Immortals Are Evergreen, My Proficiency Becomes Immortal

Chapter 476: The sea-covering black turtle refined the immortal energy into an eighth-order space t

 At this moment, the expression of the stunning girl finally changed completely.

This power of space avenue

 Space Dao Fruit!

The man in front of me has actually realized the Great Way of Space and condensed his own Tao Fruit!

If it were just an ordinary Space Avenue power, then she wouldn't take it seriously at all, because such Space Avenue power is too fragile and she can break it with just a raise of her hand.

However, once the space avenue condenses into its own path, the power will undergo a qualitative transformation.

If her current cultivation level was still in the Earthly Immortal Realm, she might not be able to take this space power into consideration.

  But now—

  Not only has her cultivation level not been restored, but she has only cultivated it in the early stages of the Tribulation Realm.

   It is even more like being in the lower realm.

 In this lower world, it is the world of these indigenous people. They have an innate advantage over those who have arrived in the fairy world.

Such as the power of this space path.

Even though she had just reached the level of the Taoist Master in the Fusion Realm, there was nothing she could do.

Seeing helplessly, Su Yu slaughtered all the formation masters he brought with him one by one, together with a ninth-level formation master disciple who came from Huangling Cave.

The stunning girl was so angry that her eyes were filled with murderous intent, but the moment she felt the aura of immortal power on Su Yu's body, her expression changed again.

This breath—

 Has the foundation of the immortal body been completed?

 Having even gone far beyond Xiaocheng.

 The most important thing is that the basic aura of the Immortal Body is clearly the aura of Immortal Power that has been tempered by Immortal Qi!

It is not the false immortal body foundation cultivated by the group of natives in the immortal world that I have seen before.

At this moment, even the stunningly beautiful girl felt a sense of fatal threat from Su Yu. She quickly waved her hand to call the frozen flying boat to her side, rescued the group of people, and then waved her hand to shatter the void, carrying it with her. Everyone fled: "Let's go!"

 After escaping back to the land, the stunning girl led everyone to escape from the void again.


At this moment, although Jun Wuyi, Huang Long and others were released from the ice by the stunning girl, everyone's bodies had been severely damaged. The life breath of their bodies was extremely weak at this moment, and their bodies were almost useless.

 If you want to recover, you will only need a lot of treasure resources.

 But after the seal was unsealed, Jun Wuyi, Huang Long and others really did not dare to bear grudges against the stunning girl, even though her power froze them and even almost killed them.

Huanglong gritted his teeth: "Su Yu!"

He looked at the stunning girl, with a trace of horror and fear deep in his eyes, and said in a trembling voice: "Master, this is how terrifying this person's talent and strength are!"

“Unless my strength can return to its peak, I, I am really no match for him.”


The young fairy master was in an extremely bad mood. When she heard what Huang Long said, she immediately waved him away and shouted angrily: "Trash!"

Actually, it's not just Huang Long, even she may be helpless to get rid of that indigenous ant now!

Space Dao Fruit, this kind of power is too overbearing and cannot be dealt with by ordinary means.

Even in the Immortal Realm, people who are able to comprehend the power of this great Dao Fruit are often capable of fighting at least across a larger realm.

 Some monsters are even worse, they have extraordinary powers and are invincible to humans.

Thinking of this, the face of the young fairy master became even more gloomy and gloomy, and the murderous intent on her face was so strong that it seemed like water could drip from her face.

  After a long time.

 The girl fairy master suddenly thought of something.

She frowned slightly, thinking of the problem she had just discovered about Su Yu's immortal body foundation. Where did this native get the opportunity to have the immortal energy to temper his own immortal body foundation?

They still rely on the forces of the fairy world, which costs a lot of money and may bring them some treasures containing fairy energy.

With those things, their strength will be stronger than this group of natives, and they can crush the natives in the world of immortality.

 But now.

The young fairy master saw an unprecedented sense of threat from Su Yu.

If Su Yu is not dealt with, this person will definitely become the biggest hidden danger in Huang Lingdongtian's fight for the origin of the world of immortality!

While thinking about it, the young fairy master's eyes fell on Jun Wuyi and said coldly: "He is your junior brother? Then you should know him very well, right?"

 “Tell me what his weaknesses are.”

 Jun Wuyi: "."


Jun Wuyi has been thinking about it for a long time. Is there a weak point? He has quite a few weaknesses of his own.

 “Is there sentiment?” Jun Wuyi asked tentatively.

The young Immortal Master frowned slightly and said, "Then in the world of cultivating immortals, who else has a better relationship with him? Or, in other words, are there any of his blood relatives?"

Jun Yiyi said nonchalantly: "There used to be some when Zhenwu Immortal Court was still there, but now, with Zhenwu Immortal Court gone, there may not be any."

The young fairy master looked cold and asked, "Then how should we deal with this person?"

