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Chapter 1194: The first stage of racial unification by the Lord of the Races!

Chapter 1194 The First Stage of the Lord of the Race - Unification of the Race!

Zhou Zhou couldn't help but be stunned when he looked at the words in front of him.

 At this time, a new activity prompt appeared.

 It seems that the previous time is the time for the lords to understand the rewards they have received?

He didn’t think much and continued reading.

  [Now announce the introduction and rules of the Lord of Race event! ]

[Introduction to the Lord of Races event: First of all, congratulations to all the lords of all races. You who are still alive now are qualified to confront the scarlet invasion force and the lords of all races head-on. You can protect the racial territory behind you and fight on behalf of the race behind you. !

At the same time, being able to participate in this event also represents that all the lords of all races have truly entered the era when the lords of all races conquered all realms and competed for the supreme position of the supreme lord!

 In the following activities, you will first become the race master of your race’s territory, and in the following activities, you will engage in unlimited lord wars, race wars and even world wars!

Your enemies will include the forces of the lords of all races, the forces of the scarlet lords, racial forces, alien forces, and even unimaginable natural disasters and world disasters...

Perhaps you will all face these!

May all the lords of all races overcome all obstacles and reach the end!

The one who has endured all kinds of wars and remains standing is the winner! ]

  [The following are the specific event rules! ]

[Specific event rules 1: This event will be held in five stages. Now let’s announce the first stage event rules! ]

  [The first stage of the activity is—racial unification! ]

[This stage of activity lasts for 3 days. During these three days, the lords of all races can pass through the summoning gate and return to the racial territory where they were before coming to the Supreme Continent. According to the activity ranking of the King of Kings, in that The racial territory is allocated to territories of varying sizes. The higher the ranking, the larger the territory it occupies in the racial territory; the lower the ranking, the smaller the territory it occupies in the racial territory! ]

[After reaching the position of their own racial territory, the lords of various races can attack each other among the surrounding lords of the same race. The lords of all races who have unified the racial territory can obtain the first stage of the standard race The title of Lord and the treasure chest of the Lord of the first stage race! ]

  [The lord of all races who unites all the territories within the racial territory the fastest can obtain the title of the unique Lord of the Race and obtain the unique Lord of the Race treasure chest! ]

[If the unification within the racial territory is not completed within the specified time, all the lords of all races in the territory of the race will be randomly deprived of 50% of the lords of the lords of the lords, and then automatically selected from the remaining 50% of the lords of all races. Select the strongest lord of all races and become the secondary lord of the race, and you will not be able to obtain the lord of race treasure chest! ]

[During the Lord of Races event, all lords of the races can travel between the two realms at any time through the Summoning Gate to transfer materials and personnel between the two realms. The stronger the power of the lords in the Supreme Continent, the more likely they are to be able to transfer in a short time. The more supplies and personnel there are! ]

During the event, lords of all races can also choose to go out to their territories to engage in cross-border wars, rob other lords’ resources, invade and occupy the territories of other lords of all races, and receive racial territory development treasure chest rewards! ]

“Three days later, the lords of all races who hold the title of Lord of any race in the first stage will be eligible to enter the second stage of the event—the base camp! ]


  [The following are tips for the Lord’s personal activities:]

 [Race Lord Event Tip 1: Your summoning door has opened an event-exclusive function—the race territory shuttle function! ]

  [You can transfer varying amounts of troops and materials according to the level of your territory, and return to your original racial territory—Blue Star/Earth! ]

[Lord of the Race Activity Tip 2: Since your hometown is the earth, but the earth is not the place chosen by the Supreme Lord, so after you return to the earth, you will automatically become the race master of the earth, but you will not receive any Activity Award! ]

[Race Lord Activity Tip 3: Since your territory is an intermediate god-level territory, you can transfer up to 10 billion black iron-level citizens/10 billion units of black iron-level materials and 1 billion bronze-level citizens/1 billion units every day Bronze-level supplies, 100 million silver-level citizens/100 million units of silver-level supplies...10 lower-level god-level gods/10 units of lower-level god-level supplies, 1 mid-level god-level god/1 unit of mid-level god-level supplies go to Blue Star/ Earth! ]

[Lord of the Race Activity Tip 3: Since you won the title of the strongest novice lord in the novice lord test, the number of people and resources you can transfer every day will increase by an additional +100%! ]

[Lord of the Race Event Tip 4: Since you obtained the title of the Strongest Lord of All Races in the Lords of All Races Battlefield event, the people and resources you can transfer every day will be increased by an additional +100%! ]

[Lord of the Race Event Tip 5: Since you obtained the title of King of Kings in the King of Kings event, the people and resources you can transfer every day will increase by an additional +100%! ]

[Lord of the Race Event Tip 6: Since you are favored by the Supreme Will, the people and resources you can transfer every day will increase by an additional +100%, and you will receive an additional event-exclusive artifact, the Universe Star Map! ]

[Lord of the Race Event Tip 7: Since you are the natural enemy of the Scarlet, you are naturally hostile to the Lord of Scarlet. The number of fog monsters born around your territory will increase by an additional +1000%, and there is a very small probability of attracting the source of the fog to come! ]


Zhou Zhou looked serious after reading it.

 This activity condition is somewhat unfavorable to me.

If you go to Blue Star, relying on your own prestige and strength, it will be easy to win the title of Race Lord among the Blue Star Lords.

However, the rules of daily activities that restrict the transportation of troops and supplies from the Supreme Continent to Blue Star have truly restricted themselves.

You must know that there is a huge and insurmountable gap between yourself and other lords of all races.

  But because of this rule, the gap between myself and other lords of all races will be greatly reduced!

This is nothing.

  After all, he has the combat power of a main god. Even if he does not bring a single soldier, the other lords of the tribes cannot do anything to him as a main god. Even if they come together, they will only be wiped out when facing him. But that’s not the point.

The point is that he is worried that after going to Blue Star, the racial forces behind the lords of all races will take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring troops together to jointly destroy him.

 At that time, He will be somewhat stretched.


  It’s just that we are stretched thin.

With the talent of the Ten Divine Blessing Lords, it is no problem to attract the three main gods of War, Wisdom and Machinery to protect themselves from life threats.

He is mainly worried about those top races that cannot defeat the underhanded ones and secretly hinder him from completing the activity tasks, which will give him a headache.

Coupled with the threat posed by scarlet natural enemies, he did not want to be attacked from both sides.

Zhou Zhou thought for a while, and then said to himself:

“It seems that the pseudo-lord identity ‘mortal lord’ created by the lord talent of ‘One Body and Twins’ can only be used to complete the mission by hiding the identity in the early stage.”

“But on the surface, I have to create a fake identity of Lord of the Sun to attract the attention of those top races.”

at this time.

  New textual prompts appeared before His eyes:

[Race Lord Event Tips: In 1 hour, the Summoning Gate will officially open the race territory shuttle function. Lords please prepare the people and materials that need to be transferred in advance! ]

Zhou Zhou did not hesitate when he saw this and immediately called Bai Yun and Zheng Yuanqi over.

 I went out today, barely updated, and will be back to normal tomorrow.

 Thank you guys for approving the fakes!

I wish you all good health, all the best, financial resources, family harmony, and everything goes well!

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