I Marked My Nemesis O

I Marked My Nemesis O


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No. 1 Middle School and No. 13 Middle School merged, and the total number of students in the school exceeded 5,000, making it the high school with the largest number of people in City A.

As a well-known heartthrob, Sheng Yu sighed that he would have to add another table, otherwise he would not be able to hold love letters and gifts from suitors in the future.

Sure enough, just a few days after school started, she was entangled by a girl she didn’t know. The other party blocked her by her wall for a week, but fortunately she ran fast and was not caught.

Who knew that the girl would actually look for her figure one class after another.

The other party looked cold and difficult to get along with, but who knew that he was such a persistent existence. It’s a pity that Sheng Yu has seen a lot of licking dogs, and his heart is numb.

“I like me, but it doesn’t work.” Sheng Yu intended to persuade her to turn back.

“Sheng Yu, skipped classes, climbed over the fence for a week, and deliberately avoided the recording staff.” The other side was expressionless, took out a small notebook from his pocket, and wrote down her name.

When the other party left the classroom, he gave her a disgusting look.

“I do not like you.”

The three words “dislike” were also emphasized.

She, Sheng Yu, hadn’t been so humiliated in seventeen years.

“You’re done, Song Qing!”

Seventeen-year-old Song Qing gave Sheng Yu a disdainful look.

The twenty-seven-year-old Song Qing hugged Sheng Yu: “Well, I’m done, I’ll stick to you for the rest of my life.”

1: ABO setting, female A does not have a second set of organs.
2: The heroine from the main point of view is not a kind person, and the two heroines are not perfect characters, growth type.
3: Strong, both of them are strong, and the plot is the main one.

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One-sentence introduction: What to do if you fall in love with your mortal enemy!

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