Eight Hills in the Eastern Jin Dynasty

Eight Hills in the Eastern Jin Dynasty


5335 Chapters Ongoing Status


The wheel of history rolls through the magnificent Three Kingdoms era, and the Central Plains ushered in a century of peace that has not been met. People think that the prosperity is coming, but no one expected it, but a millennium that the Han people will never face. nightmare.

Yongjia is in chaos, five chaos in China, the Central Plains, tigers and wolves rampage, alien barbaric kings, and beasts eat cannibals! The Han people in the north are constantly being killed, and the children of Huaxia wail in the pool of blood.

The Han people, who were not willing to be slaves, went south and rebuilt the Eastern Jin Dynasty in the land of Jiangdong. Since the beginning of the ancestors, the Han troops have been out of Jiangnan in the past 100 years, and the Central Plains have been cut down. Don’t bury loyal bones everywhere?

Fortunately, the Han people, as well as Liu Jinu, will use his blood to scream the strongest voice of this era: Han and Hu are not mutually exclusive, and Wang Ye is not partial!

Welcome to the era of Jinge iron horse with this book, swallowing thousands of miles.


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