God of Fishing

Chapter 95: Everyone Loves The Fish Dragons

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The Fish Dragons had replaced the Tigers overnight, which was marvelously quick.

The next day, in front of the 13 casinos of the former Tigers, the members of The Fish Dragons removed its sign under the public eye.

A member shouted, “Dear fellow villagers, just a moment…”

When a group of people gathered in front of the casino, Chen Eryu held a piece of paper in his hand and recited, “The Fish Dragons have just been established. As we have been despising the evil deeds of the Tigers, now we’ve decided to ban all casinos and resolutely resist gambling…”


Someone exclaimed, “Really? Are you guys going to give up such a profitable business?”

Some people didn’t believe it. “Is it because you’ve worked out a more profitable business?”

Chen Eryu continued, “Please let me finish. Our current leader Han Fei is very young and talented. He is not that kind of wicked and evil guy! He understands that people need entertainment, so he spent… Uh, a year… To invent Fish Dragon Cards for all of you… Although the casinos are banned, you can still have healthier entertainment!”

“Fish Dragon Cards, what are those?”

“Do you charge for this?”

“Is it a gambling game?”

Chen Eryu cleared his throat and said, “Fish Dragon Cards are a must-have game. It’s cheap but fun, and you can play it at home, with your family, or with your friends. It’s dozens of times more fun than gambling… Our leader said that it’s definitely not a gambling game, but everyone can have much more fun than gambling from it…”

Someone shouted, “What do the cards look like? We want to have a look.”

Someone echoed, “Yes! Although you’ve talked up this game, we don’t know how to play it. You’ve gotta tell us how to play it!”

“Yeah, hurry up! Or else we’re leaving!”

“You’ll still charge for it, right?”

Chen Eryu said, “Bro, will it cost you money to buy a big Yellow Croaker? Who can tell me how much a big Yellow Croaker is?”

Someone immediately replied, “Big Yellow Croakers are cheap. I can buy two or three with a low-quality pearl.”

Chen Eryu said with a smile, “Okay! This chum said that he could buy two or three Big Yellow Croakers with a low-quality pearl. Then I tell you that with the same low-quality pearl, you’ll be able to buy two sets of Fish Dragon Cards. And you don’t have to pay anymore… Surprised? Glad to hear that?”


“How is it possible? How can there be such a cheap game?”

“Go on bragging. Then how do you make money?!”

Chen Eryu smiled kindly. “My dear fellows, you don’t have to worry about how we make money. Anyway, we won’t earn your hard-earned money. Come here, there are some tables here. You can sit down first. Let me show you how to play Fish Dragon Cards.”

Half an hour later, a strange scene appeared in the Heavenly Water Village. In the east, west, south, and north fairs, 13 groups of people gathered.

These people were in a group of four, sitting opposite one another, chattering away.

“Three plus two, three large Yellow Croakers and two small White Fish.”

“Bomb, four small White Fish.”

“Haha, mine is bigger than yours! Four big Yellow Croakers.”

“Humph, four Tentacle Lobsters.”

The other three: “…”

Such sounds rose one after another and were almost ceaseless.

Next to them, a lot of people were lining up.

“Ah! I want 10 sets of Fish Dragon Cards.”

“I was here first! I want 4 sets of Fish Dragon Cards.”

“I want 6 sets…”

The members of The Fish Dragons were crazy busy. They thought that 200 people were enough to cope with this situation, but who could have thought that the products would sell so hot?

One member shouted, “Please be quiet, because the number of Fish Dragon Cards is limited, each person can only buy 2 sets. Please purchase now. We don’t have many left.”

Only at this time, the members understood why Leader said that the cards had to be printed, not hand-painted, and made a printing template. Look how popular the goods were! They sold out in less than an hour.

Ten minutes later…

Dozens of Fish Dragon Card Rooms announced, “Everyone, our inventory has been sold out. Please come back tomorrow.”

Someone failed to buy one and grumbled, “What’s the big deal? Anyway, it’s made with Green Turtle scales. I’ll make them myself.”

