“Is this Parthia’s characteristic too crystallization? Shanado, use the Shadow Ball! ”


“And Shanadot also immediately gathered a shadow ball on his chest, although it was a non-native ghost system skill, but it easily suppressed the three-headed dragon’s cannon light cannon.”

“Shadow ball, the steel system does not resist the ghost system!”

Xiao Zhu said with a headache,

“Even the cannon light cannon whose power became the main system after the Tai Crystallization was easily neutralized, the strength of this Shanaiduo is much stronger than Senior Sister Nimo’s!”

Thinking of this, Xiao Zhu also immediately changed his tactics, and if he couldn’t fight in the frontal battlefield, he would consume Shanaiduo with the advantage of the three-headed dragon race value.

“Three-headed dragon, Taijing burst!”


The three-headed dragon said, and also gathered energy and launched a huge metal ball on the ground, and the metal ball also exploded immediately, turning into nails all over the field.

“Three-headed dragon, the power of the earth!”

Subsequently, the three-headed dragon also used the power of the earth in the direction of Shanaiduo, and with the vibration of the ground, steel nails also flew up from all directions and smashed towards Shanado.

“Suppress my Shanaido by changing the environment?”

Kalu Nai also saw through Xiao Zhu’s thoughts. Shanado, use spiritual strength! ”


“The powerful superpower was released from Shanado, and the steel nail that smashed towards him directly stopped and levitated in the air.”

This is the time! Three-headed dragon, Mega Evolution!

“Xiao Zhu also pressed the keystone on his Mega bracelet.”


“The three-headed dragon is also followed by Mega evolution.”

Use sludge waves!


“The three-headed dragon also used a sludge wave, and hit the body of Shanaiduo, who was controlling the steel nail with mental strength”


“And Shanado, who was restrained by the poison line as a goblin line, also made a cry of pain after being injured.”

Use steel wings next!


“After evolution, the three-headed dragon also gained an absolute advantage in speed, and also immediately hardened its wings and hit Shanaiduo, who had weak physical defense, at a very fast speed.”


Shanaido was also repelled by Steel Wings.

Using the three-headed dragon’s super-evolved poison system and the steel system of too crystallized is undoubtedly the most terrifying means for the goblin system!

“Dr. Bratano also understands Xiao Zhu’s style of play.”

“Oh, is this your Mega three-headed dragon? The combination between fierce poison and steel is indeed the complete destruction of my Shanaido! It seems that you have to use the right thing! ”

“Karunai said, and also pressed the keystone of the necklace he was hanging.”


“Shanaidor then also evolved into a queen-like posture.”

Xiao Zhu player also successfully forced out Shanado’s super evolution, it seems that Miss Karunai is planning to move the real thing!

“Shanado, use the trick space!”


Shanaido also used the trick space to find a speed advantage, and the three-headed dragon that was originally as fast as lightning is now slow to death in Sha Naiduo’s eyes.

“I won, General!”

And Mega Shanaido also flew directly behind the three-headed dragon at high speed,

“Use the treble!”


Shanaido also immediately used a high-powered treble, and due to the characteristics of Mega Shanado, the influence of the goblin skin, this general big move also became the skill of the goblin department, and directly hit the three-headed dragon who had no time to dodge.


Although the three-headed dragon of the Taijing Steel System resisted the Goblin System, it was still hit to the ground by a blow, lifting the Taijing state and Mega Evolution, losing the ability to fight, and falling to the ground.

“It’s really worthy of being Miss Karunai’s trump card, Mega Shanaido killed Xiaozhu’s Mega three-headed dragon with one blow.”

“Three-headed dragon, you’ve done a great job!”

Xiao Zhu also walked next to the three-headed dragon who was incapacitated and sad, comforted the three-headed dragon, although he obtained the powerful Mega evolution and the power of too crystalline, but it seems that Xiao Zhu and it are still a lot worse than the champion.


The three-headed dragon looked at Mega Shanaido without admitting defeat, clearly gaining the power of both poison and steel, but still lost to the goblin line that he was most afraid of and hated.

“What a powerful Shanado! I collected a lot of information about this battle! ”

Dr. Buratano was also excited to calculate Mega Shanado’s data.

“Did Xiao Zhu and the three-headed dragon lose like that?”

Serena also looked at the three-headed dragon and Xiao Zhu with some worry, it was clear that Xiao Zhu and the three-headed dragon had easily defeated two Mega evolved Pokémon before, but they were killed by one blow.

“Xiao Zhu, you and your three-headed dragon are indeed very good, if there is no Mega evolution, in your poison and steel attack”

Under the strangulation, my Shanaido may lose!

“And Miss Karunai also walked to the side of Xiao Zhu and the three-headed dragon and appreciated Xiao Zhu’s tactics.”

“Whatever, Miss Karunai, it’s my skill that is inferior, originally I thought that the three-headed dragon could at least survive the magic space, but it turned out that Miss Karunai, your Shanaido is actually so powerful!”

After Xiao Zhu took back the three-headed dragon, he also shook hands with Miss Karunai.

“Xiao Zhu, you really were able to force out Miss Karunai’s Mega Shanado! I have collected so much valuable information. ”

“Eh, I have already done the environment of the poison system and the steel system, as long as I use a sludge bomb and add steel nails, I can turn the field into an environment for slaughtering the goblin system, and as a result, a trick space ends everything!”

And Xiao Zhu is still replaying the battle with Miss Karunai, how could he not have imagined that the level gap was so large, and he could actually kill the three-headed dragon of Taijing Steel Mega who resisted the goblin line with one blow, and this battle also made Xiao Zhu understand the gap between himself and the champion.

“Alright, Xiao Zhu!”

Serena handed a bottle of juice milk to Xiao Zhu,

“You’re still going to teach me to fight! Just lose a game, and lose is still the champion, don’t doubt yourself! ”

“Yes, too!”

“Looking at Serena’s sweet smile, Xiao Zhu also calmed down a little, victory is indeed a common thing.”

“Okay, it’s time to go! Xiao Zhu, we still have to challenge the Luo Taoist Hall! ”

Serena also took Xiao Zhu’s hand.

“Okay, it’s time to start again, goodbye Doctor!”

Xiao Zhu also took Serena’s hand and left the town of Binek and went to the town of Binek, where the next dojo is located.

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