Look In the Mirror

Look In the Mirror


764 Chapters Ongoing Status


[“Blood Transformation Scripture” awakens low-level spiritual wisdom. 】

[“Blood Transformation Scripture” unlocks personality: Will drink. 】

[“Dragon Elephant Prajna Sutra” and “Karma Transformation Art” share the same interests, unlocking the fetters: purification. 】

[“Hundred Eight Troubles Worship” unlocks personality: seek defeat. 】

[“Infinite Sealing Method” unlocks the advanced form: Little Black House. 】

[“Linglong Mind Scheming” was imprisoned in a small black room, and reflected on his personality: Yidao. 】

I have a mirror.

Zuo Shu’s ‘psychic’.

Right book ‘Jieyu’.

In the middle it says Tongtian Dao!

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