“Why are you still interested in this?”Newt said strangely after reading the newspaper.

Another thing that puzzled him was why this news appeared on the front page.

This kind of meeting is very common. Today we will discuss the thickness of the crucible, and tomorrow we will discuss the dragon leather gloves. We will talk about the tariff issues of some goods the day after tomorrow.

In short, it is enough to make the officials of the Ministry of Magic look less leisurely.

In the past, these were placed in inconspicuous small squares in newspapers, and people were more Concerned about serious topics such as finding a pet, chatting naked with someone and defrauding someone of money.

“I’m not interested in the meeting, I’m just there to watch the fun.”Wayne gloated,”Scrimgeour’s face will look very good then.”

Newt didn’t know why Vern was at odds with Scrimgeour again, but since Vern wanted to go, he didn’t have any objections. It would only be a delay of two days at most…..

Early the next morning, after learning that Wayne and Newt were leaving, almost all the dragon keepers in the residential area came to see them off.

In just twenty days, Newt also impressed many dragon farmers with his super professional quality. They also learned a lot of useful knowledge from such a magical animal expert.

And for Wayne, it was pure gratitude.

Wayne took Norbert around every day. The mighty dragons suppressed the fire dragons and they were particularly honest, which made the dragon keeper’s job a lot easier.


Norbert looked at Wayne and Feng Wang reluctantly, and his screams were listless.

Wayne touched the dragon’s head and comforted:”We can meet in a few months. I will wait for you at Hogwarts then.”

That’s right, Noble became the eighth dragon selected as a substitute. I also go to school sometimes.

King Feng looked at Norbert, whose big eyes were full of grievances. He hesitated for a moment, and finally made up his mind.

A golden tail feather fell off from her tail and landed on Nob. Even Wayne looked at her in surprise.

This is no ordinary feather, but a rainbow-colored feather.

It contains the Phoenix King’s own power. Holding this feather, one can claim to be the Phoenix King’s messenger.

It seems that the Phoenix King is also a tsundere. He usually doesn’t pay much attention to Norbert, but now he actually sends out the Rainbow Feather for the first time.

This is acknowledging this daughter.

The feather fell on Noble’s body and blended into her 03 body

“Tweet! tweet~!”

Phoenix King said something again, and Norbert took one last look at Wayne and Phoenix King, flapped his wings, and flew back to his nest.

After finally saying goodbye to Charlie, Wayne got on the carriage.

During the flight, Newt suddenly remembered a question and asked quickly:”You are going to attend a safety exchange meeting, but do you have an invitation?”

“I don’t, but someone does.”Wein stretched his waist,”Go to the black market in the secret place first, and someone will take us into the venue.”

After hearing about the black market, Newt knew who Venn was looking for and didn’t ask any more questions.

Two hours later, Zuowu landed in a park on the outskirts of Paris.

Venn put it into his suitcase first, and then He held Newt’s shoulders and led him to apparate to Cross Rozier’s black shop.

Seeing Wayne, Cross’s eyes flashed with excitement, but when he saw Newt beside him, he immediately became excited again. turned into disgust

“Why did you bring this old guy here?

Newt said speechlessly:”Rozier, you are more than ten years older than me. I am an old man, so who are you?””

“Hum, I am old at heart.”Cross didn’t give Newt a good look.

“Why does this old man hate you so much?”Wayne asked in a low voice.

“When he was defeated by Theseus, he always disliked us two brothers.”

“That’s it.”Wayne suddenly realized

“fart! Cross broke through the defense immediately,”That’s because your brother doesn’t have martial ethics, so he attacked me sneakily!”

Newt said calmly:”You can’t defeat me without a sneak attack. Theseus is the chief Auror!””

“You call him over and I’ll fight him again!”

“He’s retired”

“Okay, okay. Wayne stopped the bickering between the two centenarians,”Cross, please take me to the meeting venue quickly. The meeting has already started, right?””

Cross glared at Newt and didn’t continue talking.

“Follow me with your attendants.”

After that, Cross apparated and disappeared, and Wayne and Newt followed the traces of space and teleported there.

The three of them came to the outside of a cathedral, and there were several men in black guarding the door.

Cross took After the invitation was issued and confirmed to be correct, the guard released it.

It was not a real church, but a stepped hall. After the three people entered, they were on the highest floor, where they could have a commanding view.

At this time, an official was standing in the middle giving a speech. , Cross took Wayne and Newt to a row of vacant seats.

It happened to see the row of official seats opposite. Wayne quickly found Scrimgeour.

Just when he wanted to sit down, Scrimgeour Ross grabbed him.

