God of Fishing

Chapter 93: Fish Dragon Card Room

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The next day.

Han Fei, the new gang leader, went to investigate The Fish Dragons’ properties, followed by more than a hundred gang members.

At the moment, Han Fei was standing in front of a casino and asked, “Did I smash it before?”

Li Gang informed him, “Yes, you did. It hasn’t been repaired yet.”

Han Fei looked back and asked seriously, “Don’t you think this casino will affect the image of the Heavenly Water Village?”

Everyone: “…”

A member immediately came out and said, “Young Master, this casino is quite a money-making business. It can make us a lot of money every day! As for the image of the Heavenly Water Village, does the Heavenly Water Village have a certain image to uphold?”

Han Fei rolled his eyes at him and asked, “Did anyone go bankrupt because of gambling?”

The man smiled embarrassedly, “Well, occasionally.”

“Then how do we deal with those who can’t pay back the gambling debt?”

The man waved his fist. “No one dared repudiate a debt! They could only work from dawn to night to earn money to pay off debts.”


Han Fei slapped the guy’s head. “Stupid! Can’t you tell I want to abolish this casino?”


Someone stood up and said, “Young Master, if you abolish casinos, we’d be making a lot less money!”

“Stupid. Is there only one way to make money? Come in with me.”

Han Fei sat on the table. “I’d like to create a new way of gambling in the Heavenly Water Village… Bah… A new way of entertainment in the Heavenly Water Village. A-Gang, go get me 108 Green Turtle scales.”

“Yes, Boss.”

Soon, the scales came, and Han Fei took out a knife and carved something on the scales. Then he said, “A-Gang, Li Qing, Li Gan, come and sit down here.”


The three of them froze for a while. Why did Young Master ask us to sit down?

Han Fei instructed, “Come on, sit down. All the members of The Fish Dragons, come in. Let me show you a new kind of game. The fun is no less than gambling.”

Everyone came in with a stupefied look and many scratched their heads. This new leader behaves so oddly! But what is the new form of entertainment?

“Look, here are 108 scales, 54 of which are repetitions. Look, this is a small White Shrimp, which stands for 1. This is a Prawn, which stands for 2… This is a Mantis Shrimp, which stands for black joker. This is a big Meat Turtle, representing a red joker.”

After half an hour, many people were eager to try. This was really simple and fun! With the 108 cards, four people could draw various combinations of cards.

Han Fei and the other three were playing the cards in high spirits.

Li Gang announced, “Two Sevens, two Blade Fish.”

“Two Eights, two Tentacle Lobsters.”

“Two, two… Two Tens, two Snakebelts.”

Han Fei chimed in, “Bomb, four big Yellow Fish.”

“Bomb, five small White Fish.”

Everyone: “…”

Han Fei said proudly, “Full house, three Tentacle Lobsters and two Blade Fish. I’ve won! Give me money…”

Everyone’s face turned purple. No, not again! They secretly made up their minds that they must practice their card skills when they were free. This is f*cking fun!

Although they looked so frustrated when they lost, they just needed to pay five sea coins, which was almost affordable to anyone.

Han Fei put away the money, stood up, and said, “Okay, have you learned it?”

More than a hundred people all shouted, “Yes, Young Master! ”

Someone said, “Young Master, that’s really fun, even more fun than gambling.”

Someone asked, “Young Master, can I manage this new casino in the future?”


Han Fei was annoyed. “It’s you again! What’s your name? Is this a casino? From today on, it’s called the Fish Dragon Card Room. The rule is that the amount of money for each match cannot exceed five sea coins… However, if anyone wants to come to play in the card room, he shall pay one low-quality pearl each hour.”

The young man quickly gave a smile. “Young Master, my name is Chen Eryu. I’ve remembered the rules. I’ll allow no one to break the rules of The Fish Dragons.”

“Good. Then you’ll be in charge of the Fish Dragon Card Room. Tell those who have no money but want to play the game to go home and play by themselves, understood?”

Chen Eryu nodded. “Got it. I’ll tell them to go home and f*ck themselves if they don’t have the money.”


