Entertainment: Please be human, we are black fans

Entertainment: Please be human, we are black fans


133 Chapters Ongoing Status


Leng Chao, who had just become a top-notch in the entertainment industry in his previous life.

Unfortunately, she became a small artist who was about to be banned in Longguo.

Face sky-high liquidated damages.

The black powder is overwhelming the Internet storm.

and various door-to-door threats.

Leng Chao decided to turn black fans into resources.


Black fan: Leng Chao insulted passers-by, please block it from relevant departments;

Leng Chao: Nonsense, I just made a collection of famous quotes from famous people.

Black fan: Sending blades to Leng Chao will mess with his mentality.

Leng Chao: Thanks to your blades, the liquidated damages are settled now.

Black fan: Send him Ming coins, and make him mad.

Leng Chao: I just don’t have the money to promote the album, so the publicity effect of using your coins is great.

Black powder:  …

Gradually, the black fans realized something was wrong.

Why every time Hei Lengchao, he is crazy on the hot search to increase followers?


When they don’t want to hack, Leng Chao will still fish and enforce the law?

“Leng Chao, please be yourself!”

The black fans finally understand that they have always been the ones being tricked.


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