Yumi Miyamoto was indeed a little distressed.

Previous log rewards either need to have a good relationship with Natsu Ye, waiting for themselves to be nominated on the log.

Either rely on luck and wait for the reward to come to you randomly.

And she doesn't want to get close to Xia Ye, and she doesn't have that luck, so those rewards that seem to be very useful have nothing to do with her~

Now after the log revision.

If you want something, just make a wish.

It seems to be a lot more convenient.

And yet—

There's a trap in there!

Yumi Miyamoto is such a smart person.

How could you not think of the Tao in this?

It's just that I really want that diamond-encrusted brooch!

You can get it by making a wish, and you don't have to fool Officer Shiratori and Officer Takagi, how nice it is!

There is just a little bit of it.

Complete the Wishing Quest!

Even if she hasn't made a wish yet, Yumi Miyamoto can think of it with her black thighs.

Those quests must be related to Natsuba!

This is very confusing.

"Log Wishing Reward......" Miwako Sato heard her best friend's worries, and couldn't help but smile bitterly:

"You're right to be worried—"

"I just made a wish today, and the wish mission is to drink with Natsuba. "

"But I've already resigned myself to my fate anyway, so let's drink it!"

"It doesn't matter what happens even if you're drunk, it's just the right time to elevate your authority and make more wishes when the time comes!"

"Hmph, since I have paid the price, I must fulfill my wish and become a police officer before the age of thirty!"

"It's Yumi you-if you don't want to get too close to Natsuba, it's better to be cautious and don't put yourself in it

"Miwako, you're really—"

Yumi Miyamoto sees the changes in her good friends in her eyes, Miwako was not so open in the past, although the manifestations are different, but when it comes to exchanging herself for benefits, she will definitely be very dismissive in the past, but now-

But for her advice.

"Eight-three-three" Yumi Miyamoto has her own ideas:

"Miwako, your wish mission is to drink with Natsuha, what about the content of the wish, what did you wish?"

"Do you want to?" Miwako Sato knew her best friend too well, and she scared with a pretty face:

"I warn you Yumi, you're playing with fire!"

"It's okay - I'm not affected by the log anyway!" Yumi Miyamoto took Miwako Sato's hand and begged:

"Miwako, tell me quickly, I have a crush on several bags and jewelry, you can help me pick up some log wool!"

"Okay, okay!" Miwa Sato's beautiful eyes rolled at her helplessly.

"Since you want to get involved, I'll tell you, but don't blame me if you can't extricate yourself then, after all, I warned you!"

"I know!"

"My wish is to improve my ability to solve cases-" Miwako Sato said: "But judging from the wishing task, there are not many things that should be improved to complete the task, after all, we are all first-level authority now, and the wish that can be realized will not be too big~"

"Improve the ability to solve cases......" Miyamoto Yumi muttered slightly, "The desire to improve the ability can be done by drinking with Xia Ye, it seems that in addition to the impure purpose, the log is actually quite generous, so it shouldn't be too difficult to say what I want and what I need to do, I'll try it first!"

"Whatever you want!"

Miwako decided to leave her alone!

A few seconds later.

Yumi Miyamoto's face turned strange.

"What's wrong?

"Accompany you to drink with Xia Ye, the two of us will be drunk at least one!" Yumi Miyamoto rolled her pretty eyes and said speechlessly: "If you want me to say, the log might as well send us directly to Xia Ye's ship, why beat around the bush like this!"

"How do you know that the wishing mission of the third-level authority of the family is not to go directly to the Natsuha ship?"

Miwako Sato poured a basin of cold water on her, "You are still a first-level authority now, don't think about it so much~"

"Indeed, don't talk so much, let's hurry over and drink with Natsuba-"

Yumi Miyamoto pulled Miwako Sato to her feet, "Then get you drunk, and our mission is complete!"

"Why do you want me to get drunk!" Miwako Sato was displeased, "That's not your job!"

"Good sisters help~" Yumi Miyamoto hugged Miwako Sato's arm and coquettishly: "Miwako~"

"Why don't you get yourself drunk?"

"It's not like I'm not ready, I'm getting myself drunk, what if it's cheap Natsuba?"

Yumi Miyamoto spoke reasonably, "And didn't you just say that you are mentally prepared?"

"You idiot!" Miwako Sato knocked her head and whispered:

"Now that there are so many of us drinking together, even if the three of us are drunk, how could Officer Twilight put us and Natsuha together, so what you are worried about is unlikely to happen tonight at least!"

"This ...... Miwako, you're right!"

Yumi Miyamoto secretly complained that she was carried away by the reward of making a wish, and she didn't even think of such a simple thing, she was really a money obsession, which means that even if there is no Miwako, she will get drunk by herself, and the wish mission will be fine!


The diamond-encrusted brooch is about to be in your hands!

