At a distance of three or four hundred meters, the 7.62x51mm NATO bomb has very good ballistic performance, and the sniper aiming at the white officer did not even raise the muzzle, he only aimed slightly, and then the unlucky white officer fell to the ground.

Because he was still sprinting just now, the huge movement could make him fall to the ground and even roll on the ground for three hundred and sixty degrees, and then, because it happened too quickly, he still wanted to stand up before he could react to what happened, and then he felt the heart-wrenching pain in his left leg.

Unable to stand up, he fell to the ground again, and then he saw a guy who had just run past him shake his head, and then the whole person fell to the ground with a bang as if drunk.

Only then did he react that there were still people on the hillside near them to the left, and looking at the soldiers who fell one after another in the fragmentary gunfire, the white officer could even judge that those on the left had better marksmanship.

Because he could not hear any sound of intensive firing, all he heard was the crisp sound of semi-automatic fire.

Not wanting to die here, he dragged his unconscious left leg with difficulty to crawl away from this land of right and wrong, but the snipers who monitored the wind and grass below from a high place still easily found this slippery fish.

Perhaps to tease him, or simply slippery hands, the two snipers began to fire at the white official’s side.

A round of bullets landed on his front and back, left and right, immediately making the non-commissioned officer afraid to move, and after seeing him stop, the snipers stopped shooting.

Until the white officers began to crawl again, they began to fire again.

“You fucking bastards!”

Knowing that he was at the gunpoint of the other party, the non-commissioned officer who had no possibility of escape sat up in despair, pointed in the direction of the bullet and began to curse, he could clearly see the figure lying on the hillside, if he had a gun in his hand, he must shoot these damn bastards a few times.

But alas, he didn’t, he could only raise his right hand and howl constantly in words that he didn’t even react.

And as if to mock him, two more shots fell on his leg.

“Enough, a few of you!”

The commander of the squad who was scanning the battlefield saw the small movements of his subordinates, and he gave the two of them a kick without hesitation.

“Let me see you wasting bullets again, and you’ll roll me to stand guard!”

Then, the squad commander got up from the ground and aimed at the white officer in a standing position, looking at the face distorted by pain and panic in the scope, and the squad commander pulled the trigger without hesitation.

Immediately, the bullet pierced the head of the white official, who immediately tilted his body and fell to the ground, blood gushing out of the wound, and little by little it fell into the ground.

And next to the corpse of the white officer, the black soldier who had not eaten was also lying quietly on the ground, his right hand was stretched, trying very hard to reach something, and in the direction of his finger, there was a piece of fallen sticky and dusty dried cassava, and before he died, the poor sentinel thought very simply, he just wanted to eat a bite before he died.

But it was too late, and a bullet pierced his crest, paralyzing his body and shattering his internal organs, and he finally had time to reach out his hand.

And the dried cassava was quickly trampled by PMC, who cleaned up the battlefield, and PMC awkwardly looked at the mashed potatoes stained with his boots, and finally raised his right foot and rubbed on the corpse on the ground.

“Killed thirty-seven people, confirmed, no fish slipped through the net!”

“Well, it’s hard, but it’s not time to rest yet, and there are other brothers waiting for us at the station!”

The commander of the A1 squad pointed into the distance, and the gunfire at the station was more intense than on their side, and the fierce gunfire was mixed with the sound of fierce explosions.

Although the garrison stronghold was very rudimentary, the weak defense still gave the station defenders and PMCs the determination to fight to the end, and after the white officer took away a platoon of the garrison station, three or four squads began their breakthrough.

Under the leadership of the commander of the detachment, Captain Lee, the PMCs first cut the telephone line at the station, and then approached the station little by little in a low posture.

And the defenders of the station were still discussing what happened on the other side of the train at the moment, when the gunfire at the scene of the accident sounded, the defenders began to be on guard, but the movement was still much slower, just before and after the A1 team moved, the demoman exploded the two walls of the railway station, and then, the two teams began to break through from two directions and enter the railway station.

However, the highlight moment belonging to the PMCs also seemed to come to an abrupt end at this moment, and when the defenders in the station found that the invaders had been killed in front of them, they did not retreat, but hid in the strongest main building of the station and the two annex buildings next to it and began a fierce exchange of fire with the PMC.

The black soldiers fought so bravely that they pinned down both squads behind bunkers, and even black soldiers set up machine guns on the roofs of the buildings and fired at the courtyard below.

Captain Lee didn’t know why these black uncles became so brave, but as a veteran, he didn’t wait for his teammates to come to help improve the situation, he simply grabbed the radio and called the recoilless artillery squad that was waiting outside the station.

“See the roof of the main station building?”

“See, but we can’t see the position of the machine gunner, he is blocked!”

“It was enough to see the roof! Give me a high-explosive bomb and blow it up here! ”

The recoilless gun squad immediately set up the gun and began to load and measure, and after a simple calibration, two 106mm big babies slammed solidly on the wooden roof.

It was as if a piece of cream cake had been bitten into a big bite, and the three-story wooden roof had been blown up to the second floor, and the machine gunner on the roof had disappeared or was everywhere.

After the explosion, there was also a heart-rending scream in the wooden building, which sounded really terrifying.

But the captain was not an indecisive man, and after hearing the gaspious scream, he immediately let his detachment members scatter a little more, and then called the recoilless gun to fire again.

“Sir, the floor is too low, so close to you…”

“Don’t ink, let you hit, you will hit!”

The captain rubbed his ears, which had just been shaken by the explosion, and shouted impatiently.

Immediately, there were two loud bangs, and then, the wooden three-story building seemed to have been hammered, and once again disappeared more than half of the structure, the entire small building was crumbling, and the screams also disappeared without a trace!

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