I’m Going to Destroy this Country

I’m Going to Destroy this Country

이 나라를 없앨 예정인데요

14.2 Chapters Ongoing Status


There was once the worst Skeleton Demon King who even gave the gods headaches.

“If you do our work, we will make you a human.”

But he was deceived by the gods and sealed.

“Since the Demon King is gone, let’s eliminate all the demons.”

“Let’s leave the demon extermination, preaching, and everything else to our precious Saint.”

“The Skeleton Demon King will be imprisoned for life and tortured in the maggot.”

That’s what was said for sure.

“Oh my, little dear Saint, have you woken up?”

Did he become a Saint? And even the son of a nobleman in the Holy Empire that feeds the gods? Then if he destroys this country, won’t the gods also be destroyed?

“Oh my, why is little Saint seemed so happy?”

“Little Saint, this is a disgusting toy of the Skeleton Demon King. Would you like to break it once?”

“The great gods recovered everything from the Skeleton Demon King who challenged the gods without restraint.”

…Let’s destroy this country.

Let’s eliminate it while breaking the backbone of the gods.

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