It's easy!

"But to be on the safe side, we still have to get Natsuha drunk, I heard those officers in the forensic class say that men can't do bad things when they're drunk!" Miyamoto Yumi was very cautious, "Miwako, you wait a while, you remember to tell Natsuha not to cheat!"

"Got it!"

Miwako Sato reluctantly agreed.

It's just that she thinks she's going to plant it this time.

The log is indeed very generous to the holder, and it can be said that few people can resist the temptation of giving things, but this comes at a price, but many people are willing to pay for this price, and now Yumi wants to bleach in vain, how can the log let her get her wish?

The two went hand in hand to the "battlefield" where the wine fight was there.

Xia Ye had already drunk two rounds, but he only blushed slightly, and his opponent, there were already five or six police officers who had been drunk!

"No..... No, four..... Officer Natsuba, you ...... How...... You can drink it!"

Officer Shiratori held the table with his tongue wide open, his eyes were hazy, and he staggered and refused to fall.

He took advantage of Xia Ye's almost two rounds of drinking with other police officers before he came up to challenge, but after drinking half a catty of Huaguo liquor, he was already drunk, but Xia Ye's eyes were still clear, and there was no sign of drunkenness!

Look at his strong appearance.

Xia Ye smiled at him and said, "Officer Shiratori, everyone else is easy to say, only you came over and poured me wine, it's a bit of a loss, obviously you-"


Officer Shiratori fell to the ground drunk in front of his eyes.

There was no chance for Natsuba to speak out.

Miwako Sato and Yumi Miyamoto happened to come over, picked him up and put him aside, and then sat down next to Natsuha on the left and right.

Xia Ye looked at the two of them with serious faces, and his eyes seemed to be smiling: "What's the matter?" Do you two want to challenge me too?"

Miwako Sato glanced at him, leaned into his ear, and said in a low voice as if intimately:

"Yumi and I will accompany you for a drink-"

"But you can't cheat!"

"Oh~" Xia Ye looked at her lilac eyes, raised her eyebrows, and showed a wicked smile on her face:

"What, are you two going to get me drunk and do something weird?"

"Phew!" Yumi Miyamoto snorted softly and pouted:

"Miwako and I just saw that this group of tall male police officers couldn't help you, so I wanted you to see how powerful female police officers are!"

"Is that so?"

Xia Ye's deep gaze swept over the pretty faces of the two of them, and chuckled: "Then I'll use my real skills to see how powerful the female police officers of the Metropolitan Police Department are!"


Yumi Miyamoto and Miwako Sato know that when he says "real skills", he means that he doesn't cheat anymore.

So they looked at each other and smiled, and raised their glasses in reassurance.

Xia Ye felt a hint of pressure.

His alcohol consumption is actually quite average.

It was naturally cheating to drink down so many police officers just now, and the specific situation was probably the same as what Qiao Feng and Duan Yu did when they were drinking in the tavern~

Now it's about using real skills.

Naturally, there can be no more cheating.

And yet—

In this way, he will not be able to bear it at all!

Yumi Miyamoto, this girl is really TM and can drink!

Not only does he not show mercy when he pours wine into others, but even he pours it into his stomach one cup after another.

It's like drinking with the purpose of dying with Natsuba!

And so—

It didn't take a few minutes to come down.

Summer leaves are already drunk.

Yumi Miyamoto is naturally not having a good time.

There is a mist in the beautiful eyes.

The pretty face was slightly red.

A drunken and cute look.

is already a drunken beauty.

Of course - the most unlucky is Miwako Sato.

Natsuba and Yumi Miyamoto.

But she inexplicably got drunk first.

At this moment, he was lying on Xia Ye's shoulder, drunk and hazy, and he didn't know what he was muttering.

"Xia Ye, have another drink!"

Yumi Miyamoto raised her glass and placed it on Natsuba.

Beautiful curves and round thighs are great benefits!

However, Natsuba didn't feel it at all.

Of course, this was not intentional on the part of Yumi Miyamoto.

She is now almost supported by the last trace of obsession to get Xia Ye drunk.


Xia Ye raised his wine glass and touched her, of course, the wine glasses of the two people were facing each other for a long time before they touched each other.

To be honest, he is almost unconscious at this time, and it is estimated that he will really get drunk after this drink~ (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Novel Network!)


The last glass of wine is on the stomach.

The two were drunk almost at the same time.

In this way, Miwako Sato leaned on Natsuba's shoulder, and Yumi Miyamoto lay on his chest, just forming a stable structure.

The three of them leaned together and lost consciousness.

"Yumi is really amazing!" The male police officers in the first lesson looked at Yumi Miyamoto, who was drunk on Natsuba, and couldn't help but sigh.

