Ganyu's current situation is equivalent to: a subhuman in human society is naturally alienated.

And in the other world, there are quite a few subhumans?

In the world of subhumans, Asians will naturally not be shunned.

Jing Yuan, these Xianzhou people, were also human beings in the past.

The three major races of Xianzhou are often said: Xianzhou people, fox people and Ming people.

However, only the title of Xianzhou people does not seem to be a clan name, because to some extent, the fox people and Zhiming are also Xianzhou people.

So do the Xianzhou people who have been blessed by the Abundant Star God Medicine Master have their own clan names that can be distinguished from the other two immortal races?

The answer is yes.

According to the special issue of the Xianzhou Luofu Race in the Pam tabloid, the biological classification system of the Xianzhou people in the Star Iron Universe is: primates-hominidae-celestial subspecies.

As a merchant outside the sky, Rakshasa called the Xianzhou people the Xianzhou celestials.

However, it is rare to call himself a celestial nowadays, after all, this thing is closely related to the celestial body given by the medicine man.

Therefore, they prefer to refer to themselves as the Xianzhou people with a neutral meaning, and the word Tianren only exists in the literary decoration and historical inheritance of Xianzhou.

On the contrary, the secret legend of the Medicine King prefers to use celestial beings, such as the two incarnations of the Kuishou Danshu - Cheng Kairen.

The most outrageous thing about Nima!

In the prescription that Danshu gave to Tao De, a scholar of the Polymath Society, the mysterious medicinal material Celestial and Human Golden Branches mentioned was actually the increased product of the Xianzhou people after they fell into the demon yin.

If you don't hunt the Xianzhou people, you can't get it.

Following the wing-makers and the Ming clan, the Xianzhou people have finally become medicinal herbs.

Sure enough, the immortal species couldn't escape the fate of being drugged.



"If you feel tired, my warm embrace can be used as a harbor for you at any time. "

Lu Shu said softly.

Try to keep your tone genuine and caring.

"Thank you, thank you......"

Ganyu's whisper in response was like a whisper, tame like a kitten who has found a place to rest.

Snuggled into Lu Shu's solid chest.

As if it could soothe all worries.

It's just that......


(How dare he?)

(I must be red-faced right now, right?)

Would love to push it away.

But at the bottom of my heart, I was very greedy to enjoy, a moment of peace.

In retrospect, he only helped Ganyu deal with a mountain of jobs and admitted that the two were friends.

This seemingly insignificant act can make Ganyu deeply moved, and tears flickered?

At this moment, Lu Shu was also more convinced that under that strong and independent appearance, Ganyu in his heart was actually a little unicorn who was desperate for love.

So, Lu Shu decided to do his best to fill this gap.

Let her feel the sincere and selfless feelings from her friends.

And then what is lost is sublimated into [love].

Looking at the smooth silky hair on the top of her head, Lu Shuqiang held back and reached out to touch the idea.

After all, the top is made of extremely sensitive corners.

In case you accidentally touch ......

All the work has been lost.

"What's next for you?"

Lu Shu asked.

"Tomorrow, of course, to continue working. "

Ganyu slowly left Lu Shu's embrace, her voice low but with unquestionable determination.

"Otherwise, I'll go and discuss with Ningguang and Keqing, give you a few days off, and let you have a good rest?"

Lu Shu sighed lightly, he was really a workaholic.

"No need, Mr. Lu. I know you're caring about me, but, please allow me to arrange at my own pace, okay?"

At that moment, Ganyu once again regained his sonorous and powerful character.

Lu Shu couldn't refute it for a while, so he could only sigh deeply and respect her choice.

After all, everyone has the right to control their own life, and that's right.

"I see, Ganyu. "

Lu Shu smiled and nodded, deciding not to interfere too much in her space.

After all, Ganyu is a person with that temperament.

I worked as a secretary for so many years.

Ganyu is a principled person.

He is also well aware that overzealous care can sometimes turn into an invisible pressure that can cause distress to others.

