Looking for the Villainess Who Spent the First Night

Looking for the Villainess Who Spent the First Night

LVSFN 첫날밤을 보낸 그 악녀를 찾습니다

25 Chapters Ongoing Status


Your Highness, why are you here?

Liberata Bernadette, possessed as the villain of the novel ‘Leonie in the Blues’.
The evil woman’s possession is not enough, so she even returns when she dies.

As usual, she was executed on the gallows,
and it is already the twentieth time to go back to the day Leonie, the main character, and the Archduke first met!

But is this life different?

I was just drunk with the mindset of being what I was supposed to be.
Why is the Grand Duke lying next to me?

Grand Duke of Mouton, Gerlac Cygnus.
“Don’t worry, I won’t let you die.”

New characters that did not exist until the last life also appeared.

Handsome brother’s friend, Adrian Watford.
“It seems like just yesterday when Libe said she would marry me, and she used to swear.”

Even her
mysterious fortune teller appears and leaves her scary words… … .

“This is your last chance.
If you don’t put the messed up puzzle together properly, misfortune will consume the lady and those around you.”

Can Libe survive safely?

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