"Officer Xia Ye, who so many of us haven't drunk, but she can make a draw, this is really the face of our Metropolitan Police Department, it seems that she will be better to her in the future!"

"What now?"

Looking at the three people leaning together, the officers were a little entangled, especially Miwako Sato leaning on Natsuha's shoulder, holding one of his arms, and her usually heroic and pretty face was now very cute, which made them jealous-

However, they can't just do it.

After all, Officer Sato is a girl no matter what he says~

"Let's ask the policewoman from the traffic department to send the two of them home~" Officer Twilight walked over and glanced helplessly at the three people hugging each other, "Two of the policewomen from the traffic department didn't drink tonight, just-"

"Let's do it with me~"

A nice voice with a smile came.........

"Officer Twilight, good evening~"

Officer Twilight and the others followed.

"It's Fujimine Yukiko!"

A middle-aged police officer excitedly called out Yukiko's original name, and the other middle-aged police officers behaved similarly to him.

After all, when they were young, Yukiko was the most popular period, and that was called a sweep of the entertainment industry!

One of them counts as one, all of them are fans of Yukiko, and now that they see the real person, of course they can't hold back!

Although Arikiko who appears in front of her now is only wearing a simple shirt and jeans.

It looks a little less starry.

But the extra approachable temperament makes her look even more cute!

"It's you~"

Officer Twilight wasn't much excited, after all, he and Yukiko were old acquaintances, he looked at Yukiko in home clothes, and said curiously:

"Why are you here?"

"Of course someone asked me to come—" Yukiko rolled her eyes and chuckled:

"My family is neighbors with Xia Ye's family, and his family asked me to pick him up~"

"So that's the case~" Officer Twilight suddenly chatted with Yukiko for a few more words, and asked curiously:

"By the way, Yukiko, when will Yusaku return to Neon, I haven't had a good chat with him for a long time~"

"Officer Twilight, you're asking a clever question~"

A meaningful look flashed in Yukiko's beautiful eyes, but she said with a smile on her pretty face:

"Youzuo he's coming back in a few days, so you'll have to talk to him when the time comes~"

"Really? Great!"

Officer Twilight's chubby face blossomed.

"Then I'll take Natsuha away first-" Yukiko looked at the three people leaning together, and said with a smile: "I'd better take all three of them away, Miwako and I are also friends, I'll take her and her friends home for a night~"

"Then please have Kiko you~" Officer Twilight doesn't doubt him, after all, with Kiko, can he still trust him?

And yet—

He didn't know.

The current Yukiko is not a pure and lovely female star, but a charming and charming succubus, the kind that will hook the soul~

Rice Flower Hotel.

Looking at the three people who were "piled up" by themselves.

Yukiko nodded with satisfaction.

Now that his wish mission is complete, as for what will happen between these three people-

It's up to them~


Youxizi thought about it, took out a small bottle with a pink heart pattern on it, and hesitated: "This is a high-end product that Xiao Ai got from that poison bag, do you want to spray them a little to help them up?"

"Forget it~"

Soon, she gave up on the idea.

Natsuha aside, the two girls, Miwako and Yumi, have been affected by the log, at least let them choose with their own will in the last step!

Glanced at the three of them.

She locked the door and turned to leave.


Yumi Miyamoto was woken up by a 1.1 squeeze.

In a daze, I felt like someone was touching my leg.

"Miwako, don't make trouble~"

She muttered and opened her eyes slightly~

And then—

I woke up half of it directly in a drunken state!

What do I see!?

Yumi Miyamoto opens her mouth wide!

Miwako is actually talking to Natsuba-

And it's Miwako who takes the initiative!

Looking at the two faces that kissed each other with a deep drunkenness, these two people were still delirious, and they couldn't help but -

Got together!

Speaking of which—

I've never seen Miwako look so coquettish.

It's like a different person!

Look at how committed she is.

There is also a charm in the watery eyes~

Maybe soon—

Come to think of it.

Yumi Miyamoto immediately wanted to leave.

After all, even if she is a good sister, she doesn't want to visit nearby when Miwako and Natsuha are intimate!

Not to mention.

Now this is the case.

Every extra moment you stay is a little more "dangerous"!

Anyway, the wishing quest has been completed.

I'll slip away first!

And yet—

Just when she wanted to escape, a warm and powerful big hand grabbed her ankle and pulled her back directly~

Then she saw a pair of eyes that were slightly cloudy and exuded the smell of a beast!

Those were Natsuba's eyes.

Yumi Miyamoto felt like a captured prey, and she didn't even dare to move!


Something suddenly occurred to her.

Miwako's hands have been holding Natsuha all the time.

The one who touched his leg just now—

She lowered her head to look at the black silk on her legs, which had been torn open with a few slight cracks, and her white thighs were already looming~

It turns out -

I've been taken advantage of a lot before I wake up!

Damn it!.

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