“Knowing you are coming, many old friends want to meet you. Cross whispered,”It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to go. We have no right to ask you to do anything.””

The only old friends Cross mentioned were those saints.

After thinking about it, Wayne nodded in agreement.

After having so many things done, it was just a meeting, and he had no reason to object.

“Cross and I are going to meet a few people. You can sit by yourself for a while. Wayne whispered to Newt.

The old man nodded and replied in a low voice,”Don’t be fooled, stay vigilant.””

“I understand.”Wayne nodded lightly.

Under the leadership of Cross, the two walked out of the door again and came to a side hall.

When the two came in, the people who were talking in the room immediately fell silent.

Wayne glanced at In the past, there were more than ten people, both male and female, but not a single one was young. They were all old people with gray hair and beards.

“Everyone, this is Mr. Lawrence. Cross stretched out his hand and introduced the young man.

Excitement flashed in the eyes of the old people, and one of them stepped forward and asked tremblingly:

“Mr. Lawrence, you…Did you actually meet him?

Wayne did not answer, but looked at Cross:”Who is this?””

“Rodriguez from Berlin. Cross revealed the identity of the old man, and then said:”The people here are all the people you have written to. They have contributed a lot to this meeting and are worthy of trust.””

Rogrigues also added,”Please don’t worry, as long as it is a word from that person, we can give up our lives without hesitation.”

The old men behind him also nodded solemnly.

Wayne looked at their determined looks and couldn’t help but despise Fu Fu in his mind.

Look at them, then look at you.

Even if Grindelwald is imprisoned Half a century later, there are still so many loyal followers.

And they are not bad at it, and they can influence the decisions of the Ministry of Magic in various countries.

Looking at the crooked melons and dates under Voldemort, there are still a few loyal followers. Yes, like Barty Jr. and Bellatrix, it’s a pity that they are all a bunch of lunatics.

Expect them to commit murder and arson, expect them to develop their power….That’s just a fool’s errand.

Why is the gap so big?

“You are serious, Mr. Rodriguez, I am doing this just to be on the safe side.”Wayne smiled and shook hands with him.

“I understand.”Caution is necessary,” Rodriguez said.”

He led Wayne to sit on the main seat, and he sat on the right hand side. It can be seen that among these followers, his status is also the highest.

In fact, on the list given by Grindelwald, Rodriguez is also ranked second.

Wien has a little impression of him. He seems to be the former chief Auror of the German Ministry of Magic.

As for the first one, he did not come over, and Wien did not write a letter to her.

Sit down. , Wayne said the question that everyone is most concerned about:”I did meet Mr. Grindelwald, twice.”

“Great, great. Rodriguez said excitedly:”How is your life? Do you have any physical illness? Does he have any deep meaning in asking you to contact us? Is he willing to come out?” After saying that

, the old man realized that he had too many questions and apologized repeatedly.

Wayne waved his hand and said it didn’t matter. He waited for Rodriguez to calm down before continuing:

“Grindelwald is currently in pretty good condition, and his body is pretty strong. There is no problem with eating a whole table of food at one meal. I didn’t steal anything from him last time I ate with him.”

“Contacting you actually has nothing to do with him personally. It’s just that I needed some help, so he recommended you to me.”

“As for whether he wants to come out or not?…He himself has no such intention, and there are many people in the world who don’t want to see the news of his reappearance.”

“We fear no one except Dumbledore!”An old lady shouted loudly. She was really cruel and cowardly, which made Wayne laugh.

It was okay, and she was self-aware and knew who she couldn’t afford to offend.

Then, they asked a lot about Green. Regarding DeVoe’s question, someone even asked Wayne to send some souvenirs there, for fear that Lao Ge would not have enough food and clothing.

In the end, they even tried to test whether Wayne was dissatisfied with the current magic world.

If so. If necessary, they can raise their arms and they can be responsible for mobilizing helpers, making Wayne laugh and cry.

“Everyone, this time is actually just an accident. My target is only Scrimgeour, not the British Ministry of Magic, nor the entire continent.”

“I believe many of you have investigated me. I am a Muggle noble, and your so-called concept of wizard supremacy has nothing to do with me.”

Some people couldn’t help but retort: “But you became a wizard, and you are still a very great wizard.”

The way they judge whether a wizard is great is not by the Order of Merlin, but by the approval of Grindelwald.

It is enough to allow Grindelwald to hand over the core means of commanding the saints to Wayne, which speaks volumes..

Therefore, since meeting Wayne, there has been no conventional testing session. These most loyal saints have kept their postures very low.

