Is Huihara Ai here?

Gu De glanced at Miyano Akemi. It seemed that Haibara Ai was here to see her sister!

"Xiao Ai, why did you prepare breakfast?"

Gu De signaled Miyano Akemi to take the breakfast and came to Haiyuan Ai.

Haiyuan Ai's usually emotionless face now had a smile on his face.

"I just suddenly learned how to make breakfast, so I wanted to give you a try"

"But there’s a lot of it, so you can all eat it!"

When she said this, she secretly glanced at Miyano Akemi

"I've eaten, Maya and Masami, do you two still eat?"

Gu De looked at Miyano Akemi with a smile.

Even if this woman"lurked" to him, she still used the identity of Hirota Masami.

Therefore, Gu De had no trouble calling out.

Hearing Gu De ask himself, Miyano Akemi He nodded quickly

"Okay, I happen to be a little hungry!"

Mingyan's face was full of joy.

Tachibana Maya also looked at her one more time.

"By the way, Hongzi didn’t come with you?"

Gu De asked Haihara Ai to sit down.

Tachibana Maye immediately stood up and poured juice for him.

Haihara Ai sat down generously. Since he got acquainted with Gu 14, when he thought that the other party might help him resist the organization, Haihara Ai said Gu De also has a particularly good attitude.

The most important thing is that she subconsciously feels that Gu De is not the kind of person who can accept a little tsundere!

"Miss Hongzi is not here, she seems to have been preparing materials recently."

Haihara said sadly, but his eyes always glanced at Miyano Akemi secretly.

This action made Gu De shake his head: These two sisters...

If it were in front of Gin, I'm afraid it would have been exposed long ago!

"It's really delicious. This little girl's craftsmanship is very good!"

Miyano Akemi quickly ate her share of breakfast and praised with a smile. It was actually the same as what her sister made.......Not very tasty......

But what would my sister think if she knew there would be a little girl who looked like her when she was a child?

Sure enough, the more I look at them, the more they look like each other!

Especially this little grown-up look!

She looks exactly like my sister!

"Buzz buzz~"

This time it was Gu De's cell phone that rang.

"Which one?"

Gu De was a little confused. It couldn't be Gin, right?

However, Gin didn't seem to have the habit of calling him in the morning.

"Hello, Mr. Goodoku, I am Wataru Takagi from the Metropolitan Police Department."


Gu De frowned, why is this guy calling me?

"please change"

"It’s a case about the Blue Castle. I would like to ask you, Ms. Kudo Yukiko and the children to add some details."

"After all, there are too many murder cases involved, so the Metropolitan Police wants to make this file a model"

"Future case files will use this one as a reference and will involve more details."

"Please understand."

Takagi Sheba's voice was a little nervous.

Taking notes from the Blue Castle?

Gu De suddenly felt that things seemed familiar, and then he thought of the news just now.

The robbery of Dongdu Bank Aipado Branch!

He understood immediately.

This time , it will also be involved in a case!

"When will the children arrive?"

Gu De did not answer in a hurry.

"The children's appointment time is two hours later. Is it convenient for you?"

Gao Mushe said quickly

"Okay, I will arrive at the same time too"

"By the way, is it you or Officer Sato who is in charge of recording? Gu

De asked with a smile.

In the original series, Wataru Takagi was in charge of taking notes, but Miwako Sato also happened to meet the three little ones and Conan.

Then it’s time to get into the case!

"It was Officer Sato. She seemed to have something to do after that."

Gao Mushe said truthfully

"Okay, then I’ll have to work hard for Officer Sato later!"

Gu De hung up the phone with a smile.

"Have something to do?"

Hui Yuan Ai looked over.

"Well, I need to go to the Metropolitan Police Department"

"Well, I'll take my leave first."

"By the way, Miss Hongzi said that she will contact you when she has prepared the materials soon. I will leave it to you then!"

Hai Yuan Ai stood up and bowed slightly to Gu De, then glanced at Miyano Akemi and left.

"This kid seems to like Yami very much."

Tachibana Maye sat not far away and said with emotion.

"ah? is that so?"

Miyano Akemi's eyes lit up.

However, she was still a little unbelievable. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

"Yes, the kid seems very cold and has a respectful and friendly attitude towards the boss"

"But for you, there is obvious concern and intimacy in his eyes, but it is not expressed."

Tachibana Maya seemed a little emotional when she said this.

This surprised Gu De. This woman, Tachibana Maya, is really outstanding! She has such a strong observation ability!

Suddenly, he realized a problem!

This case seems to be in the original plot This is the beginning of the love between Takagi Wataru and Sato Miwako.

This time, can I just nip their love in the bud?


Thinking of this, Gu De smiled.

Two hours later, the Metropolitan Police Department

"Brother Gu De!"

"Brother Gu De, that’s great!"[]

"Brother Gu De, what did you have for lunch?"

When the three little ones saw Gu De, they immediately burst into cheers.

Conan looked calm on the side, but his heart was full of expectations.

Who is the person in the tunnel!

Gu De hasn't said it yet!

Just take this opportunity to ask. Ask Gu De!

At this time, a tall and thin police officer came out.

The other person’s hairstyle and slightly nervous expression made Gu De immediately recognize him as Takagi Wataru.

"Mr. Goode, thank you for your cooperation."

Gao Mushe immediately came over and shook hands with Gu De.

At this moment

"Is this police officer 193 uncle usually very busy? The buttons on the cuffs have fallen off!"

Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya said quietly.

However, his voice was not quiet and was immediately heard by Takagi Wataru.

"Sorry, sorry."

Dr. A Li immediately came over to smooth things over.

While waiting for the rescue vehicle for a few hours yesterday, the children witnessed with their own eyes the process of Gu De solving the case and solving Conan.

This made Dr. A Li very envious!

"Sorry, Officer Takagi, this kid always says strange things sometimes."

Dr. Agasa scratched his head and touched Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya.

"Ah ha ha......"

"It's fine......"

Takagi Wataru scratched his head, but glanced at Gu De.

Recently, the Metropolitan Police Department has been rumoring that Sato Miwako is very interested in Tanori, which makes Takagi Wataru feel even more hopeless.

Moreover, when drinking coffee yesterday, Miyamoto Yumi and Hagiwara Chisawa, who were also attending the traffic class, also talked about Gutoku.

Yumi Miyamoto is also a beauty in the Metropolitan Police Department, and Chisuke Hagiwara is also a famous beauty!

But both of them seemed to be very interested in Gu De!

So facing Gu De today, Takagi Wataru was a little nervous.

I heard that this guy is coming to the Metropolitan Police Department to give lectures. How will the female police officers in the Metropolitan Police Department react?

Thank you for your support!

The temperature has risen across the country today, right?.

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