Su Yi spent two more hours and finally stopped in front of a container.

This container contains pork, but this pork and the pork that Su Yi is looking for are not a pork.

Su Yi looked around, and a salesman glanced at him, and then immediately turned around.

This made him laugh and walked straight over to the waiter.

"I want to buy the special pork I used to have, I don't know if there's any, the price or something, I don't care. "

"I don't know what you mean, but there's no special pork for sale here, just the ones that are on the counter right now. "

The waiter's tone was a little impatient, and there was a bit of fierceness in his eyes.

Su Yi was silent for a moment and nodded, without arguing, but turned to leave.


[I think this kid has come to an end!Faced with Su Yi's question, you dare to lie?]

[I'm going to want to know now, is this meat human flesh or pork?19 or is it really synthetic meat?]

[Why does this meat only sell for a period of time and don't continue to sell? If it is sold at a high price, it should be very profitable, right?]

[Maybe the group found out that this meat can be addictive, so they didn't continue?]

[Is there anyone who hasn't noticed that when Su Yi turned his head at the end, he looked at the waiter's gaze? 】

[I just want to know which part of his body is the best, and what is going on with Su Yi's menu next.] 】


While all the audience was speculating whether Su Yi was going to track or kidnap, he turned around and went to the police station.

This made the audience a little puzzled.

There are no clues in the police station, shouldn't it be staring at the waiter?

Why come to the police station?

In the audience's puzzlement, Su Yi came directly to Jack's office.

Jack is not in the office, he just opens Jack's computer and enters the password, and then starts investigating the police database.

Enter the name of the waiter, followed by all the information and address of the other person.

After determining where the person lived, Su Yi deleted the visit record and drove directly to the location.


[How did I forget, now that Su Yi is cooperating with the police, it is completely possible for the police to investigate all the information of this person. 】

[What kind of horrific results will a top-notch ogre criminal, coupled with the police database, have?]

I think this kid has good thighs and is suitable for barbecue. 】

[Looking at this guy's appearance, it doesn't seem like the kind that can sell human flesh as pork?]

[People can't be disgraced, don't you look down on people upstairs, okay?]


The audience's discussion did not affect Su Yi.

He soon came to a rather high-end apartment.

This kind of apartment is simply not something that a waiter can afford to live in.

So it's safe to assume that this waiter designation is a bit of a side hustle.

Su Yi directly found the floor where the waiter lived, and then skillfully opened the door of his house with a wire.

[I didn't expect Su Yi to have this kind of side hustle. 】

[Just kidding, this is a top ogre criminal, and he is proficient in psychology, how can this little skill stop Su Yi?]

[What is the origin of this waiter?To be able to afford this kind of house, at least he should have a net worth of millions, right?]

[If the kind of meat they use to make a mixture of human meat and pork is really addictive, how much money can be made.] 】

[It's still not certain whether these people are selling human flesh or not, right?]


The whole room is very messy, but it is in line with the living characteristics of a single man.

Su Yi put on a pair of white gloves and went straight to the refrigerator.

His purpose was clear, he wasn't here to investigate anything else, just to find that particular pork.

Sure enough, on the second floor of the refrigerator, Su Yi found a piece of meat that had been cut and wrapped.

He immediately opened the package of a piece of meat, and then a puzzled expression appeared on his face.

He can be sure that this is real pork.

But why does pork taste like human flesh?

Su Yi picked up the meat and walked to the kitchen next to him and cleaned up the messy kitchen.

Then use one of the pieces of meat to make a simple pork chop.

After finishing it, Su Yi first found a sip of water, cleaned his mouth, and then carefully cut off a piece and put it in his mouth to taste it slowly.

During the tasting, Su Yi's expression showed strange excitement, and at the same time it was a little incredible.

But then he didn't take a second bite.

It seems that the taste of this pork chop is not enough to satisfy him.

The rest of the time is to wait, waiting for the target person to come home.


[It looks like this meat is indeed pork?]

[However, Su Yi should not be reluctant to eat pork, why don't you stop eating it after just one bite?]

[There are indeed some doubts, this character cherishes food the most, and he will not waste any food easily, unless this food is really not to his appetite. 】

[Let pork taste the feeling of human flesh, what kind of perverted genius biologist is there behind this?]

463 [It seems that this kind of meat with mixed flavors of humans and pigs does not meet Su Yi's appetite. 】

[There's a big meal next, what's so delicious about this kind of thing?]


The rest of the waiting time was boring, and after nearly three hours of waiting, the door opened with a soft sound.

The waiter that Su Yi had met before didn't notice that there was already an uninvited guest at home.

The first thing he did when he got home was to open the refrigerator and get the frozen meat from the refrigerator.

And at this time, Su Yi had already come behind him, and he didn't give the other party a chance to say a word at all.

The palm of his hand hit the waiter's neck directly, knocking the other party unconscious.

By the time the waiter opened his eyes again, he was already tied to a chair.

He tried to struggle twice, but after not struggling away, he set his eyes on Su Yi.

Seeing Su Yi's appearance, he was stunned for a moment, and then remembered that this was the guest who had purchased special pork from him a few hours ago.

"You're here? Okay, you're here to buy that kind of pork from me, right? I'll admit I lied to you, the pork is in the fridge, you can take it yourself. As for the price, you just have to look at it. "

The waiter didn't take Su Yi seriously, thinking that he was just a customer who wanted to buy that special pork.

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