Legendary FBI Detective

Chapter 674: Potion Harvest, Roan Bryan

Chapter 674 Potion Harvest, Roan Bryan

 Washington, D.C., west, in a beautiful villa.

Roan finally called Caroline, but in front of Mona and with the phone at maximum volume.

 “Good evening, Caroline.”

 “Good morning, Roan.”

Caroline on the other end of the phone yawned loudly and said in a lazy voice:

"Have you forgotten the time difference? I am in the British Empire now, and the time is five hours ahead of where you are."

Luo An raised his eyebrows. He had indeed forgotten the time difference, but this matter was not important. He asked directly:

 “Mona said you were looking for me, what’s the matter?”

Mona, who was sitting next to her, rolled her eyes at Luo An, crossed her arms over her chest, and looked at her phone quietly.

The name Brian was one of the fake names used by Roan when Mona's father, Javari Evans, disappeared a long time ago and led Mona and Caroline to Europe, using the identity of a private detective.

 After successfully rescuing Javari Evans, names such as Brian were completely abandoned. Only Mona, Caroline, Javari Evans, and Mrs. Hanover knew Roan's true identity.

Hearing the name Brian again today, Mona instantly became very nervous. They had made many "good friends" during that operation.

“They are not looking for you, or in other words, the other party is not looking for Luo An.”

Caroline on the other end of the phone giggled after finishing speaking, while Mona's face on the other end of the phone slowly darkened.


Mona frowned, looked up at Luo An, and guessed:

 “Could it be that your true identity has been exposed?”

Luo An also used several fake names such as Tom and Jerry at that time.

 “I don’t know, the woman didn’t say.”

 In the process of handling company affairs, a very beautiful woman came to the door and asked for Brian by name.

 “What does the other party want to talk to me about?”

 Some time ago, Caroline opened a company in the British Empire because the comprehensive tax here is lower than in Europe and there is EU transaction protection.

Hearing the name, Mona frowned, clenched her hands subconsciously, and looked up at Luo An.

"I'm not looking for you, I just said that to make Mona angry. She looks very funny when she is angry."

 “The other party is looking for Brian.”

 Caroline’s laughter slowly stopped and she explained:

Luo An’s mouth twitched and he quickly interrupted Caroline and asked:

“Let’s get down to business first. If you weren’t looking for me, then who was looking for me?”


 Caroline yawned again and said:

“But I asked for it for you, and she said that she can help you reimburse your air tickets, and provide food and accommodation for free.”

"should not."

Thousands of thoughts and coping plans flashed through Luo An's mind, but his expression was very calm and he asked:

 Before Luo An could speak, Caroline's voice rang again on the other end of the phone:

“I checked the identity of that woman and she is a descendant of an established nobleman in the British Empire.

Some time ago, several people died in the old noble family. I suspect that the other party came to Luo An for help and asked him to help solve the case, just like Sherlock Holmes in the novel. "

 “Just pretend this never happened.”

After pondering for a moment, Luo An narrowed his eyes and said:

“Brian is dead and physically retired from the private detective business.”


Caroline on the other end of the phone smiled. He knew Luo An would choose this way, but it was still necessary to tell him the matter.

 Caroline hung up the phone after a brief chat and catching up on her beauty sleep.

Mona on the other end of the phone had a worried look on her face. She put the phone aside. Luo An reached out and hugged Mona into his arms, saying that there was no need to panic. There would always be a solution to the problem.

However, doing nothing and waiting was not the best plan, so Roan asked Mona for her cell phone, preparing to call Jawali and ask him to check the identity of the old aristocratic woman Caroline mentioned. "I'll come! I'll call him!"

After hearing this, Mona immediately took out her mobile phone and prepared to chat with Jawali. After all, the original mission was to rescue Jawali, and she would never agree if Jawali did not help.

Jawali, who was at a loss on the other end of the phone, agreed to Mona’s investigation request without hesitation.

But Mona was still worried, and after a few discussions, she asked Jawali to spend $500,000 to investigate the matter carefully.


Seeing his daughter using the skill of turning her elbows outward, and being more worried about Luo An than himself, Gyawali was heartbroken and silently transferred $500,000, and then hung up the phone.

 Caroline's affairs have come to an end for the time being. News of the investigation will not come out in a short time. Mona and Luo An chatted for a few words. It was already late and they got up and went upstairs to rest.

 The next day, in the office area of ​​the special investigation team, Winslow was not on leave, and the others were sitting at their respective workstations processing the case follow-up procedure documents.

As the leader of the investigation team, Luo An also sat behind the computer in the team leader's office with a serious look on his face...fishing.

During the lunch break, Lacey, Chenelle, Mona and Michelle gathered together to chat and gossip after lunch. Luo An returned to the team leader's office, closed his eyes to rest, and at the same time opened the system page in his mind.

 【The Case of Lost Nuclear Warhead】There are many cases. The system gave Luo An a rare rating of "Excellent", and he has accumulated 6 treasure chests.

  The rough cutscene ended, and each of the 6 treasure boxes contained [Stamina Potion x2].

  【Hemostatic Agent x1】

  【Swift Potion x1】

  【Antidote x2】

 Then open the system warehouse page, which now contains [Stamina Potion x8]

  【Hemostatic Agent x9】


  【Swift Potion x8】

  【Regeneration Potion x7】

  【Strength Potion x4】

  【Sensitive agent x1】

  【Analgesic Medicine x8】

  【Featherfall Potion x7】

  【Scuba Potion x3】

There is still no [Danger Sense Potion], [Strength Potion], [Swift Potion], etc., which appear to be one-time potions. The effect will disappear shortly after each use.

 But every time 90% or even 95% of the drug's effect disappears, there will always be a small part of the drug's effect that stays in Luo An's body permanently.

 As time goes on, Luo An's strength and speed are gradually increasing at a slow but perceptible speed.

The [Stamina Potion] is also slowly increasing Luo An's upper limit of physical strength. Every weekend, Mona, who plays poker with Luo An, will be very tired and not want to get up the next day.

In addition, the requirements for active-duty soldiers in the Eastern Army are that the minimum is to complete 45 standard push-ups within 2 minutes to be considered qualified. If you can reach 60, you are excellent, and if you can reach 100, you are showing off.

The number of push-ups clearly recorded in the world was a soldier from the East who did 2,902 at one time.

Luo An didn't calculate it in terms of time. Judging from the quantity alone, when he was exercising in the villa room some time ago, he did 600 standard push-ups in one go and didn't feel tired.

Had it not been for Mona entering the room to give him fruit, Luo An felt that he could have made another 600.

There is also the most strenuous long-distance running event. Luo An tried it on the treadmill in the villa, and it took 39 minutes to run 10,000 meters.

There is indeed a big gap between the world record time of 26 minutes and 11 seconds for 10,000 meters, but Luo An has not received long-distance running training, and he runs completely by feeling. At the same time, he does not feel particularly tired or dehydrated, and he can even continue. .

This means that he has excellent speed and explosiveness in short distances, and he also has endurance far beyond many people when running long distances.

Luo An continued to ponder the effects of other potions on him. At this moment, someone knocked on the office door and pushed it open. Lacey shook the items in her hand:

 “Luo An, I have a letter of invitation for you.”

 (End of this chapter)

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