Genius Summoner

Chapter 1286: Master’s Power (3)

Chapter 1286: Master’s Power (3)

“What’s this? A talisman?” The black-robed old man also keenly noticed the energy fluctuation that kept spreading out, but this energy fluctuation wasn’t scary at all for him! He was a level-6 God! The few people on the opposite side together weren’t half his match, let alone this small talisman? What a joke!

The black-robed old man burst into laughter. He also jumped and attacked Yun Feng with the dark elements that burst out! “Yun Feng, I’ll take your life!”

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi narrowed their eyes and infused their mental strength into it again. The talisman shook violently in Yun Feng’s hand. “Buzz…” A huge buzzing sound came. The talisman had already left Yun Feng’s hand and was spinning rapidly in the air!

Powerful energy waves spread out of the talisman constantly. The black-robed old man was startled and his heart trembled fiercely. This energy… This energy level couldn’t be…

An aggressive mental energy that was like a raging storm shot out of the talisman, as if the surging waves were about to drown everything! Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi couldn’t help but narrow their eyes and feel the powerful mental strength that made their hearts tremble. Yun Feng was shocked, and so was Qu Lanyi!

“This is… This is… Impossible, impossible!” The black-robed old man’s hoarse roar and the dark elements that filled the sky were directly drowned by this wave-like mental strength! The dark elements were scattered in all directions like scattered sand and instantly collapsed!

“I don’t believe it!” The hoarse roar of the black-robed old man came from afar, followed by a hoarse roar! Everyone was shocked by this sudden scene!

Such powerful mental energy was enough to destroy the world! A level-6 God was destroyed by this energy!

Yun Feng’s heart was shaking. Master, this was Master’s power! She defeated this black-robed old man easily with just a talisman! No wonder Master could have the Dragon Palace. No wonder Master could become the first summoner to contract with a dragon! Only such a master could possibly challenge the so-called Fantastical Beast!

The dark elements in the place where the black-robed old man was located were destroyed. The unusually fierce mental strength also dissipated quickly after the attack. After everything ended, the black-robed old man was already gone!

Mu Canghai narrowed his eyes and stared at a certain spot in the space. “Unfortunately, he ran away. He forcibly tore open the space and escaped. I didn’t expect them to have a certain understanding of the power of space.”

Qu Lanyi snorted in disdain. It was a pity that he didn’t die, but he was lucky to be able to escape. Under the fierce attack just then, he could only escape!

“Ugh!” Yun Feng only felt a bit dizzy. Her eyes darkened and her body went limp, falling completely into Qu Lanyi’s arms!

“Fengfeng!” Qu Lanyi was anxious. He immediately examined her injuries. When he found that the spiritual space in Yun Feng’s body had been completely exhausted, he immediately looked awful! “Elders, Fengfeng’s condition is a bit urgent. We’ll go back immediately!”

The three elders of the Yun family immediately nodded. Everyone landed from the sky. Qu Lanyi held Yun Feng tightly in his arms. Meatball also put aside its grudge and stood on Qu Lanyi’s shoulder worriedly, looking at the unconscious Yun Feng with its big eyes. Even though half of the Yun family’s mansion was destroyed in the fierce battle just then, none of the members of the Yun family was injured.

“Yun Feng!” Yun Xiang was the first to run out. It wasn’t that she didn’t sense the fierce battle just then. Mu Canghai and Qu Lanyi had already gone over to help. Even though she was extremely anxious about Yun Feng in her mind, Yun Xiang knew that she couldn’t help much. She could only help Yun Feng by protecting the remaining members of the Yun family.

“Yun Feng, what’s wrong?” Yun Xiang’s breath tightened when she saw Yun Feng’s pale face. Qu Lanyi didn’t have time to answer her question. He just carried Yun Feng inside in a hurry. He needed a quiet place to heal Fengfeng.

“Great Elder!” The members of the Yun family all walked out one after another. Seeing Yun Feng’s pale and weak appearance, their expressions immediately changed. “Great Elder! Yun Feng will be fine, right?”

“Great Elder, what exactly happened to Yun Feng?”

The members of the Yun family all asked anxiously. Mu Canghai followed Qu Lanyi in in a hurry, while the three elders stayed here to comfort everyone. “Yun Feng is fine. Don’t worry.”

“She just worked too hard and overused her mental strength. It won’t be a problem for her to recover.” The Great Elder’s comfort finally made the members of the Yun family relieved, but they didn’t look relaxed. “Yun Feng was working so hard because she wants to protect us!”

“That’s right! If we weren’t so useless, how would Yun Feng carry so many things alone? We’re the ones who harmed her!”

Everyone in the Yun family blamed themselves one after another. The three elders watched with relief. Yun Feng would definitely feel gratified after hearing this. The people she protected didn’t let her down. Yun Xiang was tense and dark on the side. She was very depressed in her mind. As the most outstanding member of the younger generation of the Yun family, she didn’t help at all and she was very ashamed in her mind.

The Second Elder of the Yun family patted Yun Xiang’s shoulder. “Don’t think too much. The biggest victory is that the Yun family survived such a disaster and everyone is unscathed.”

“That’s right! Whoever wants to hurt the Yun family is dreaming!”

“Yes! That’s right!”

The frustration in Yun Xiang’s heart was swept away. Now wasn’t the time to be frustrated. The Yun family had suffered such a disaster today. There would definitely be even more trouble in the future. The road of the Yun family in the future wouldn’t be smooth! “Great Elder, from today onwards, everyone in the Yun family will work harder to improve their strength and protect the Yun family as soon as possible!”

Everyone agreed with what Yun Xiang said. The three elders of the Yun family nodded with a smile. “The Yun family will go to the Inner Region soon. We’ll recuperate during this period of time. As for the others, they won’t dare to cause trouble for the Yun family easily! Alright, you can go back first!”

What the Great Elder said gave everyone confidence. After the members of the Yun family dispersed, the three elders of the Yun family stood there silently. The three of them looked at each other and thought of the talisman Yun Feng took out just then. “The level of mental strength released by that talisman…”

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