Escape Game: I Awakened Survival Simulator

Escape Game: I Awakened Survival Simulator


333 Chapters Ongoing Status


The global escape game is here.

The clown with a fire axe hiding in the dark corner, the terrifying smirk of the chainsaw killer in the next room, in the pond… Jason the masked killer who disappeared without a trace, the swarming zombie frenzy…

And what the player has to do is to do everything possible to escape in these dangerous dungeons.

And Li Yan, after crossing over, awakened the survival simulator, which can simulate the process of escaping the copy.

“You were killed with an axe by the clown hiding in the corner…”

“The simulation is over, you work hard and you gain talent – your power is infinite”

“You killed the clown hiding in the corner with one punch…”

“And taking his fire axe, he ran to the next door and beat the chainsaw killer.”

“The Chainsaw Killer has become your horse boy”

One minute on stage, ten years off stage…

after numerous simulations.

Li Yan found out that it was these dungeon NPCs who should really escape…

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