I am the strongest officer of the Straw Hats

I am the strongest officer of the Straw Hats


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Bai Yu traveled to the world of One Piece and became Luffy's first partner.

Since then, the style of the Hat Pirates has changed.

Zoro: Hawkeye! Today I will use my weakest to defeat your strongest, Shura with one sword!

Sanji: Food that doesn’t shine is not food.

Usopp: Look at the power of Usopp, the Yan Shuang Eagle!

Franky: Please call me Super Iron Man!

Brooke: Don't call me the King of Souls, call me the God of Death!

Jinbei: Water escape! Water Dragon Bullet Technique!

Luffy: Eight Gates Dungeon! open!

Robin: Thousand-Armed Avalokitesvara! I'll give you a hand!

Nami: Eat a superconducting railgun from me!

Chopper: I...

Bai Yu: Chopper, you should just be a cute pet...

ps: It’s a different kind of boat ride, it’s just fun!


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