God of Fishing

Chapter 2918

Han Fei stared at the distance, but he couldn't see through the misty water mist at all, and couldn't see the war in the distance, let alone the so-called land of returning to the ruins.

I only heard someone say: "Recently, energy riots of this level have become more frequent."

The strange man said: "Although I don't know what happened, but the place where immortals can fight is definitely not a good place."

Han Fei couldn't help wondering, could it be the real ominousness? Maybe the other party came for the indelible arm?

Han Fei suddenly said, "Fellow daoists, did you come to this place of ruins just because you have no way out? I don't know, do you know the ominous situation?"


"Of course I know that the reason why we waited to enter the road of no return is mainly because of the ominousness. The existence of ominousness makes us realize that there is a higher level at the pinnacle of dominance."

The black-clothed woman spoke decisively.

The strange man also said: "Our Yuan Neng Dashi has been fighting against auspiciousness all the time, and it has never stopped. Because of the existence of auspiciousness, everyone is doing their best to cultivate."

Han Fei's heart was shocked. It seemed that not only the Chaos Star Sea and the Grand Meng Star Sea, but also in the world of these people, they were also fighting against ominous conditions.

However, this point made him have some doubts, why are all the final enemies of Xinghai so ominous? And in the end, they all embarked on the road of no return because of ominousness.

Han Fei said again: "Have you surrendered the auspiciousness? Which part of the limb did you get?"

At this moment, everyone looked at Han Fei one after another: "A broken limb? What broken limb?"

Han Fei: "It's the source of ominousness in your respective star seas. Isn't it a broken body? The blood flowing from the corpse is an ominous substance. After being contaminated, it will be eroded by ominousness."

Someone said: "So that's how it is. Fellow Daoists mean this. A amputation of a limb will cause the ominousness of our world. A amputation of a limb will be so damn..."

Strange man: "I don't know that. When I left, I just brought an auspicious one into the road of no return. In the tide of the avenue, that auspiciousness would be broken down directly. I thought I killed an auspicious one." .. According to what Fellow Daoist Han said, I actually only took away a little bit of the blood of the limbs?"

Han Fei nodded, seeing a few people who seemed to be thinking, but in fact he could understand. When I saw the limbs, that is when I entered the road of no return. It was only after he entered the road of no return, broke through to immortality, and returned to the chaotic star sea, that he realized the ominous nature.

Therefore, it is understandable that these people in front of them are ignorant of the ominous nature.

The woman in black: "So, Fellow Daoist Han surrendered the auspiciousness and got a severed limb?"

Everyone couldn't help looking at Han Fei, which showed Han Fei's strength. They didn't even know the existence of the severed limb, but he had surrendered.

Han Fei nodded slightly: "It's sealed, but it can't be erased."

Strange man: "Can't even the tide of the avenue be wiped out?"

Han Fei shook his head, he had already tried it. But this broken limb is not afraid of the tide of the Dao at all, which only shows that the level of the other party is too high, and the Dao alone cannot annihilate him at all.

Han Fei paused, and then said: "If my guess is correct, the owner of this limb should surpass immortality."

Everyone was not surprised. Even Han Fei, the Immortal, couldn't be wiped out to amputate his limbs. The strength of the other party can be imagined, how strong it is.

Han Fei originally wanted to consult these strong men to see if there was a way to erase the severed limbs, but unfortunately, they didn't even know about the severed limbs, so they explained for nothing.

At this time, Han Fei looked at the inheritance caves and said, "Are these the inheritance caves of the peak ruler?"

Someone said: "Not only that, there are also inheritance caves for immortal-level powerhouses. In history, there are not many strong people who broke through immortality on Guixu Island, and most of them learned from the major inheritances. But I haven't been able to understand its essence, so I can't break it."

Han Fei couldn't help but feel a little curious. If he could learn from the strongest inheritance that reached the immortal level, he might be able to understand the true meaning of Wudao by touching it.

After that, for three consecutive years, Han Fei and Ximen Linglan sat cross-legged in front of those inheritance caves.

The hundreds of thousands of inheritance caves are too amazing.

