Ghost Killing Team RPG

Ghost Killing Team RPG


157 Chapters Completed Status


In the Taisho period, after getting the RPG system, Yetu Yunna made up his mind to complete the main task of destroying the ghost king and win the victory at all costs.

You must prepare 99 items of each item in your backpack. As long as you have the opportunity, you will be leveling anytime and anywhere. Break into the houses and forcibly smash all the bottles and cans to collect the items. Every time you arrive at a new map, you must go to the item store to buy them. Before the mission First go to the hotel to sleep and return to full attributes. During the battle, you can eat lunches to replenish blood. After defeating the enemy, you will be crazy. Every time you see the priest, you will save it. A large number of gifts will be used to increase the friendly feeling of your team… In any case, only victory is justice!

Swordsmen: Yun Na, I am too injured to move!

Yun Na: My husband, I have 999 herbal medicines!

Swordsmen: All HP is back! It doesn’t hurt at all!

Fish Cake Group: The top six oiran has fallen for the first time, we won!

Yun Na: Seeing is not necessarily believing, and you can’t take it lightly! I’m coming to make up!

The sixth elder brother who is crawling out: knock on mom!

Zhu: How is your breathing practice?

Yun Nai: It’s still a long way away.

Zhu: Hasn’t your learning progress reached 100%?

Yun Nai: Wait a minute.

Zhu: ……Now the learning progress is 101%? Can it exceed 100%?

Yun Nai: My goal is 1000%

No misfortune: My Infinite City is heavily guarded, as long as a human comes in, it will be spotted immediately. It is absolutely impossible for the ghost hunter to break through my defenses.

Yun Nai: But I used the technique of change to disguise everyone as ghosts.

No misfortune:! ? ! ? ! ?

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