After the sourness passed, the surprise gradually filled my heart.

Yu Mian realized belatedly that the idol's fiancée seemed to be her current self.

She felt in a trance that everything that happened after waking up was like a dream, and reality was filled with illusion.

Waiting anxiously, Yu Mian had imagined countless times in her mind, what to do when meeting her idol, what kind of performance she should have, she was a little absent-minded all morning.

As a result, the person who was supposed to come to visit did not arrive until the doctor finished her examination and issued a discharge certificate.

While feeling lost, Yu Mian breathed a sigh of relief. Faced with an idol that has been admired for a long time, no one will be nervous, and she is no exception.

She never thought that there would be a day when she would meet Lin Jianshen. All along, she had been silently guarding him, accompanied him silently, and never made unnecessary fantasies.

Lin Jianshen is not just an idol to her, he is also the belief in her life, the pillar of her life, and the bright light that needs to be looked up.

This sounds like a second class, but there is no exaggeration in the slightest.

Thinking of the original relationship with Lin Jianshen, Yu Mian fell into a long memory and was in a daze.

"The patient's vital signs are stable, and there is no major physical problem. It is enough to pay attention to the diet and ensure the intake of nutrients." The doctor flipped through the examination data, glanced at Yu Mian, and muttered in a low voice, "It is also called Yu Mian. sleep?"

The sound was so small that Yu's father and mother, who were also listening, didn't pay attention, but Yu Mian's whole body trembled, and he suddenly woke up.

"Doctor, you just said that your name is also Yu Mian?" She stared at the doctor closely, suppressed the ups and downs of her heart, and asked cautiously, "Is there another Yu Mian?"

Originally, I was just talking to myself casually, but I didn't expect to be overheard. The hospital stipulates that patients' privacy should not be revealed at will. The doctor pushed his glasses and said a few words: "Yeah, Yu Mian also came to the hospital yesterday. A little girl about your age."

The guess in her heart was confirmed, and Yu Mian was struck by lightning for a moment.

Maybe it was because the violent impact and pain were too deep, subconsciously, she always felt that she would definitely die in that tragic car accident, so she was only shocked for a while even when faced with such a bizarre thing as crossing.

After learning about Yu Mianmian's identity and the impact of meeting her idol, Yu Mian's thoughts became dull under multiple stimuli, so that she didn't have time to inquire about her own condition.

Now that she suddenly heard the news about herself, Yu Mian couldn't help thinking, since she can wake up on Yu Mianmian, is it possible that Yu Mianmian will become Yu Mian?

Thinking of this, Yu Mian rushed to the doctor and asked anxiously, "Doctor, did the Yu Mian you mentioned get into a car accident?"

The doctor looked at her in surprise, and Yu's father and Yu's mother also looked surprised, as if they couldn't understand the excitement she was showing at the moment.

Sensing the strange eyes of several people, Yu Mian suddenly woke up, she is Yu Mianmian now, there is no intersection between Yu Mianmian and Yu Mian, and it is impossible for her to know each other, she shouldn't pay so much attention to each other.

She fumbled and found a reason at random: "I, I heard from the nurse that there was a person with the same name as me who had a car accident... I think we are related to her, so I want to ask."

Since she already knew, there was nothing to hide.

The doctor nodded and said, "Yu Mian did have a car accident. She was a patient transferred from a lower-level district hospital. Because her condition was too critical, she was transferred to our hospital for treatment."

Yu Mian listened intently, her heart was pounding, she looked at the doctor expectantly and said, "Then how is she doing now?"

In her original body, there is likely to be Yu Mianmian's soul, and she sincerely hopes that she can be safe. Maybe after they are out of danger, they have a chance to change back?

Although Yu Mianmian has parents who love her, a wealthy family background, and Yu Mian's idol as her fiancé, her life seems to be perfect. But it is precisely because she has so many good things that Yu Mian is even more afraid to possess them.

If he only sees good things in others and greedily tries to take them for himself, what kind of character does such a person have?

The education she received since she was a child told Yu Mian that people should repay their kindness with gratitude, stick to their bottom line, and strive for what they want instead of waiting for something for nothing.

Parents, family members, and fiance, all belong to Yu Mianmian, and have nothing to do with Yu Mian, who was an orphan since childhood. Before, she thought that Yu Mianmian had already passed away, but if Yu Mianmian was still alive, seeing her body being taken by others, how sad and desperate would she be?

Yu Mian thinks that she can't accept this joke of fate with peace of mind. In a short period of time, she has already figured out that if Yu Mianmian really becomes her, she will take the initiative to explain the situation to Yu's father and mother. Judging from what they said, it's no big deal to go back to the original life at most.

The girl's eyes filled with anticipation were like glass beads under a lamp, crystal clear and shining with bits and pieces of light.

The doctor was stared at by her. He didn't intend to say anything at first, but in the end his heart softened, and he sighed softly: "The little girl has been rescued all night, but she still can't be rescued."