"." If he wanted to know, he would have dealt with it long ago! Jun Yiyi said bravely: "I don't know."


The girl fairy master slapped Jun Wuyi from the sky into the depths of the earth below, and said coldly: "Then what's the use of a waste like you!"

 Other monks in the world of immortality looked on with trembling fear.

The young fairy master thought for a long time and felt that she should go meet the people behind the other fairy world forces, talk about the native minions, and then work together to find a way to deal with them.

 Otherwise, she might not be able to deal with that guy with her own strength alone.

Su Yu did not stop the immortal Huang Lingdongtian from escaping.

 Because he knew he couldn't stop it.

The man's cultivation has reached the early stage of the Tribulation Realm, and he is the descendant of an immortal from the immortal world. His strength is by no means comparable to that of an ordinary half-immortal in the early stage of the Tribulation Realm.

 If we really need to use some means, even those in the late stage of the Tribulation Realm and the peak half-immortal can handle it.

 With his current cultivation strength in the Fusion Realm, it is impossible to keep that person behind.

However, the Space Avenue has condensed the Dao Fruit, and his danger in the world of immortality has been reduced by almost 90%.

As long as he is not arrogant and arrogant and maintains a cautious temper, he should not encounter any trouble or danger in the world of immortality.

It is enough to have a head-on confrontation with the immortal from Huangling Cave, show your strong attitude, and make the other party dare not easily set foot in the sea and the ruins of Wuliang Cicada Palace.

This group of people in the immortal world should also know that although they come from the immortal world, they are now cultivating the immortal world!

 This is the land of their monks in the world of immortality!

 A strong dragon will not overwhelm a local snake.

 They are not invincible here.

 Here, even an immortal must keep his head down!


 Looking at the direction of the land, Su Yu turned around and returned to the ruins of Wuliang Cicada Palace. People in the immortal world are indeed not simple, and their strength has improved very quickly.

 But he now has the opportunity legacy left by the Master of Wuliang Cicada Palace.

 His strength is improving at a very fast rate!

 Besides, as long as he guards the world of Wuliang Cicada Palace ruins, one day, his strength will rise to the end of the world of immortality.

 At that time, the Five Elements Avenue, the Space Avenue, the Time Avenue, and the Life Avenue will all emerge.

Who the **** dares to speak loudly in the world of immortality?


 When you come to the world of immortality, you are not an immortal, but the prey of the world of immortality! Return to the world of Wuliang Cicada Palace Ruins.

Su Yu appeared in front of Hongyue Taoist Master and others. Originally, Hongyue Taoist Master, Fan Xiao and others couldn't help but have a look of worry on their faces. However, when they saw Su Yu returning safely, everyone's faces changed. He suddenly showed joy.

Taoist Master Hongyue said: "Junior brother, is everything okay?"

  “No problem.”

Su Yu said calmly: "It's just a group of minions, let's just throw them away."

 “In a short period of time, no one will come to disturb me again.”

After persuading Taoist Master Hongyue, his master Taoist Tianyu, and others to go back and continue practicing, Su Yu looked at the boundless immortal formation in this world and thought for a moment.

 He has not yet completely controlled the Infinite Immortal Formation


It seems to be no big deal.

  If you really want to comprehend the Infinite Immortal Formation, it will take an unimaginable amount of time.

It would be better to go to the Taoist Temple and use this time to improve your own strength and cultivate your foundation.

 Relying on the Infinite Immortal Formation is not as reliable as relying on your own cultivation strength.

 “Keep practicing.”

However, in front of the Taoist temple, Su Yu's figure suddenly paused. He thought for a while, then went to the Su's house again and brought over his beast-controlling sea turtle.

The cultivation level of Fuhai Xuangui has improved a bit slowly. I don’t know if it is due to the influence of Xuangui’s bloodline.

His lifespan is much longer than that of the human race, other demon races, and sea races, and can even exceed them by more than ten times.

 Even Taixu's cultivation level has broken through to the lower level of seventh level now.

It can overturn the sea turtle, but it still stays at the sixth level.

Bringing the sea-covering black turtle into the formation in front of the Taoist temple, Su Yu looked at him and said: "I am about to enter a terrifying world, which contains endless immortal energy. Even if I enter, I will feel a huge shock." pressure."

“I’ll give you a chance to choose. Do you want to go with me?”

The sea turtle is extremely frightened, a terrifying world containing endless immortal energy?

“Master, have you found the way to the fairy world?” He was extremely excited.

Su Yu slapped him on the head and said, "You are dreaming!"

"It's just an ancient ruins world, but that place does contain countless immortal energy. If you can go in and practice, you may have some good fortune."

“It’s just that if you can’t withstand the power of the immortal energy, then you may die miserably.”

However, Fuhai Xuangui laughed and said: "I'm going! I'm going too! Even if I really die inside, I will be the first Fuhai Xuangui to be suffocated to death by the immortal energy!"