In the past three years, Han Fei read the inheritance one by one, and probably learned some cultivation methods of Yuanneng Xinghai, Tianling Xinghai and Xuanhuang Realm. It's a pity that all paths lead to the same goal, and most of the inheritances, in the end, are actually very similar, and it is difficult to make breakthroughs on this basis.

And here, there are more than a thousand strong people who have left behind immortal inheritance. But this time, most of them were promoted to the Dao after gaining insight into the realm of No Dao.

Therefore, in the final analysis, these inheritances are not much different from their own breakthroughs, but these people have put forward countless opinions on the idea of ​​Wudao.

Some people think that the body is a shackle, and the existence of the body is the existence of Tao. Therefore, giving up the body, leaving the soul and will, and giving birth to a brand new power is the method of breakthrough.

Some people think that when the physical body evolves to the limit, there should be a kind of power above the Tao and the law, and that is the will that people have been neglecting.

Some people think that the so-called no way is just that there is no way in the heart, and no longer thinking about the existence of the way. It is a breakthrough in the state of mind, and has nothing to do with any power or the way itself.

Everyone has different opinions, but no one can succeed. If it is successful, the place of return may change.

There is also a saying, which is somewhat similar to my own thoughts. That is, some people think that Wudao can definitely be broken, and that is to forcibly break Wudao. That person felt that when the quantitative change reached a certain level, a qualitative change would occur whether you wanted it or not. This is the reason why Han Fei brought Han Song's clone and Zhang Daqian's clone. He felt that the fusion of all things might bring about a slight change in his Immortal Realm.

But the problem is that there is no upper limit and no lower limit for Immortality Realm. Everyone has 50 pieces of Galaxy Power, and no one is better than the other, so there is no quantitative change. This is the root cause of most people ignoring this method.

However, Han Fei felt that if two Immortals were forcibly merged, they should not only become one. Otherwise where did the other go? Could it be turned into energy and precipitated in the body?

Han Fei was also afraid of sacrificing an immortal incarnation in vain, so he never merged with the Three of All Things, hoping to find some answers on the road to no return, but unfortunately, Han Fei didn't get anything.

"never mind!"

Han Fei didn't want to wait, there was no answer he wanted here. Moreover, in the past three years, there have been dozens of shocks in Guixu, and Han Fei often felt that strong call.

Finally, on this day, Han Fei said, "Ling Lan."

For the past three years, Ximen Linglan hadn't cultivated, but was looking at Han Fei. Han Fei had always known it, but he couldn't resist that kind of call.

In other words, if he doesn't go, that power will become his obsession.

Han Fei seemed to understand why none of the strong men who broke through the Immortal Realm returned, because they all felt this call, a call that seemed to be a call of fate.

Ximen Linglan's body trembled slightly: "Are you leaving?"

Han Fei nodded, and after a moment of silence, he said, "I still have you, Xia Xiaochan, and Yiyi. I don't know why I'm going, but I'll come back. After all, the purpose of my trip The purpose is to return."

Ximen Linglan smiled slightly, and the Blade of Hope appeared in front of Han Fei.

"Bring it, I hope that no matter what situation you are in, you will not despair. This is my, our hope."

Han Fei nodded slightly: "Okay."


Han Fei was about to leave, and he attracted everyone from Guixu Island.

The strange man: "Friend Daoist Han, take care."

The woman in black: "I wish you a triumphant return."

Someone said with emotion: "I really want to see the world you are in. I am tired of practicing. Brother Han, you must come back."


Han Fei cupped his hands: "I feel that everyone is kind, Han Fei is one step ahead."


I saw that Han Fei and Han Song's clone and Zhang Daqian's clone stepped into the mist and disappeared in front of everyone's eyes.

Seeing Han Fei leaving, Ximen Linglan immediately sat cross-legged, the law of time covered an area, activated time acceleration, and began to practice.

Han Fei was working hard, and she didn't want to slack off. This farewell, I don't know when I will see you again. She didn't want to die, she wanted to accompany Han Fei to see the prosperity of the world and the vicissitudes of the world. Therefore, she has to practice, she has to work hard to catch up with Han Fei's realm, and go to his side again.

Someone saw this and couldn't help sighing: "It's been endless years of practice, and I don't know why I practice, what a pity!"