“Does that mean I have to draw a line with Muggles? Wayne looked at him, and the old man who spoke almost lost his teeth.”Grindelwald’s failure means that this theory cannot succeed. Even if it succeeds, I will choose to stand with Dumbledore.””

A few people showed indignant looks, but they suppressed it and did not explode.

Cross quickly smoothed things over:”Everyone, let’s not talk about this topic for now. The main purpose of Mr. Lawrence coming here this time is not to debate with you. He also Looking forward to appreciating your results.”

“That’s right, Lord Grindelwald didn’t say anything, it’s your turn to worry about.”Rodrix glanced at the other people coldly, looked at Wayne, and then smiled:

“Mr. Lawrence, it was a pleasure talking to you this time. If there is anything we need to do in the future, please feel free to ask and I will do my best.”

Others also expressed their opinions one after another.

Wayne said a few polite words and walked out of the side hall.

In order to avoid arousing suspicion, these old saints did not leave behind him.

“Rodriguez, what do you think?”An old woman suddenly asked

“He is as confident as an adult, and the look in his eyes cannot deceive anyone. Rodriguez said in a deep voice:”When he talked about Dumbledore and the adults, he spoke in a completely equal tone. Very few people in this world can do that.””

Another old man sighed,”But he doesn’t care at all about fighting for the rights of wizards.”

“It doesn’t matter. Rodriguez shook his head:”As long as you are not someone with Dumbledore’s temper, there is still a chance.””

“Times have changed. The idea of enslaving Muggles is simply impossible to realize. Even if adults lead us, it is impossible. All we need is to let wizards live in the sun….”

Everyone fell silent…….

“They didn’t say anything, did they?”As soon as Wayne returned to his seat, Newt asked nervously.

“No. Wayne shook his head slightly,”I was a little cautious, but I didn’t pay any attention to it.””

“That’s good.”Newt breathed a sigh of relief.

Newt was not afraid that Wien would be in danger. He was afraid that under the deception of others, Wien would bring danger to others.

The speaker had already left. Before Wien came back, the German representative happened to be speaking. , said that the most important thing about this meeting is the simulation exercise, allowing Aurors from various countries to have a ‘friendly’ exchange and improve each other.

Because it is a set process, no one has any objections.

This is a good display and In the competition stage, the strength comparison between Aurors can largely represent the security level of a country.

The so-called exercise is divided into two parts.

The first part is a one-on-one regular duel, with three players from each country.

The second part is the team competition. Aurors often perform tasks in the form of a small team, so it is three versus three.

The first to take the stage are the Aurors from the host France and the initiator Germany.

The level of both sides is good, the silent curse and The instant spell was used very skillfully, and the movement skills were also very strong. In the end, there was no winner between the two countries, it was just a matter of clicks.

Then came the game between Austria and Hungary. This time the Austrian player was obviously better, with three consecutive games. Multiple silent spells were cast, shattering the opponent’s defense and successfully disarming the wand.

After the two Aurors left the field, Wayne became more energetic.

He saw Scrimgeour say something to a big black fat man behind him, and then that The person came on stage.

The opponent was an Auror from Romania.

When the host finished naming the two people, Wayne also knew who the big black fat man was.

Kingsley Shacklebolt, one of the members of the Order of the Phoenix, future minister of magic

“Take a good look.”Wayne said to Newt, who was almost asleep.

The old man also cheered up and stared at the ring intently.

He wanted to see how Wayne made Scrimger look ugly.

The battle started soon, and the Romanian Auror Taking the lead in attacking, a standard silent stun spell was quickly shot out. Kingsley Shacklebolt also reacted quickly, deflecting the spell and launching a counterattack.

However, what surprised him was that his opponent did not release a defensive spell, but He continued to attack with a posture of exchanging injuries for injuries.


The spell hit the invisible barrier and was bounced away. Kingsley was suddenly shocked.

He has defensive alchemy items!

However, this is not enough. After that, the Romanian Auror raised his right hand, a ring shone brightly, and shot out two thick red lights in the blink of an eye.

Kingsley’s hastily arranged protective shield was violently shattered, and fell into a short magical short circuit. Romania The Auror seized the opportunity and hit him accurately with two spells.

One removed the wand from his hand, and the other directly blew Kingsley away and landed heavily on Scrimgeour’s table. He was still calm at first. The idle Scrimgeour’s face immediately darkened.

But Wayne smiled.

Old man, I’m going to hit you in the face.

Where are you? If I don’t let you get out of the Ministry of Magic this year, I will accept you as my master. Son!.

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