Yu Mian was stunned, as if unable to recover, Mu Leng Leng opened his mouth and uttered two dry syllables: "Dead?"

I don't know if I said too much, or I was afraid that Yu Mian would ask again, the doctor cleared his throat, turned to the Yu's parents and said, "The patient's family will come with me to the doctor's office, and I have some things to note, by the way, let the little girl Finished the discharge procedure."

"Okay, Mianmian, you wait here, Mom and Dad will come right away, and we'll go home later."

Yu's father and Yu's mother left with the doctor, and the room returned to silence. Yu Mian sat blankly for a while, then got up suddenly and walked out of the ward.

As if she was unconscious, she walked mechanically to the nurse's station, her delicate little face was filled with blank calm.

There are many nurses working behind the nurse station. She supported the front desk and asked the nearest nurse: "Sister, do you know where Yu Mian is?"

Because of her outstanding appearance, the nurse recognized her at a glance, and said with a smile, "Yu Mian? Little sister, aren't you yourself?"

Yu Mian shook her head seriously, and said, "No, my name is Yu Mian, and I'm asking about Yu Mian."

Yu Mianmian and Yu Mian seem to have the same name, but they are actually two completely different people. But in this world, who can know?

The nurse checked the list of patients, shook her head and said, "We don't have Yu Mian here, did you find the wrong department?"

Yu Mian froze for a moment, the internal medicine department where she lives now, if it was a car accident, it would probably be admitted to the surgery department, she thanked the nurse softly, and planned to go to the surgery department.

At this time, another nurse came over and asked Yu Mian, "Is the Yu Mian you are looking for the one in the car accident?"

Seeing Yu Mian looking towards her, she said: "Then you can't find her. She was sent here urgently last night, but the rescue failed this morning. The hospital has not contacted her family. Let's go to the morgue."

Yu Mianan listened quietly, and when the nurse finished speaking, she was silent for a few seconds and asked softly, "Can I go and see her?"

"You are not related to her, so you cannot enter the morgue."

"Then... what will happen to her if no one comes to take her away?"

"I don't know about this. If you are concerned, you can ask about it..."

In front of the nurse's station where people come and go, the girl has clean eyebrows, a pair of dark and moist eyes, a layer of water mist slowly emerges, the water mist gathers into transparent water droplets, and large ones roll out from the eye sockets, flowing along the white skin. cheeks, down to the pointy chin.

"I'm sorry, thank you." Realizing her gaffe, the girl pursed her lips and thanked politely, then quickly turned and left the nurse's station.

Yu Mian lowered her head, her eyes were blurred by tears, she didn't understand why she was crying, she just felt her heart was being squeezed tightly, almost suffocating.

She thought about it, maybe Yu Mianmian had a chance to live, but the rescue failed, and she died completely.

But in the final analysis, to Yu Mian, Yu Mianmian is just a stranger who has never met before, and she is a little sad at best. What really made her sad was the farewell to the past and the nurse's words "no family".

Because she had no family, no one came to help her with the formalities. After her death, she could only be sent to the mortuary and stored in a cold, dark cabinet.

Alone in life, no one knows after death.

Yu Mian walked forward aimlessly, without paying attention to the road, until a shadow suddenly cast in front of her eyes, Yu Mian couldn't react in time, and bumped into it.

She staggered and took a step back. She was about to fall when a hand suddenly reached out from the side and held her arm loosely. Once she stood still, she immediately let go and took it back.

Yu Mian raised her head in panic, looking up at the person she bumped into.

The man is tall and has long legs, wearing a long black windbreaker and slacks of the same color. The windbreaker is open, and the white shirt inside is ironed and smooth, without any wrinkles. He lowered his head slightly, his eyes fell slightly on her face, silently.

There were tears in Yu Mian's eyes, he didn't see the man's face clearly, only vaguely saw that the man seemed to frowned slightly, and soon his face returned to expressionless, he walked straight to the side of the ward, pushed away room door.

"Come in first." He said, his voice was deep and a little hoarse.

The sound is unique, or rather, sexy, and it tickles the ears.

Yu Mian blinked, blinked away the tears in her eyes, and her vision became clear again. At this time, the other party had turned around, and she only saw the man's tall and straight back, disappearing behind the door of the ward.

She turned her head to look at the house number next to the door, and there was no mistake, Room 713 was her ward. Yu Mian didn't recognize the person, but the other person should know her, and the tone didn't sound like a stranger.

Although it inherited the original body's memories, these memories are like folders, which need to be triggered by related things before they can be extracted from Yu Mian's brain. I don't know who came this time.

Yu Mian followed into the ward, turned around and closed the door, took the opportunity to rub her eyes, so as not to look so embarrassed, then turned her head and looked at the person on the sofa.

In the next second, her movements stopped suddenly, and there was a "hum" in her mind, and it went blank for an instant. She froze on the spot, and even her breathing unconsciously stagnated.

"What are you doing standing there?"

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