I Became A Pretty Trash Villain

I Became A Pretty Trash Villain

예쁜 쓰레기 악역이 되었다

8 Chapters Ongoing Status


I possessed an immensely pretty but vicious princess.

She threatened the male lead and forced him to marry her,

And clung to him pathetically, yet was never loved.

I wanted to live with this face, so I threw a divorce papers.

There’s no need for me to wait for the female lead to show up, and the two of them will eventually die of old age anyway.

“Your Highness, what are you going to do now?”

“What to do? It’s the beginning of the life of Gold Miss*.”

However, when I became a divorced woman, all the distinguished men in the world began to propose marriage.

It was tiresome, so I made a promise that if I won a one-on-one fight with my pet dragon, I would marry.

But then.

“……Isn’t that Lord Listane?”

Why is my ex husband coming into the arena?

《I Became A Pretty tr*sh Villain》

*Gold Miss is an unmarried woman with a high socioeconomic status and level of education.

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