After eating a bowl of porridge, my stomach felt warm immediately, and my limbs and bones warmed up. In this short period of time, Yu Mian also had initial contact with Yu's parents.

After all, she is not the original body, even if she inherits the memory of the original body, Yu Mian can't play her well. Besides, she didn't want to play someone else, if she didn't live freely, she would rather die in that car accident.

So from the beginning to the end, she has been using her own attitude to get along with Yu's father and Yu's mother.

Her changes are too obvious, and the Yu family's parents are not without doubts, but such things as time travel are too outrageous, and most people would never think of them. They only think that she had an accident, and they became sensible after having the fear.

To put it in a reasonable way, it is that the temperament changes greatly after being stimulated.

The beloved little daughter finally looked like a caring little padded jacket, Madam Yu was very touched, she asked Yu Mian how warm she was, afraid that she was not feeling well, her smiling face almost turned into a flower.

Yu's father played the image of a strict father, and said earnestly: "After you are discharged from the hospital this time, you can go home with me, and you are not allowed to live outside. Your mother has already asked someone to clean up your room. Let me tell you , I shouldn't have let you go out in the first place, and I couldn't even take good care of my own body."

Yu Mian has no objection to this, the original body has a bad relationship with her parents, moved out of the house two months ago, and usually lives outside alone. Different from the original body, Yu Mian is extremely eager for the family. Hearing what Yu's father said, he obediently agreed.

"Okay, Dad."

Seeing that she didn't resist her arrangement as before, and nodded obediently, Father Yu nodded in relief.

"I'll let the doctor check it out for you later, and we'll go home if there's nothing wrong with it."

Madam Yu also said: "The conditions in the hospital are not good. Let's go home to recuperate. I'll take a leave of absence from Mianmian School to relax. By the way, Mianmian, how about mommy taking you to Mengsha Island for vacation?"

The topic changed too quickly, Yu Mian didn't react immediately, and said "ah" in doubt: "Mengsha Island?"

Mengsha Island is an island belonging to country m. It is located in the tropics. The climate is warm and comfortable all year round. The natural scenery on the island is unique, so it was developed as a vacation spot and receives countless tourists from all over the world every year.

Due to the excellent environmental conditions and the high fees, Yu Mian has only seen photos of Mengsha Island posted by others on the Internet, but she has never been there.

Madam Yu blinked at Yu Mian, and said with a smile, "Don't you like Chu Yan very much? Mom asked you specifically that next week Chu Yan is going to Mengsha Island to shoot commercials, we can go there first, and then we have a chance encounter and ask for an autograph What."

As soon as the name Chu Yan came out, a series of related memories immediately popped up in Yu Mian's mind. Neither Yu Mian nor the current Yu Mian was familiar with Chu Yan.

Chu Yan is a well-known entertainer. He debuted as a singer for two years. With his handsome appearance and singing and dancing skills, he has captivated thousands of girls. In two years, he quickly gained 80 million followers. He is the hottest idol star in the entertainment industry today. one.

The original body was one of the thousands of girls who were fascinated by him, one of the brain-dead fans, just because someone said to her, "You are so fat that you don't deserve to be a fan of Yan Yan", she lost weight and went on a hunger strike crazily, so that she passed out Into the hospital.

But... the idol that Yuan Yi had been obsessed with until now is the person Yu Mian hates the most in the entire entertainment circle.

Because Yu Mian also has an idol, and Chu Yan is her idol's opponent, the two fans have had a feud, and they are often torn apart.

Yu Mian's idol is named Lin Jianshen. Unlike the high-profile Chu Yan, Lin Jianshen behaves in a low-key and introverted manner. Apart from filming, he rarely participates in other activities.

He is dedicated to his work and has silently produced many excellent works. Not long ago his new movie was released, and he won the Best Actor Award and the Best Actor trophy at the Golden Ouija Award in one fell swoop.

It stands to reason that Lin Jianshen is a truly capable actor, and he shouldn't have had anything to do with traffic star Chu Yan. But it can't help that Chu Yan has a group of brainless fans, young and brainless, their love for idols is so crazy that they are almost irrational.

Chu Yan participated in the filming of a movie half a year ago. Fans heard that their idol was going to make a movie, and they spread the word on the Internet one by one. When the cast members were announced, they found that Chu Yan only acted in the film. The cannon fodder male No. 3 was not at all the male protagonist they had expected.

That's right, Lin Jianshen is the leading actor. Lin Jianshen has worked in the entertainment industry for many years, and it is more than enough to play a male lead. But in the eyes of Chu Yan's fans, his idol is the best in the world, and it's not a male lead, someone must have robbed him of the show!

Just like that, a great battle kicked off. Chu Yan's fans attacked Lin Jianshen and asked him to give up the role to Chu Yan. Lin Jianshen has been filming for so many years. Although he is so low-key that it is outrageous, the popularity he has accumulated due to his outstanding appearance and excellent acting skills is incomparable to Chu Yan.

His fans are basically old fans for many years. They usually look Buddhist, but they are not afraid in the face of crisis. The fans had strong fighting power and high cohesion, led by the fans, they tore back aggressively.

In the end, he won as a matter of course. Chu Yan's fans were generally young, like a mess of loose sand, defeated by an organized counterattack.