 He raised his head a little arrogantly.

 “Then go in.”

Su Yu brought Fuhai Xuangui into the Taoist world. Fuhai Xuangui had been with him for a long time and had always been free-range and free-range.

If this beast can have a new chance of transformation in the Taoist world

Then maybe he can have another helper in the future.

 As for Taixu and the black dragon.

 There’s no rush yet!

Let's do an experiment first to see if the Black Sea Turtle, which is good at defense and health maintenance, can adapt to the environment of this world, and whether it can transform itself with the help of fairy energy.

If the Sea Turtle can withstand immortality, then he can continue to bring in Taixu and the Black Dragon.

 After all, Taixu is far inferior to Fuhai Xuangui in terms of defense and physical body.

Su Yu felt too weak and if she came in, her body might explode in a short time.


Hai Huangui came in, and while he was still at the edge, he already felt an unprecedented oppressive force coming towards him to suppress him.

The terrifying power of the immortal made his limbs unbearable, and he was instantly pressed to the ground.

Even his own turtle shell made a rattling sound, as if the turtle shell was about to explode.

This terrifying immortal power and the terrifying aura of power filling the air made Fuhai Xuangui's scalp numb instantly, and he cursed in his heart. Even though he was mentally prepared, the immortal energy was still far more terrifying than him. Imagine.

 Without any hesitation, the sea-covering black turtle directly used the magical power of his own bloodline.

 A layer of bright golden light emerged, as if it had transformed into a huge golden black turtle covering his body.

With the blessing of the magical power of blood, the sea-covering black turtle finally withstood the terrifying power of this world.

Seeing that the Black Turtle was unharmed, Su Yu secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and then said: "You can try to practice here, take your time, and get used to it first."

“If it doesn’t work, then just wait and hold on until I finish practicing, and then I will take you out.”

Haihuanxuangui didn't even have the strength to respond. All his body and mind were fighting against the terrifying pressure of the immortal energy and adapting to the environment here.

Upon seeing this, Su Yu returned to his position and continued to comprehend the great ways of time and practice various methods.

  Thirty years have passed.

this day.

Suddenly, there was an aura on the sea-covering black turtle that exploded and transformed, awakening Su Yu.

Su Yu opened his eyes and looked at the Black Turtle.

At this moment, I saw that the body of the black sea turtle was shining brightly with golden light, and it seemed that it was shedding its shell.

The magical shadow covering the sea-covering black turtle was the first to change. It seemed to transform into a golden giant turtle, as big as a star, and let out a low roar.

Su Yu sensed the changes in the aura of the sea turtle, and felt happy: "Has the bloodline really changed?"

 And it’s not just bloodline transformation and improvement!

Fuhai Xuangui's cultivation level also broke through to the seventh level of low-grade at this moment.

If he is nourished with the immortal energy of the Immortal Mountain in the Taoist world for thousands of years, what will this guy look like by then?

 Will he turn into an earthly immortal turtle?

 It should be noted that Taoist World is not a world of immortality!


If he really breaks through to the Immortal Realm, then the Black Turtle may be trapped here forever and will not be able to return to the Immortal Realm.

The breakthrough of Fuhai Xuangui can only be regarded as a small episode.

 After that, Su Yu, Fenshen Tao Shen, and Fu Hai Xuan Gui continued to be immersed in practice.

 Yin Yang ancient land.

 In the secret world that originally belonged to Wanjianxian.

Su Yu's Taoist puppet was concentrating on holding an eighth-level talisman pen, carving a talisman. When the last talisman was imprinted on it, the talisman that took a full month to complete finally burst out with bright light. , terrifying ripples appeared in the space.

The moment the movement of the talisman subsided, Su Yu's Taoist puppet suddenly showed a thick smile on his face, feeling a little excited.

“The eighth-level low-grade Mirror Moon Talisman is finally a success!”

After comprehending the path and fruit of space, Su Yu’s understanding and control of the path of space has been greatly improved.

He also personally prepared some materials that can withstand the space avenue talisman patterns as talisman paper.

 After trying for decades, I can be said to have drawn this eighth-level low-grade Mirror Moon Talisman.

 Such an eighth-level low-grade Mirror Moon Talisman.

Even if the Heavenly Lord at the pinnacle of the Mahayana realm comes, he can be imprisoned for a moment!

Su Yu's Taoist puppet was excited and laughed. This was a new turning point. It had been painted into a mirror moon talisman, and it should be easier to understand the waning moon talisman.

 Wait until he draws some eighth-order Mirror Moon Talisman and Waning Moon Talisman.

Even if he doesn’t use it himself, he can give it to his subordinates, the Dixian Mansion and the Su family when the time comes.

 In this way, even if we really face the forces of the fairy world in the future - tsk tsk!

Whoever dares to chirp, just throw a bunch of Mirror Moon Talisman and Waning Moon Talisman at him first! (End of chapter)

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