Xi'er: "Don't quarrel, everyone!"

This "roar" suddenly calmed down the atmosphere in the cabin.

"Howler Doll...... I hid ......."

Everyone was confused and even more puzzled.

The Book of Cangxuan: "But...... Why......"

I saw Ciel take the doll out from behind a seat, but ......

At this moment, the doll has become a "broken phase".

"Ugh?!How did it get to be like this?!"

Hei Xi sighed.

"I got ......"

The Book of Cangxuan: "What did you say?!"

Hexi: "Who let it float in the hallway when it's weightless?"

It's exactly like the alien in a horror movie......"

As soon as the Book of Cangxuan heard this, where would he give up?

directly mocked Hei Xi with horror films......

It's just that it all seems to have been answered.

Fu Hua "037": "After lunch, Xiao Xuan pretended to be his own appearance with the howler doll.

Placed on the seat in the control room,

Then, she came to the warehouse,

Lifted the dust cloth,

Lying on a bouncy [big bed].

In the afternoon, the ship passed through the meteor swarm,

may have produced a brief bump,

Let the howler doll touch a button by mistake,

caused the gravity system to get out of control,

At this time, Xiao Xuan was still sleeping soundly in the warehouse,

The big bed carried her into the air,

With the recovery of the gravity system,

Xiao Xuan fell from mid-air.

The second big bed was sucked in......"

Following Fu Hua's reasoning, several people came to the warehouse and looked at a vent......

Fu Hua, on the other hand, took out a paper kite from the vent.

Delissa: "Fu Hua, this should be a kite, right?"

Everyone looked at the gift that Fu Hua planned to give to Kiana.

I seem to understand the meaning.

Videos, pictures.

Although the meaning is beautiful and full of memories, it is too late to make it.

A kite with a wonderful meaning can carry the mood of the giver and make the gift extraordinary.

When he saw the Book of Cangxuan, he immediately burst into tears.

When Fu Hua saw it, he touched Xiao Xuan's head and said that he didn't care......


In the St. Freya Academy, everyone was relieved after reading it.

Kiana: "Look at it, I'll just say, an oolong~"

Bronya: "You were blinded ......"

Kiana: "Is this called wisdom?!"

And Fu Hua looked at this kite, but he had some emotion.

Fu Hua: "Kite...... Is it?"

Teresa: "Do you think about your past?"

Fu Hua: "Also...... Sort of......"

Noisy to noisy, noisy to noisy.

Seeing this scene, Kiana still couldn't help but sigh.

Kiana: "I didn't expect the last ...... Everyone's relationship has become so good......"

Suddenly, the sigh made everyone look at Kiana in a daze.

Perhaps it was her different time that made Kiana feel her current ability and state of mind.

I can't help but feel a kind of unwillingness, or rather, empathy.

"Well, what are you all looking at me like that?"

Raiden Mei: "I think everyone saw the shadow of that mature Kiana from your expression just now." "

Mei Yi covered her smile and made Kiana a lot happier.

Kiana: "Maybe......"

Seriously, Kiana imagined a moment when she could become a myth among the Valkyries with her extraordinary talent.

But I never imagined that I was called the "God of the Earth" by people. (If you read a violent novel, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

I never imagined what kind of mentality the self in the video, the [Ultimate Lawgiver], was far away from the earth and everyone, but still maintained an optimistic attitude towards life.

At least Kiana feels that her current self, whether it is her mind or ability, can not do it.

Jealousy of your future self...... This feeling is subtle......


Then, at this moment, the video began to flicker as if something had happened.

And among them, the joyful and moving atmosphere just now has also become weird.

In an instant, several figures appeared on top of something that looked like film.

Looking closely, it is not difficult to see that it is the [Unfinished Cocoon] and [God of Earth] Kiana in the previous video.

And the final scene fell heavily on Teresa's worried face and Kiana's back.

And in the end, everything formed an icon that no one had ever seen.

【Luo Xing's Past】

[Is it possible that the two worlds that have been separated will be connected again?]

[Nail, what the hell is it?]

[Langqiu and Beat Xia, Present and Past...]

Unfairness or Unwillingness[]

[The dark shadow comes from fear, and is always accompanied by the falsehood of fear. 】

[Who is the murderer who killed everyone?]

[Create a source for fear, erase traces for the sake of tranquility.] 】

【Honkai Villain No. 22........ Martyr, Litost—]

A new villain title appears, however, unlike the other videos, this one seems to flicker.

Immediately after that, another line appeared.

[With Donegal.] 】


A short video shocked everyone.

This time, the video is not as shocking as the video of [Star Dome World].

It's not as nonsensical as the New Year's video, which makes people feel warm and happy.

Yes, it is a fear of the unknown.

and a deep sense of depression.

Seeing all this,Suddenly the people in St. Freya School Park, who were still sighing just now, felt that something was wrong.。

Bronya: "Wait...... This time the villain ......"

After seeing the title, everyone had a feeling of surprise.

Kiana: "This time...... How can it be two people?"

Fu Hua: "Could it be...... In the last video, is Hill a twin or a companion?"

Teresa: "I can't rule it out, but this person ...... Who the hell is it?"

Fu Hua: "Luo Xing's 5.4...... Is it the planet in the mouth of the girl who met Kiana on the moon before?"

Infinite Tower Himiko: "If that's the case, then this video is likely to foreshadow the awakening process of that civilization after the collapse is over." "

Raiden Mei: "But...... Why do I feel something is wrong?"

Kiana: "yes, that civilization said it had perished on its own, but I don't think I heard the concept of the Lawgiver appearing." "

Hearing Kiana's words, everyone suddenly sensed that something was wrong.

Bronya: "That's true, it stands to reason that Honkai will give birth to the Lawgiver, unless it's ......"

Delisa looked up at the light curtain in front of her and sighed.

"Unless that civilization is too fragile to meet the catastrophe that gave birth to the Lawgiver. "。

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