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Chapter 1999: A silent breakthrough

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Even if it is the same original power, the effect used by Sharlayan and the Firstborn must be completely different.

There is no need to make any big sense. The difference in realm between the two is just to the naked eye... huh? Wait a minute!

When considering the issue of realm gap, Sarlayan was shocked to discover that he had somehow crossed over the bottleneck that had blocked him for more than two years, and stepped into the realm of the gods without any fireworks.

"Ah this..."

Now Sarlayan had no choice but to show his hands. He had no idea when he had completed the breakthrough, which was quite baffling.

Sarlayan, who recalled his memory, thought carefully about it. First of all, he could confirm one thing. Before entering the Holy Tomb of the First Born, he was still stuck in front of the bottleneck and could not move forward.

In other words, Sarlayan's breakthrough is most likely related to the period when he tried to integrate the original power.

"Just integrating the original power will allow me to step into the door of the gods silently?"

Sarlayan rubbed his eyebrows in disbelief: "This...neither should I say it, but the quality of this thing is indeed high enough."

After more than two years of hard work, Sarlayan had already accumulated enough insights. What was missing was just the flash of inspiration needed for a breakthrough.

If we work backwards by shooting an arrow first and then drawing a target, Sarlayan can basically be sure that his breakthrough has a great relationship with the successful integration of the original power.

Thinking deeply from this perspective, Sarlayan has reason to suspect that the final threshold that has blocked countless demigods is probably the understanding of the original rules of the universe.

If Sarlayan's prediction is correct, the quality of the original power should still be higher than the original power. It is not surprising that Sarlayan, who can use the help of external forces to integrate the original power, successfully breaks through the final bottleneck.

Rather, if Sarlayan had not officially entered the realm of the gods, even with the help of the properties of the divine sword Gosarak, he would not have been able to fuse the true original power. Before he succeeded, he would have been troubled by toothpicks. Tank first exhausted himself to death.

[…Isn’t this metaphor inappropriate? 】

[Indeed, it can be replaced by overestimating one's capabilities. 】

[You guys really see dirty things in people. Toothpicks stirring up a big vat don't mean what you think at first. It's a very serious folk saying. Later, it can be connected with dripping water into the river, shrimps swimming in the Yangtze River, etc. 】

[Nothing wrong. Let me add that the term "toothpick stirring a big vat" was a later improvement. The original term was "chopsticks stirring a big vat", but the meaning is pretty much the same. They all describe overestimating one's abilities. 】

[So, there’s nothing wrong with Xiao Sa’s word choice, but it’s us who taught him the words that got it wrong? 】

[Fuck, what a joke from hell. 】

As always, the troll netizens went off track without a few words of conversation. Sarlayan was too lazy to argue with them in vain. He really didn't think that much when he thought of the metaphor casually. Instead, the barrage reminder made him involuntarily think wrong. .

Anyway, there was still plenty of time, so Sarlayan was not in a hurry to study the use of the original power. Instead, he sat down cross-legged on the spot and began to appreciate the differences between gods and demigods.

After truly stepping into the realm of gods, Sarlayan finally understood why the gods of the major forces were so active in guarding the safety of the material universe.

Demigods can bind their souls to their home planet, and as long as the planet remains, their immortal souls can be resurrected from the Shadow Realm again and again.

In the same way, gods can also bind their souls to a larger goal.

Yes, the entire physical universe.

Theoretically, as long as the existing rules of the material universe are not changed, the gods who bind the soul to the universe are also immortal.

Sarlayan is still just a new god, and he is not sure how many people have bound their souls to the material universe.

Considering that the material universe has never been threatened by destruction in the countless years since its existence, there will definitely be no shortage of gods who have this idea.

Let’s take the Pantheon that Sarlayan is most familiar with as an example.

If Aman'Thul and others have bound their souls to the concept of the material universe, then theoretically, as long as Sargeras cannot slash the universe with one sword, their souls can never be erased.

Perhaps it is for this reason that Sargeras chose to torture the souls of the Titans in a different way, making their wills gradually surrender to him in endless pain.

When Sarlayan was a demigod, he had never thought about binding his soul to a foreign object, and he certainly wouldn't do it now. This was not in line with his character.

The biggest difference between gods and demigods is the use of rules.

If the demigods use their powers to reflect their understanding of the rules, then the gods themselves can be said to be synonymous with the rules.

In the past, Sarlayan needed to borrow the special ability of the Sargrith Keystone to travel across the universe. Now, he can teleport to any corner of the universe he has ever visited with just a thought. This is the origin of order (arcane). The abilities given to him by the rules of the subordinate's space.

Coincidentally, Sarlayan can clearly feel that his use of the origin of life has been further improved.

Now, like Eonar, he can heal any part of his body instantly after being damaged, but he is not as skilled in using it as the older Eonar.

Gods like Sharlayan who master multiple rules at the same time are actually not uncommon in the universe. For example, Eonar has two original rules of life and order.

However, according to Sharlayan's understanding, Eonar cannot use both powers at the same time like she possesses the colorful guardian powers. She can only use them alternately like switching channels.

"Could this be my unique innate talent? Is it also a trait that the so-called promised person must possess?"

Sarlayan thoughtfully embodies the rules of life and order on his two hands, and he can even integrate the two rules together without any hindrance.

This understanding, coupled with the previous experience of synthesizing the original power, Sarlayan instantly figured out the direction he should continue to move in the future.

If other gods pursue specialization in a single field, then Sharlayan is destined to embark on a broader path.

At the moment, he still has to rely on the assistance of Gosarak to synthesize the original power that he doesn't know what to do with. After understanding that the progress of the gods is the understanding of the rules of the universe, Sarlayan quickly made a decision for himself. A brand new goal.

Gradually mastering the six original rules of the universe, one day in the future, he may be able to use his own ability to integrate the original power that originally belonged to the First Born.

In addition to the differences in rules and powers, the life forms of gods and demigods are also fundamentally different.

"Half" gods, as the name suggests, are only half gods, and the other half have not yet transcended.

According to Sarlayan's understanding, the half of a demigod called **** is not a simple body or soul, but a comprehensive judgment.

In barrage terms, a demigod is equivalent to a soul that is 50% deified and a body that is 50% deified.

Compared with real gods, demigods are only half-baked in every aspect. They have become partially deified, but they are far from achieving transcendence.

Not to mention the gap between physical quality and soul quality, after being promoted to a god, Sarlayan could clearly feel that the surface of his body was covered with a layer of rules shield that did not require his own control.

This is the most fundamental reason why it is difficult for demigods to break through the defenses of gods, unless they can hold a supermodel sword of the level of Gausarak like Sharlayan.

Are you right? Denathrius. (End of chapter)

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