"Thank you, Mr. Lu. "

At night, the two sat back to back with each other.

Needless to say, you can feel each other's hearts beating through your backs.

It's hard to put into words.

A tacit understanding, an expectation.

I can't tell the truth.


When it was past the middle of the night, Lu Shu got up and sent Ganyu back to the Moon Sea Pavilion.

Of course, it was still flying back in the form of a unicorn.

It is not so much that he sent Ganyu, but that Ganyu sent him.

After that, I returned to my rented apartment.

It's very close to Mr. Xianyun.

In the early morning, as usual, Lu Shu wanders through the bustling streets of Liyue like a crane wandering through the world.

The atmosphere like in his previous life also made him feel more intimate.

Funingna followed Hu Tao again and ran to Wufu Slope to practice courage.

Liyue Market in the morning light has a unique charm of its own.

Compared to Mondstadt, it adds a bit of the atmosphere of fireworks in the world.

You can see the small vendors sitting casually on the side of the road, and in front of them are all kinds of special snacks.

It's steaming hot and fragrant.

Or a chef wearing a chef's hat and pushing a small truck, shouting loudly while moving steadily, attracting customers with his own food.

"Central Plains offal, delicious and cheap!"

"Preserved egg and lean pork porridge~"

"Freshly cooked xiao long bao!"

The tea house at the corner has also opened the door early, and several regular customers in front of the door are sitting around a table, and the hot tea is tumbling and rising early, and the warmth is warm.

"I heard that the emperor was ...... back then"

Tian Tiezui held an ink folding fan in his hand, pacing back and forth at the door, gushing endlessly.

Although it is an old bottle and a new bottle.

But the regular customers still listened with relish.

The applause of the case is endless.

It's time to pass the time when you're bored.


Lu Shu saw a familiar person again, Zhongli.

This guy.

Come early in the morning to hear people brag about him, how narcissistic are you?

Seeing him, Zhongli Lao Deng also raised the teacup and saluted from afar.

"You're immersed in it, aren't you?"

Lu Shu rolled his eyes.

"Life needs to be savored. "

"If you were in the position of Ganyu, maybe you would make the same choice, right?"

"Abandon the quiet nature, blend into this world, and truly experience this unique picture of life. "

Zhongli smiled and ate breakfast to himself.

Depend on.

This old Deng.

I guess I already knew about his private meeting with Ganyu last night, right?

You also have the face to say this.

I don't do anything anymore.

Throw the hard work to Ganyu's little unicorn with a brain.

I lost ~

"Boss, give me a cage of vegetarian buns and take them away. "

"Don't bring a bit of meat. "

"Dare to give me a meaty one, blow your head off. "

Lu Shu greeted.

"Ahem~, okay, guest officer, rest assured, it's definitely vegan. "

The shopkeeper couldn't laugh or cry.

This one can't seem to be messed with.

Listen to the sound of hawking, the rhythm of the rolling of the pick-up trucks, the bustling crowd and the aroma of various delicacies......

Lu Shu couldn't help but think in his heart.

Are these the things that Ganyu yearns for and longs to touch in the depths of his heart?

The child is packed.

Lu Shu left with the bun and didn't say hello to Zhongli.

Zhongli just glanced at it and didn't say anything.

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Lu Shu came to the Moon Sea Pavilion again.

The morning light is faint, and he carries a basket of steaming vegetarian buns.

Stopped outside the Moon Sea Pavilion and peeked at the busy figure with a little curiosity.

As expected, Ganyu was buried in the case as always, the tip of the pen fluttering on the paper.

Lu Shu was helpless.

Should I praise her for her dedication and dedication?

Shaking his head, he walked straight to Ganyu and handed her the vegetarian bun in his hand.

"Thank you, Mr. Lu. "

Ganyu's nose moved slightly, as if she had smelled the aroma.

When he looked up and saw Lu Shu suddenly appearing next to him, and the bun in his hand, a hint of surprise flashed in his eyes, and he hurriedly took it.

The smile is like a spring breeze.