Han Fei was helpless. “Why do you have to put it that way? Anyway, If anything goes wrong, it’s your responsibility.”

Others were envious. Chen Eryu was really lucky! Leader gave him this fun Fish Dragon Card Room so easily! I should have strived for it!

Han Fei said, “Okay, now I have a question for all of you. Does anyone see a business opportunity from my behavior just now?”

Someone quickly raised his hand and said, “I do, I do.”


The man smiled and said, “Build a hundred Fish Dragon Card Rooms and collect money every day.”

Han Fei sneered, “F*ck off, who else knows?”

Another man raised his hand.

“You, speak.”

The man hurriedly said, “Young Master, let’s start with a low fee and when they become addicted to it and more people want to play the game, we’ll raise the fee.”

Han Fei pointed at this man. “Anyone kick him for me, thanks!”


Someone stood up and kicked that man, shouting, “Bullshit! Young Master, I know.”

“If you give me a wrong answer too, I’ll have you pressed to the ground and whipped ten times with a fishing rod.”

The man’s face turned pale but he still said timidly, “Young Master, let’s make a lot of Green Turtle scale cards and sell them to those in need.”


Everyone shrank their necks and thought this guy was beaten too, but it turned out that it was Han Fei who patted his own thigh.

Han Fei asked, “What’s your name?”

The man shrank his neck. “Young Master, my name is Li Baixia.”

“Great! You’re damn smart. You’ll be in charge of making Fish Dragon Cards. Pick 10 people from the members to assist you. If it’s not enough, you can hire people from outside and pay them a salary. I will teach you the art of printing later. Try to master it as fast as you can.”

Li Baixia was stunned and then smiled from ear to ear. “Yes, Young Master, I’ll try my best. You have my word!”

Many people cast envious stares at him. Why the heck didn’t I think of that?

Suddenly Han Fei glanced at the crowd again and asked, “So, who saw business opportunities from Li Baixia’s idea?”

Someone immediately shouted, “Young Master, I know.”


The man said, “Recruit a large number of off-staff members to manufacture the cards, and at the same time send dozens of regular members of the Fish Dragons to inspect the whole Heavenly Water Village. If anyone dares to secretly manufacture the cards, break their legs.”

Han Fei turned black and shouted, “Press him to the ground and whip him ten times with a fishing rod!”

The man was stunned. “Am I wrong? This is very logical!”

After the man was whipped, a thievish-looking guy said, “Young Master, I, I know.”

Han Fei narrowed his eyes. “Think it over! Otherwise, you will be whipped too!”

The man scratched his head. “We can open a shop respectively on the 12 streets in the four fairs. Then arrange people to explain the rules of Fish Dragon Cards to the people passing by… And we have to tear down the signs of casinos in front of everyone and put up the sign that reads “Fish Dragon Card Room” to arouse everyone’s curiosity.”


Han Fei’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Not bad! Your IQ is almost 180 compared to them. What’s your name?”

This man’s eyes immediately shined. “Li Duoyu.”

“Good! Li Duoyu, you can pick 12 people from the official members of The Fish Dragons to be the managers of “Fish Dragon Cards Stores,” and recruit some shop assistants from outside and pay them salaries.”

“Yes, yes, I swear I won’t let you down, Young Master!”


Many people rubbed their heads in regret. The answer was so simple! Why didn’t I think of it?!

Someone asked, “Young Master, is there any other business opportunity?”

“There aren’t too many business opportunities, OK? Let’s go to the next shop, the biggest one. I’m going to investigate the location of hot pot restaurants.”

The hundreds of people immediately followed Han Fei to the next place, all flushing and excited, feeling that their lives had reached a high point. They seemed to see that white, shining mid-quality pearls had fallen into their pockets.

As soon as they went out, Han Fei saw an acquaintance.

Han Fei scratched his head. “Grandpa Leader, why are you here?”

Village Leader replied,”Well, I’m here to see if the new leader of The Fish Dragons has bullied my people in the Heavenly Water Village or not.”

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