Everyone’s job change: I transform into a taboo plundering god

Everyone’s job change: I transform into a taboo plundering god


77 Chapters Ongoing Status


Invincible + upgrade + unlimited plunder + ten consecutive SSS-level talents.

In the year 2025 of the lunar calendar, the virtual online game God's Domain merged with reality, bringing nine major professional systems and endless monsters. All Blue Stars entered the era of universal job transfer. Everyone can continuously change jobs and become stronger by killing monsters and leveling up.

In the year 299 of the New Calendar, on the eve of the arrival of the third wave of magic, Qin Feng transferred to the cosmic forbidden profession Scarlet Hunter and obtained the Scarlet Throne, a cosmic forbidden level talent tree.

At the beginning of the job change, unlock the endless plunder of original talents: plunder extraordinary genes, analyze and reconstruct them, and obtain talents, professions, and skills.

Using endless plunder to obtain extraordinary genes, Qin Feng can unlock the branch talents of the Scarlet Throne:

God-killing power: Ignore defense, real damage!

Power of All Phases: Each time you obtain a super gene, all attributes will be +10!

Bloodthirsty Scarlet: For every 1% drop in health, all attributes increase by 10 times!

Immortal body, immortal soul, shadow refraction, endless amplification, endless entries, time and space dominance...


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