I am a rich, rich and handsome villain

I am a rich, rich and handsome villain


197 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: I am a rich, rich and handsome villain

Lin Yuan travels through the city, Xiao Baiwen, whose identity is a rich, handsome man, but he is also a villain.

Fortunately, there are rewards for making choices.

【Ding! The heroine expresses her dislike for you! Please make your choice! 】

[Choice 1: Incarnate and lick your gou, bow your head and apologize to her. Reward: 'Grandmaster Fighting'! 】

[Choice 2: Break off the engagement forcefully and refuse to lick your gou! Reward: 'God-level medical skills'! 】

You can also grab the protagonist's opportunities and luck to become stronger.

"Ding! Increase the charm value by 50 points!"

"Ding! Strength value increased by 20 points!"

Who says the villain is destined to be stepped on by the protagonist?

I want to crush the protagonist’s halo with my own hands!

System: Now, you are the protagonist.

"No, I just want to be a villain!"

=====(This story and characters are purely fictitious. Any similarity is purely coincidental. Do not imitate.)


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