao shouted loudly in his heart, gritted his teeth and began to frantically mobilize the power of the gods to continue to contend with the increasingly violent energy in his body.

When advancing to the fourth level, the power of the gods that one can mobilize is still extremely limited.

But now, with the blessing of the True God's Beloved Badge, he can already mobilize the power of the God's Beloved at will. This undoubtedly means that as long as he has not fallen, the power of the God's Beloved will continue to exist.

Protect yourself!

However, despite the continuous infusion of divine power, Lei Xiao's pain was relieved to a considerable extent.

But with the furious energy in his body, it was still rushing out from the two energy vortexes. This wave of violent washout was stronger than the previous wave, and Lei Xiao was always on the verge of collapse, with sweat pouring down his face.

Directly opposite Lei Xiao, seeing the former suddenly sitting cross-legged on the throne, a trace of doubt first flashed through the cloudy eyes of the mysterious being, and then quickly turned into a monstrous murderous intention.

No matter what tricks this alien ant plays, it must be shattered to pieces today!

I saw the mysterious existence of the war sickle cutting through the void and slashing towards Lei Xiao.


Along with another earth-shaking loud noise, the mysterious existence was surprised to find out.

There was actually another absolute defensive barrier around Lei Xiao, and this time it was not broken, and it was still shining with a rich magic flow.

"This kid actually has a way to save his life?"

The surprised pale face of the mysterious being soon turned into a distortion, and he said with a ferocious face: "Boy, let's see how long you can hold on!"

Having said that, the mysterious existence's war sickle was swung wildly, and in just 3 seconds, hundreds of heaven-destroying attacks rushed toward Lei Xiao like a violent storm, all of which were blocked by the absolute defense barrier. .

However, Lei Xiao remained motionless in the absolute defensive barrier, but his originally calm face began to turn paler, and violent and disorderly energy fluctuations surged around his body.

"Is this ant trying to advance?"

The mysterious existence soon discovered the clues, and saw him first

He was stunned for a moment, then started to laugh wildly, as if he had seen the biggest joke in the world.

This sudden absolute defensive barrier obviously lasts for a very short time. The ants in front of me actually choose to advance in this environment. This is simply asking for death!

On the other side of the battlefield, Bing Lao, Yoniel, Hui Lao and others also discovered the clues and quickly reacted.

Lei Xiao is really making the cut!

For a moment, everyone couldn't believe their eyes and began to look at each other.

You must know that, except for the stone elves, all the powerful people present have experienced the baptism of life and death when advancing to the fifth level. It is a long and difficult process, which can be called a narrow escape.

And Lei Xiao actually chose to advance on the battlefield, which is simply incredible!

But when they thought that Lei Xiao's strength had skyrocketed and reached a point where he could compete with the mysterious existence, everyone was slightly surprised.

It's no wonder that this young man from another world has done so many incredible things.

"His Royal Highness is advancing to the fifth level of power?!"

Diana's starry eyes were filled with disbelief, and soon a touch of uncontrollable reverence emerged on her fair face. Even Louise, who was not far away, had the same look.

As for our subordinates, they are all excited.

Although I don’t know why the lord chose to advance at this point in time, the lord must have his own reasons for doing so, and this is enough!

With a mix of surprise and excitement in their hearts, looking at the increasingly fierce attacks of the mysterious existence, a touch of difficulty emerged on everyone's faces.

Suppressed tension.

In any case, the difficulty of advancing to the fifth level of power can be imagined, and the time left for Lei Xiao is also extremely limited, and there are mysterious beings in front of him ready to harvest at any time.

In other words, under the dual threat of his own violent energy and his opponents, the lord is racing against death. If he is not careful, he will fall into the abyss of eternal destruction!

"Despicable alien, I want to see how long you can survive!"

Looking at Lei Xiao, who was sweating profusely and looking increasingly pale, the arrogant smile on the lips of the mysterious being became even stronger.

And in the center of everyone's focus, as the violent energy in the body becomes more and more intense, it is constantly surging out of the energy vortex.

Lei Xiao felt that every part of his body was torn apart by a wild beast that showed its teeth and claws, and was riddled with holes everywhere.

Although Lei Xiao was still struggling to mobilize the power of the gods to compete, the violent energy that was constantly running rampant had no intention of stopping at all. On the contrary, it became more and more intense.

Every wash and expansion is like a baptism of blood and fire, almost to the point of being uncontrollable.

For a moment, Lei Xiao felt like he was facing thousands of troops alone. Although he struggled to move forward, he still felt powerless.

"This is only 70% active. Have you already reached your limit?"

Just when Lei Xiao's will was about to collapse, Fei'er's voice suddenly sounded.

"This princess can sense a strong sense of responsibility and responsibility from your thoughts. This is an essential quality for every king. Is your king's heart so fragile?"

"In my era, any magical weapon can be destroyed, but the king

The will of the strong will never match. This is why the human race, as a short-lived race, can still occupy a place among all races! "

Hearing the sound, Lei Xiao's heart suddenly aroused a violent wave, and his shaky body began to become stable again.


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