The policemen respectfully, sweating profusely, invited the five”superpowers” who were comparable to nuclear bombs into the police car.

They did not follow the police to the police station, but were directly invited to the VIP seats of the city’s highest authority.

The city’s top official was dripping with sweat as he talked with the five little ones.

There are not only officials here but also reporters from major news agencies.

At this point, the entire country’s Internet went into a frenzy, with passers-by uploading numerous videos of the footage to the Internet.

It was followed by headlines from major news agencies, and then video recorded and broadcast by the news agencies spread around the world.

It was almost the first time that something happened here in the world.

Due to the large number of videos shot by passers-by and the official headlines of major news agencies, although people around the world thought it was ridiculous, they did not think it was fake.

After all, there are so many passerby videos and so many official media making headlines, how could they be fake?

Moreover, experts from various countries have analyzed the authenticity of the video.

In the conversation between the five little ones and the mayor in the ‘News Live’, they revealed information such as ‘God’s Envoy’, ‘Artifact’, ‘God’, ‘The Truth of the World’ and ‘Seal’.

This directly caused cracks in the world’s outlook on life.

Of course, this did not collapse the belief in ‘science’, but made scientists even more excited.

Of course, in addition to scientists, religious people are even more enthusiastic.

Especially those senior bishops, even they think that ‘God’ is actually fake and is just the sustenance of the soul.

Now tell them that God is real.

The Christian pope immediately stood up and spoke.

People all over the world watch the news interview

【As the sister of the Evil King’s True Eye, can you reveal the private secret of the Evil King’s True Eye?】

【ha? I do not know!】

【Excuse me, as the mother of the divine messenger who was chosen by the gods to be the second one to possess the Sword of the Lake after King Arthur.……】

【Let me tell you quietly, as a neighbor of Rikka, she behaved unusually when she was a child. It turns out that she is a messenger of God.……】

At the same time, on a high-rise building

“Ah hahaha, it’s so fun! My stomach hurts from laughing. No wonder those happy people are so crazy.”

Elise was holding her stomach and burst into tears.

Rias asked with shame and confusion:”Lady Alice, is it really that funny?”

Shitori Sona blinked:”I didn’t feel the point of laughter either.

Rossweisse also nodded.

Sister Asia blinked.

Alice waved her hands and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes:”You don’t understand yet. You will definitely understand when you reach that age. It’s not fun.” People just hate the boss.”

Rias shook her head to show that she didn’t understand. She looked at the ‘live TV’ show on the big screen in the supermarket and said with a smile.

“I said, they will definitely do a beautiful job, and I think they have great potential. I wonder if the Lord God will let the four of them join the divine system.”

Shitori Sona said:”After this planet is annexed, maybe you will really get the Eye of God. Even if you can’t get the Eye of God, Rias, what you give them is very likely to light up the fourth one. The destiny star is detected by the ‘Cosmic Center'”

“At that time, they will definitely be automatically included in our traveler pantheon.

Alice clapped her hands:”Okay, then the next story will continue, hehe!””

“Let people take a break in these two days, and then let everyone be shocked”


In the past two days, the five little ones have directly become the focus of the world.

I even learned many secrets of the ‘other world’ from their mouths.

For example, the ‘Eye of God’ and ‘God Realm’ all exist in gods from various myths around the world.

Even as long as you have the”desire to fight for all the good things in the world”, the gods will cast their gaze and grant you the”Eye of God”, and you will be qualified to ascend to the”God Realm”.

This news only became known to the whole world for one day, and it was revealed that several people had obtained the ‘Eye of God’.

And the humans who obtained the ‘God’s Eyes’ also showed their ‘extraordinary power’ in front of the ‘live broadcast’, although it was far inferior to the five little ones.

After the five little ones returned home, they were”interrogated” by their own families in turn. At the same time, they lamented that their daughter (son) was really loved by the gods, but they were also very worried about their daughter (son)’s mission.

The third day.

The ‘Gate to Hell’ appears once again in the island nation of Tokyo.

The exclusive photographer of Wuxiaozhi live broadcasted the process of the space transfer between the little bird Yulihua and her companions.

People also clearly realized how powerful the ‘God Envoy’ was.

Then the whole world witnessed the battle between the angels and more than a dozen demons in the ‘Black and White World’.

I don’t know how many boys and girls watched it with excitement.

The adults were shocked at how terrible the destructive power was.

If there were no ‘boundary’, more than half of the entire metropolis with tens of millions of people would be destroyed.

The five little ones are now performing like ‘quasi-gods’’,‘The ultimate move of the artifact is that it can destroy a town with one blow, which is the level of a small nuclear weapon.

In just two battles, the five little ones became world-class idols.

In the next few days, the ‘Gates of Hell’ appeared several times on various continents.

But this was all performed by Rias and the others in person.

After playing in person, everyone was having a great time.

As for their identities, they are naturally the ‘messengers’ who came from the God Realm.

With Wu Xiaozhi’s ‘popular science’, people have accepted a new world view.

As for the”God’s Eye holders” becoming gods and going to the”Main World” in the future, I won’t think there is any problem.

After all, these ‘demons’ have similar varieties in the abyss, and they will definitely be regarded as some guys from the ‘abyss’ who are causing trouble.

Ying put her hands on her hips and said,”Huh, my brother already has a lot of blame on him anyway, so it doesn’t matter if he takes more blame.” ‘

Abyss Monarch’ Kong, who was driving the ‘Apocalypse Emperor Beast’ to cultivate land and mine in the ‘Abyss’, suddenly sneezed.

“Ah cut!”

“What’s going on? I’m the Supreme God. Why am I sneezing?”


Within two months, Alice was having sex all over the world.

Even the new ‘god’s eye holders’ have joined in.

Rias directly gave them the disposable props of the ‘Black and White World’ and asked them to ‘act’ together.

Of course, they didn’t know that this was a ‘drama’, and they really wanted to fight the ‘demonic army’ without fear of death.

In particular, Alice’s bad taste opened the ‘Gate to Hell’ in the Vatican.

Thousands of demons rushed out, scaring the Christian popes and bishops to the point of urinating.

Then it was the turn of Saint Assia to come on stage and directly give the believers the ‘holy light’. A group of believers fought to the death with thousands of demons.

Asia also became an ‘angel’ and returned to ‘heaven’ in front of all believers around the world.

Three billion believers around the world had an orgasm on the spot.

After Rossweisse, the Nordic Valkyrie, rode a Pegasus to chase the ‘army’ of hundreds of demons by herself, the entire Nordic country was at a climax.

In two months, the world’s influence has reached ‘100%’, and the annexation process has automatically started.

Ye Heng couldn’t help but complain when he saw their operations:”Tsk, tsk, tsk, they are really good at playing. They are more fun than me. They are worthy of being the witch and the witch.””

“But… you are such a good sister, who specializes in creating a scapegoat for your brother. If Sora knew about it, he would be so angry that he would vomit blood on the spot.”

In the future, the gods of this parallel earth will be more or less hostile to the ‘Lord of the Abyss’.

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