Someone sighed: "Now that I think about it, it's good to be an ordinary person, whether it's eternal reincarnation, not for anything else, just to be comfortable."


In the mist, Han Fei finally walked alone, but even with Zhang Daqian present, no Daohua Spirit Body was born again.


The distant sky shook again, and a strong wind blew up on the sea of ​​the avenue, pushing Han Fei forward. The strength of this wind was rare in the world. Even Han Fei felt that he could not go against the wind. There seemed to be some kind of causal rules hidden in the wind.

Only a moment later, Han Fei was pushed by the strong wind and came to a strange place. On the sea of ​​great avenues, there is a vortex of terror swirling, in all directions, countless roads are pouring into it, it seems that nothing can escape from the suction of this vortex.

Han Fei understood that this was the only way to the Land of Return.

However, the avatars of Han Fei and Han Song grabbed Zhang Daqian's avatar at the same time, and the three of them stood side by side and fell into the vortex at the same time.


What catches the eye is a blood-colored haze, covering the boundless void. In the haze, there are countless bubbles. It seems that in that endless and distant mysterious area, there is a certain scene, which appears in the sky here through the bubbles, and gradually becomes clear. .

It was a palace, and although it was still a bit awkward, Han Fei could already feel its grandeur and majesty, as well as its terrifying and terrifying aura.

Han Fei was already close to the palace, but the palace in his eyes was already stained with blood.


There was a deafening sound that burst out from the palace, and Han Fei saw the shadow of an arrow, engulfing the heavens and the world, and shooting into the distance. The arrow was lost, and it was unknown where it was shot, because Han Fei's vision was blocked by the palace.

"Everyone, here comes the newcomer."

There is a sound shaking, spreading throughout this strange space, covering this bloody mist.

Han Fei finally set foot in this mysterious palace at this moment, but he didn't see the speaker, they seemed to be on the other side of the palace. The arrow just now was also shot from the other side of the palace.

In front of Han Fei's eyes, the palace was open, and divine pillars carved from Dao Talismans stood tall in the sky and stood on both sides of the palace. Han Fei looked up, only to see that the scale of this palace was unbelievably high, at least hundreds of millions of miles into the sky.

Han Fei can assure you that this is the biggest palace he has ever seen. It is more blood-colored than the Chaos Star Sea. Holding a giant stick of Wanli King Kong, he laughed loudly: "Yes, two immortals came, which surprised me a little bit." .”

There is a white-haired man with a body of one million feet. His hair dances and floats among the stars. There is a sword embryo between his brows, which is full of divine light. In front of his left and right sides, each has a long sword. At this moment, a sword has been cut out, dripping with sword energy, as if crossing the vast sea of ​​stars in an instant.

There is also a six-armed demon with angry eyes, holding a blue war bow in his hand, holding the bow in three hands, and pulling the string with three hands. The arrow just now seemed to be shot by him.

And among this group of people, Han Fei saw an acquaintance, domineering and mighty, with a black dragon lying on one arm, and a long sword in the other hand, looking at Zhang Daqian with the sky between his brows: "How did you bring a guy who has just entered the Domination Realm?"

Han Fei was not afraid of these 37 people, although they all looked extremely fierce, like 37 bloody demon kings.

Han Feidan replied: "This is my incarnation outside the body."

Someone said: "Even if it is an incarnation outside the body, it is too weak, it is meaningless to come, let's merge!"

Someone said: "Where is the other one? What's your name?"

However, Han Fei continued to speak: "This is also my incarnation outside the body."

As soon as this remark came out, the 37 people all shut up, but there was a slight change in the way they looked at Han Fei. Good guy, this guy has even cultivated to the Immortal Realm in his external avatar, which is a bit outrageous.


But Cang Tian laughed loudly: "You are indeed worthy of being a junior. You are truly amazing. Junior brother, you have come with Void, what happened to the ominous chaos of the sea of ​​stars?"

Han Fei climbed onto the towering city wall with one foot, and said calmly: "It has been cut. Ominous, it has been cut."

Cang Tian was taken aback for a moment, but saw the evil-looking Qilin speak: "What does it mean to be cut off?"

