Hogwarts Please graduate soon

Hogwarts Please graduate soon


290 Chapters Ongoing Status


As a result, Hogwarts ushered in its most lively period.

Dumbledore: “No student life is complete without breaking school rules, but Wayne… please restrain yourself.”

McGonagall: “I thought the Weasley twins were invincible, but I didn’t expect Wayne to be braver than them!”

Professor Sprout: “Ever since he came, Badger has become Flathead.”

Snape: “Azkaban! He should be sorted into Azkaban!”

Voldemort: “Don’t worry about the Children of Prophecy. I just want to kill Wayne Lawrence! Now, immediately, immediately!”

Wayne spread his hands helplessly: “I’m just a little lively, why do you keep urging me to graduate?”

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