Luo Wei snorted, and then said:”Then go and help Cu Chulainn and deal with the Heroic Spirit Guards as soon as possible.”

Medea nodded and agreed readily.

Then she flew towards the battlefield between Cu Chulainn and the Heroic Spirit Emiya.

Tohsaka Rin couldn’t help but asked:”Is that guy really the Heroic Spirit Emiya? The future Shirou Emiya actually became a Heroic Spirit.

” Even Emiya Shirou himself found it incredible.

Illya even said:”It’s impossible, impossible.”

Rowe raised his hand and flicked Illya’s head,”Don’t underestimate your brother, his future is not that of an ordinary person.”


This sentence once again surprised Tohsaka Rin and Emiya Shirou.

Tonight, the emotions of the two of them were like riding a roller coaster, rising and falling.

Luo Wei said in surprise:”Didn’t I tell you? Illya is Emiya Kiritsugu’s biological daughter. In other words, she is your real sister.”

“Although there is no blood relationship, she is still your sister.

Emiya Shirou looked at Illy in disbelief and asked tremblingly:”Is this true?””

He didn’t expect that his father actually had a daughter.

Ilia denied loudly:”I’m not his daughter. I don’t have the kind of father who abandons his daughter.”

Abandoning your daughter? Tohsaka Rin suddenly smelled the smell of gossip.

“At this time, I have something to say. Although I despise Emiya Kiritsugu as a person, he did not abandon you.”

Luo Wei touched Illya’s head, and then said:”After the Fourth Holy Grail War, Emiya Kiritsugu wanted to take you back.”

“But unfortunately, every time he approached Einzbern’s castle, he was blocked by the barrier.”

“In other words, the reason why you did not wait for Emiya Kiritsugu to come back to see you was not because he abandoned you, but because the Einzbern family was stopping him.”

Illya was stunned for a moment.

Rowe continued:”If you don’t believe it, you can ask the red-haired fool over there if his father suddenly leaves for a period of time every year.¨ ?”

Emiya Shirou nodded quickly when he heard these words,”Yes, Kiritsugu leaves for a period of time every year. I don’t know where he goes. I asked him and he didn’t tell me. It turns out that he went to find you.”

“I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it, you are all lying to me, you are all lying to me.”

Illya has hated Emiya Kiritsugu for ten years, but she didn’t expect that there was a secret hidden in it.

This made her unable to accept it for a moment, and she fainted.

Just when everyone’s attention was focused on Illya When Liya’s body was hit, a stream of light shot from a distance.

The target was Emiya Shirou.

This stream of light was surprisingly fast. Just when it was about to penetrate through Emiya Shirou’s chest, Luo Wei raised his hand and threw out a Jade of Seeking the Way to block it. A ray of light.


The two forces collided together and exploded with a bang.

Shirou Emiya was directly thrown away and fell heavily to the ground.

Although his chest was bloody and bloody, he did not die on the spot.

Then, the future Shirou Emiya, also known as the Heroic Spirit Emiya, suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

Although his body was riddled with holes and even his left arm was broken, he still exuded a bone-chilling killing intent and rushed towards Shirou Emiya.

The other hand projected a sharp blade and shot it at Shirou Emiya’s head.

Rin Tosaka was completely stunned by the scene in front of her.

She didn’t understand why her heroic spirit was seriously injured. , also wanted to kill Emiya Shirou.

Isn’t he the future heroic spirit Emiya? Why did he kill his past self?

What went wrong in this?

Luo Wei couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. People were like this, and he still thought Killing people in front of him?

Is this too disrespectful of him?

So one after another, the Dao-seeking jade condensed in front of Luo Wei and flew out.

One of the Dao-seeking jade flew away. With Shirou Emiya’s sharp blade, several other Taoist Jade pierced the body of Heroic Spirit Emiya.

Heroic Spirit Emiya couldn’t help but murmured:”Just a little bit, just a little bit.”

Then his face turned into light flakes with unwillingness and disappeared from everyone’s eyes.

Luo Wei stepped forward and threw a healer to Emiya Shirou.

In just a few seconds, Emiya Shirou got up from the ground. , looking at the tattered clothes on the chest and the intact chest. He was stunned.

He almost thought he was going to die just now, and the revolving door of life was about to appear.

“Tohsaka, what’s going on?”Emiya Shirou asked blankly after he came to his senses.

“Haha, how do I know this situation.”Tohsaka Rin responded unhappily, and then looked at Luo Wei

“So what exactly is going on?”

She couldn’t help but yelled at Luo Wei.

The only one who could answer this question now was probably the mysterious guy in front of her. Just when Luo Wei was about to speak, Medea and Cu Chulainn came back.

Cu Chulainn Lin looked at the disappearing heroic spirit Emiya and said with an unhappy expression:”` 々He actually ran away on the battlefield. Does this guy have any self-esteem as a warrior?”

“That thing of self-esteem has no effect on the Heroic Spirit Emiya.”

Rowe asked Cu Chulainn:”If you had the opportunity to go back in time, back to the era when you were active, and see you in the past, what would you do?”

“Haha, why are you asking this suddenly?”Cu Chulainn was confused by the question, but he still answered.

“Probably to give my past self a beating, after all, I was so stupid at that time.”

Luo Wei smiled and asked Medea

“And you? If you could go back in time and see your past self, what would you do?”

“Of course, he would educate his past self and kill Jason by the way.”

Medea said without hesitation.

Luo Wei turned his head and looked towards���Tohsaka Rin and Emiya Shirou,”You should understand now, right?”

Tohsaka Rin thought thoughtfully.

Emiya Shirou asked blankly:”What do you understand?”

Luo Wei patiently explained:”When everyone grows up, they will leave behind so-called black history, and these black histories will remind their future selves, There will be an urge to kill the past self”

“I think you sometimes have this thought, wanting to go back in time and kill your stupid self.”

“There is no doubt that Heroic Emiya is this kind of person. Because he has experienced too many hardships in the past, he has become a numb executioner and even has self-doubt about the meaning of life.”

“So I came up with the idea that as long as I kill my past self, then. You can change the mistakes you have made”

“So he returned to this era through the Holy Grail War and planned to kill his past self.”.

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