However, a member of The Fish Dragons immediately said, “Anyone who fails to get one can make it yourself! It doesn’t matter. The Fish Dragons will not force you to buy our Fish Dragon Cards. Our principles are fairness, justice, and serving the people wholeheartedly.”

But some people sneered immediately. “Only idiots will make them themselves! These cards look simple, but who can draw this little White Fish or Blade Fish so vividly? I will come back in line tomorrow…”

“Yes! I can’t draw these pictures!”

Many people who originally planned to make one themselves immediately dismissed this idea. And the person who spoke first thought to himself, Um, it’s really easy to be an influencer!

On that day, according to incomplete statistics, 2,102 copies of Fish Dragon Cards were sold. Many people followed the trend to buy them before they even figured out what it was. And when they bought them and learned the rules of the game, they were overjoyed. I was so smart to buy one!

The first official meeting of The Fish Dragons.

Li Gang said unhappily, “Although we’ve sold so much, we earned less than selling barbecue. We sold a lot but the price is too low!”

Chen Eryu assured him,”Brother Gang, although we didn’t earn much from Fish Dragon Cards, do you know how much our Card Rooms made today?”

“How much?”

Chen Eryu made a gesture. “At least 8,000 low-quality pearls.”

Li Gang’s eyes widened. If the money earned from selling Fish Dragon Cards were added, they… They earned 100 low-quality pearls in one day?

Li Qing was surprised. “The barbecue stall has earned 36 mid-quality pearls today.”

“Young Master said that hot pot restaurants were more profitable than these two. If this is true, then how much can a hot pot restaurant earn?!”

Heavenly Water Village, Wang Family.

The patriarch of the Wang Family looked at the pile of Green Turtle scales in his hand and said, “Are these Fish Dragon Cards?”

The Second Young Master of the Wang Family said, “Patriarch, that’s right! They are really fun.”


“All you know is to play. Look at your third brother. Now he is already in the town. In the future, he must be the best armorist of the Wang Family. But look at yourself, what else do you know besides playing?”

“But it’s really fun, Patriarch!”

A moment later, after playing a few rounds of Fish Dragon Cards, the patriarch of the Wang Family couldn’t help but say, “It’s interesting. How did Han Fei come up with such a game?!”

Second Young Master replied, “Patriarch, let’s manufacture it! I heard that The Fish Dragons are not against others copying it, saying that they will not take this business as their own.”


The patriarch of the Wang family sclded angrily, “You idiot! All you know is to copy others! Do you know The Fish Dragons did that purposely?”

“Ah? Why?”

The patriarch of the Wang family narrowed his eyes. “Don’t forget what the name of this game is, Fish Dragon Cards. In two days, this name will be known to every villager in the Heavenly Water Village. If we copy it, what name shall we use? If we don’t use this name, people won’t buy it. But if we use it, people will think our Wang Family has been annexed by The Fish Dragons.”

The second Young Master said angrily, “What a vicious guy! Patriarch, let’s find a chance to kill him. This brat is even more difficult to deal with than Li Jue!”

“Shut up! What makes you think you can kill him? And how can our Wang Family bully a child? Then what will the villagers of the Heavenly Water Village think of us?”

The patriarch of the Wang family murmured, “Han Fei, you’re really something. But why do you stick to a small place like the Heavenly Water Village? Even if you outshine the Wang Family in the Heavenly Water Village, so what? This is a world valuing strength!”

In two or three days, The Fish Dragons had become a hot topic among the villagers of the Heavenly Water Village.

Someone exclaimed, “Have you heard? The Fish Dragons subsidized over 500 out-of-school children. That’s really nice of them!”


Someone nodded. “Yes! The Fish Dragons don’t bully people at all and they pay money when they buy something.”

Some people wondered, “Aren’t they supposed to pay money for things?”

The former one sneered, “The Tigers never paid before.”

Some people echoed, “Indeed, they’re much better than the Tigers. I heard that The Fish Dragons are planning to build hot pot restaurants recently. It is said that hot pot is even more delicious than barbecue. Let’s go taste it when the restaurants open?”


“Count me in.”

“Let’s go together.”

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