They were eager to say something!!

But one by one, their throats seemed to be blocked by something.

I can't say even a complete word!!

Look at Qin Feng.

Look at the mountains.

Look at Qin Feng again!

Look at the mountains again!

The folks turned into a group rattle.

I waited for a long time.

Qin Feng, who maintained the posture of hugging heaven and earth at the end of the end, was a little speechless!

What about applause?

What about cheers?

What about admiration?

Don't be stunned, guys!

My hands and shoulders are sore!

It looks like it.

Qin Feng estimated that no one would stand up and speak first.

Quietly kicked the tiger Tutu with his toes.

This unusually intelligent Siberian tiger immediately understood!

"Whew" in a voice!

The roar that shook the mountains and forests.

The big and small animals that looked at the ancestral tomb of Qinjiatun on Woniu Mountain were all scared away.

After a burst of chickens and dogs.

Woniu Mountain once again returned to its former calm.

And the villagers finally got back their speaking skills!!

"God! God, really God!!"

"Spell! Xiaofeng, this must be a spell!!"

"All the living creatures in the mountains have come out! Even the hibernating snakes have come out! This horse is not a family fairy, what is it that really manifests its spirits????"

"I've lived for more than 60 years, and it's the first time I've seen so many animals come out like this!!"

"Brother and sister-in-law, I seem to have heard my grandmother talking to me just now!"

"Yes, I also listen to my dad calling me !!."

"I heard my grandfather say that the paper money burned is enough!"

"Xiao Feng just specified that the ancestors and ancestors possessed these animals, and came to see us!!"

"Xiaofeng has become an immortal!!"

The more the villagers talked, the more excited they became.

It seemed that Qin Feng would feather and ascend to immortal in the next second.

One by one, they came to Qin Feng's side.

The little hand that was not very clean greeted Qin Feng.

Everyone wanted to get a touch of Qin Feng's immortal energy!!

[Really, fake, Brother Feng really knows how to spell?]

[Impossible, right? Brother Feng is handsome and talented for 100 million points, how can there be any mysterious spells?]

[Can you explain to me the scene just now? What else could it be if it wasn't a spell?]

[Do you say that Brother Feng will tell us that everyone should believe in science, and then with a whoosh, the whole person will turn into a streamer and disappear?]


[ifeng gathers !! let Brother Feng teach us spells!!]

[I originally guessed that Brother Feng was not human! Now it seems that Brother Feng is really not human!!]

Watching everyone's reaction become more and more outrageous.

Qin Feng suddenly regretted that he had to pretend to be such a big comparison!!

Gently push away the villagers who are rubbing their hands on themselves.

Qin Feng opened his mouth and said, "Let's calm down!!"

"Calm down, everyone!!"

"I don't know any spells, and I can't be an immortal!"

"Calm down, everyone!!"

Qin Shouzhuang, who almost put his hand on Qin Feng's face, was full of disbelief: "Xiaofeng, don't be modest!"

"If you don't know how to do immortal arts, how can so many animals come out?"

"I feel it! A stupid roe deer on the mountain just now is my grandmother! She asked me to burn two more quilts for her!"

Qin Shouzhuang shouted.

The other villagers were even more energetic: "Yes, yes, yes!"

"Uncle Shouzhuang is right! I feel the same way as him!"

"Xiaofeng, you are good everywhere, but you are too modest!!"

"That's right, the one that came up yesterday night."

I heard someone want to talk about the dragon soaring fireworks on the night yesterday.

Qin Feng instantly broke out in a cold sweat.

If the emotional folks come to something like "the reincarnation of the real dragon" and "going to ascend the throne".

That's not going to live???

Didn't even think about it.

Qin Feng directly shouted in the loudest voice: "Everyone be quiet!! be quiet!! quiet"

"Listen to me!! listen to me!!"

Qin Feng's current physical fitness is a little superman.

A voice roaring with all his might.

Naturally, it is also big and amazing!

Hundreds of villagers were noisy.

In an instant, he was covered by himself!!

Take advantage of the stunned efforts of the villagers.

Qin Feng hurriedly continued: "Everyone, don't speculate!"

"What I performed just now is the most primitive and authentic dancing god!"

"The great god of dancing was used for sacrifices at the beginning, and later it was the charlatans who recited the scriptures crookedly, and it developed into the crooked ways of exorcising evil spirits and seeing a doctor!"

"As for what is the Jumping God?"

"In fact, it is to imitate the sounds and movements of various wild animals in our northeast. "

"The unique rhythm and dance movements attract the animals to come out and watch the ........."

"Earlier, jumping gods could also be seen as an aid to hunting!" (read violent novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

"I just said that the dancing god can let the ancestors come out to see everyone and talk to everyone, in fact, it's just a joke!"

"Don't think about it, everyone!"

"I'm just an ordinary person, I can't do magic!!!

Qin Feng's voice was very loud.

After shouting these few times.

Even he felt a little strained.

[Why don't I believe it like that?]

[Although what Brother Feng said is reasonable, it really doesn't make people happy!]

[Let's think about how Brother Feng tamed Tutu, it can't be a bloodline like a druid, right?]

[Don't touch porcelain with the shallow magical worldview of the West, thank you!]

[That's it!If you really want to say it, the shaman related to the dancing god can gauze the Western magic system, is it good?]

[Don't talk about any magic, now it's a topic of whether Brother Feng is personal or not!]

Many viewers in the live broadcast room didn't believe that Qin Feng was still a person!

At this moment.

He Ling in the studio really didn't know what to say.

On the one hand.

He knew that feudal superstition must not be promoted.

But on the other hand.

Qin Feng's performance is really amazing!

Just now, there were animals all over the mountains and fields on Woniu Mountain. []

Who is not confused by this???

He Ling looked at Qin Feng, who was sweating profusely.

Suddenly I was a little worried about how he would end up!4.2!!

Qin Feng's CPU frenzied overclocking.

Search your brain for all the ways you can calm the current rhythm.

But what he never expected was!

A few words from Niu Sanye!

Let the folks be quiet in an instant!

"Attention everyone!"

"There are some things that he can't say too clearly, understand?"

"He can't say, we can't ask, do you understand, everyone???"


The folks fell into an eerie silence.

Look at me, everyone.

I'll look at you.

In everyone's eyes, there is a look of "I see" and "I am abrupt".

After eye contact.

Everyone looked at Qin Feng in unison.

Looking at the faces full of the words "I understand".

Qin Feng really couldn't laugh or cry!!。

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