"I don't need to say thank you, anyway, after I came back yesterday night...... You're not going to get back to work, are you?"

As he spoke, he paced back and forth in Ganyu's office.

Because of his work, Ganyu basically lives here. []

It's like the light dwells in the heavens.

"Hmm. "

Feeling the subtle care, Ganyu smiled suddenly, and lowered his head with a little shyness.

"Actually, I haven't had breakfast yet. "

Hearing this, Lu Shu suddenly straightened his face and pretended to reproach.

"You can't do this, how can you work without breakfast?"

"You know, only by filling your stomach can you have enough energy to cope with heavy work. "

"Don't you understand that?"

It's a pity that Ganyu didn't shake his faith because of the sudden reproach.

Raised his head slightly, his bright eyes stared straight ahead.

The tone was full of determination and confidence.

Because, I think you will definitely come, Mr. Lu. "


Lu Shu was stunned for a moment, and a subtle ripple appeared in his heart.

Is this what it's like to be expected and needed?

"Are you so sure?"

"If I hadn't come, wouldn't you have to go hungry to work?"

Lu Shu asked with a smile, with a bit of playfulness and concern.

"I trust my judgment. "

Ganyu raised his head slightly.

There was a glint of trust in his eyes.

Looking at the confident appearance of the little unicorn, Lu Shu suddenly felt a little funny.

Suddenly he raised his hand.

Both froze for a moment.

Because Lu Shu's hand was on the top of Ganyu's head.

The distance from the sensitive unicorn horn is only less than a centimeter.

Ganyu can even feel the heat transmitted from the corners.

couldn't help but show a hint of panic.

Hurriedly lowered his head and dodged.

His cheeks also quickly turned red, and the top of his head seemed to be steaming with mist.

At the same time, he was even more panicked to put the still hot buns into his small mouth, one bite at a time, one bite at a time.

Because it was a little hot, she shook her head.

I don't know, I thought she drank the syrup.

At this moment, Ningguang suddenly pushed open the door of the office.

"Well, I'll do it. "

Ganyu was stunned for a moment.


"What do you think of me?"

"Is it a bad boss who is crazy about squeezing employees?"

"You have to understand, Ganyu, that you are a man of flesh and blood, not a machine that never stops. "

Ningguang was a little speechless.

Ganyu was speechless for a while, thinking that Ningguang had found out that she was lazy.



"Well, you're ......"

"I'm here to see Mr. Lu. "


Lu Shu was a little stunned.

"Well, I'm done, and I'm leaving. "

"Also, Ganyu, don't wait until your body sends out serious warning signals before you stop and rest!"

"Work is not something that can be done in a day, and it is time to hand over some simple documents to the people around you. "

"You don't have to do it yourself. "

As he spoke, he sighed deeply, and finally chose to compromise.

"Well, since you're so insistent, I don't want to say anything more. "

"Ganyu, we've been working together for a long time, and I really don't want to see you make any mistakes due to overwork, so you must take care of yourself!"

"Uh-huh! I'll remember. "

Ganyu nodded in response.

I hope I remember it.

Ningguang turned and left.

She did come to see Lu Shu.

Originally, I wanted to match Keqing and Lu Shu, but who would have thought that last night Yelan told her that Ganyu turned into a unicorn and flew away with Lu Shu.


After working together for so many years, the two of them have never seen Ganyu change back into the form of a unicorn.

What did Ningguang realize even then?

Lu Shu actually likes Ganyu?

And Ganyu also likes Lu Shu.


It's a shame that Keqing has something to do today, otherwise it would be sad to bump into it.

Seeing the back of Ningguang leaving, the little unicorn felt like a mirror in his heart: "This is the style of Lord Ningguang, it seems to be strict, but in fact it is tender like water." "?

"What about you...... Go ahead and take a break. "

"By the way, tomorrow will probably be the final treatment for Qiqi. "

"Your help may be needed. "

"Maybe there will be some changes, maybe there will be. "

?“ What happened?"

Ganyu was puzzled.

"Seventy-seven will become a god......".

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