Han Fei looked sideways at the evil-looking unicorn, feeling a little familiar. I just heard him say: "To cut it all out means to find the source of the ominousness, that is, the ominous severed limb, and seal it again."


Someone said: "Where is the seal?"


However, when Han Fei raised his hand, the Demon Refining Pot appeared. Then Han Fei said, "Here."

I saw a phantom, reflected in the sky, it was two broken arms, still dripping blood, the dripping blood can melt ominous substances.

Someone looked sideways and praised: "Chaos Xinghai, talented people come forth in large numbers! The severed limb was taken down and completely sealed. It's just... this fellow Daoist Han Fei, why did you bring him here?"

Han Fei: "Naturally, I wanted to bring it into the road of no return, and then obliterate it. Unfortunately, of course it failed. I didn't know the origin of this severed limb until I returned to the ruins."

Someone sighed: "There is nothing wrong with this. No one wants this thing to stay on their own territory. All of us only knew the source of all this after entering the ruins."

Someone wondered: "Fellow Daoist Han Fei, why do you have two amputated arms?"

Han Fei looked at the man: "Maybe I didn't make it too clear. If one arm is severed, one is ominous. Two limbs are two."


The evil-looking unicorn said, "Is there one from Hongmeng Xinghai?"

Han Fei looked at the evil-looking unicorn with some surprise, and thought for a moment: "Li Daoyi's unicorn?"

There are very few people who can know about the Primordial Star Sea and also know that the Chaos Star Sea is connected to the Primordial Star Sea. In history, there is only one Li Daoyi who has reached the ominous situation and has the potential to go to Hongmeng.

But Li Daoyi was obviously not here, and this unicorn, Han Fei finally remembered, isn't this the little unicorn that Li Daoyi raised?

"My name is Primordial Qilin."

The corners of Han Fei's mouth twitched slightly: "It's interesting, the ancient star tree is so weak, I didn't expect you to be so strong."

"Oh, have you ever seen that stupid tree?"

Han Fei turned his head and looked outside the city wall: "I see, everything is fine, and you should be enjoying the blessing at this moment."

The ancient unicorn hummed heavily: "You bastard, he doesn't think about making progress, his potential is good, but he doesn't want to fight, he is willing to degenerate, he is useless."

Han Feixin said that everyone has his own aspirations, and everyone has a tree, what to think about, what to get, what to get?

However, at this moment, Han Fei, who was looking outside the city, had no intention of talking to the ancient unicorn, because the scene outside the city wall shocked him.

It was a battlefield like a dream bubble everywhere, as if many great worlds had been spread along the line. The blood of the gods is poured in it, and the figures of Mohu are fighting fiercely. Beyond the boundless battlefield, among the billions of shattered galaxies, a blood-colored altar appeared at the end of the field of vision in a dim and dim land.

On that altar, there is a figure like a lake, sitting there, as if looking at the place from a distance.

Han Fei's heart trembled, the strong call seemed to be on the altar. But, what are everyone fighting now?

In the nearest battlefield, Han Fei could see that someone was fighting fiercely with a humanoid creature engraved with mysterious runes and Taoism. The extremely ferocious arrow before was shot at that creature.

As for the latter, he turned his head suddenly, rolled his hands, and a thousand stars shone through the world, bursting out with immeasurable divine light. I saw it slapped out with one hand, shattering the void, as if the great world was broken, and the roar came from the deep space and spread to the city.


Within the range of this city, holy light emerged, forming an enchantment, blocking the energy fluctuation of this blow.

At this point, Han Fei knew where the shock of the land of return came from. It was the creatures in the battlefield, the aftermath of the battle, bombarded the city, and reflected on the sea of ​​the avenue.

Han Feitong Kong miniature: "Who are you fighting with? Where is my elder brother? Where is the prophet teacher, where is Li Daoyi? Where is the first supreme?"

Cang Tian said leisurely: "Teacher is fighting, Li Daoyi is fighting, and Void has already come to an end... The prophet old man can't improve his strength, and the flowers bloom on the other side. I will personally send him off."

Although Han Fei was mentally prepared, he still sighed when he heard that the Prophet had left.

Han Fei asked again, "Who will you fight?"

Cang Tian looked at the battlefield, and said indifferently, "Three Thousand Demon Gods."

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