Gou Became a Martial Saint In Another World

Gou Became a Martial Saint In Another World


507 Chapters Ongoing Status


A strange event happened in Blue Star, a large number of Blue Star people were affected by a mysterious force, and their souls temporarily traveled to another world.

It’s a dark, weird world

Not only are the prices extremely high, but there are also many evil spirits quietly appearing. At the same time, various forces are fighting with each other, and the people of the lower classes are suffering.

Yang Fangben, the attending physician of the mental hospital, also traveled through a strange incident.

Fortunately, he found that he had awakened a proficiency panel.

As long as you keep refreshing your proficiency, you can improve your own realm.

He grew up secretly, with corpses piled up under his feet, and he unknowingly embarked on a path of sagehood.

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