During this period, even though the two protagonists never made a positive statement, and they lived peacefully until the end of the filming, as if they were unaware of the turmoil in the outside world, but the relationship between the two fans was settled.

As a senior fan of Lin Jianshen, Yu Mian also participated in that "war". Compared with most people who don't know, she knows more about the inside story. In fact, the battle for the male lead was not just a hot topic among fans.

In the first screen show after transforming from a singer, Chu Yan really wanted to compete for the male lead, but the director disagreed, and he had no other choice. So he came up with such a trick, secretly signaling to his fans, hoping to use public opinion to put pressure on the director to change his mind.

As a result, as mentioned above, the bamboo basket fetched water in vain.

When the film was released later, Chu Yan's performance in the play was mediocre, he had no acting skills at all, he would just stare blankly, and when he played opposite Lin Jianshen in the same frame, the gap between the two became more apparent. It was a joke, and the comparison video between Lin Jianshen and him is still circulating on the Internet.

Mrs. Yu's "Chu Yan" sounded like a switch, turning on the memory left by the original body. Yu Mian never thought that she and the original body would fall in love with two celebrities who were completely at odds with each other.

Yu Mian shook her head without hesitation, and said firmly, "Mom, I don't want to go to Mengsha Island."

Madam Yu was surprised. She knew how much her daughter was obsessed with Chu Yan. In the past, if she heard the news, she would definitely get on the plane and fly to Mengsha Island immediately. How did it change this time?

"What's the matter, Mianmian, don't you like Chu Yan the most?"

Yu Mian said seriously: "Mom, I don't like him now."

She silently added in her heart, I'm sorry Yu Mianmian, although it's not good to use your body to chase the opponent, but I will definitely not change idols.

Dad Yu, who was listening, said with satisfaction: "Yes, Mianmian is sensible now. Dad has already said that you should not chase after stars. The entertainment industry is a mess. Small stars like Chu Yan have no real skills, and they will only make money for you." Little girl's money."

Madam Yu followed suit and said, "Your father is right. Celebrities always show their glamorous side. No one can say for sure what they really look like behind the scenes."

The parents' concern warmed Yu Mian's heart, and she said in relief, "Mom and Dad, if I like it, I won't like Chu Yan, so don't worry."

Seeing that her daughter had finally "turned back to good", Mrs. Yu was extremely happy. Under the excitement, she blurted out: "There are so many celebrities in the entertainment circle, if you want to like Mianmian, you can try to like Lin Jianshen."

Yu Mian's eyes widened instantly, and she looked at her in surprise, her heart pounding in her throat.

Did mom find something?

Immediately afterwards, Papa Yu also said: "It's really good to see deep."

Yu Mian breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that Yu's father and Yu mother were just fans of Lin Jianshen. After all, Lin Jianshen had played too many classic roles, ranging from fifty-year-old women to five-year-old children. fan.

Hearing others praise her idol, Yu Mian was happier than being praised herself. She couldn't help but frown, and agreed in a low voice: "I also think he is very good..."

Hearing what she said, Yu's parents looked at each other with subtle eyes.

Yu Mian didn't understand, just feeling strange, Yu's father tentatively said: "Jian Shen called me just now and said that he will come to visit you later, do you want to meet? If you don't see me, Dad will help you refuse."

"Wait," Yu Mian was stunned for a second, she wondered if she had auditory hallucinations, otherwise how could she have heard Yu's father say that Lin Jianshen would come to see her?

"Father, why did Lin Jianshen come to see me?"

Madam Yu explained with a smile: "Mianmian, he is your fiancé, you are sick and in the hospital, he should come to visit you."

With a loud "boom", a firework exploded in Yu Mian's mind. At the same time, she also struggled to find a few small fragments that had been forgotten in the corner from Yu Mianmian's memory.

Just two months ago, Yu's father and Lin Jianshen carried out a business cooperation. In order to successfully complete the cooperation, the two reached a marriage intention, and Yu Mianmian and Lin Jianshen became a fiancée.

At that time, Yu Mianmian didn't have anyone she liked, so out of some vanity of a little girl, she agreed to her father's proposal.

But who would have guessed that not long after she got engaged, Yu Mianmian fell madly in love with the idol star Chu Yan. After being popularized about the grievances between Lin Jianshen and her idol, she became extremely disgusted with Lin Jianshen, who overwhelmed her idol. , Even asked for the dissolution of the engagement several times.

The cooperation has not yet been completed, and if the engagement is terminated at this time, everything will fall short.

Yu's father rejected her request, which made Yu Mianmian resent her parents even more, and the relationship between them became more and more rigid. Afterwards, Yu Mianmian moved out of the house alone, and did not see her parents much until this hospitalization.

Yu Mian blinked slowly, half of her soul was blown away by this "surprise" that fell from the sky.

Madam Yu is still persuading: "Mianmian, Jianshen kindly came to see you, you can't be rude and drive him away."

Yu Mian couldn't listen to anything, her eyes were blank, her lips were slightly opened, and she was in an extremely unbelievable state.

In a car accident that she thought she was going to die, in the end she narrowly escaped from death and survived, and inexplicably turned into another person, who was even the fiancée of her idol! ?

When the soul flew out of the sky, the first thought that came to Yu Mian's heart was not joy, but a slight sourness.

The idol has a fiancée, and he will not belong to their fans in the future... I feel a little sad how to break QAQ.

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