"Eight hundred miles expedited!"

was in the harem heart palace, looking at Yongzheng, who was angry with his brother who couldn't do anything, and heard a bad news.

"Fuyuan General Nian Qianyao, commanding the counterinsurgency army, and Luo Bu Zang Tenzin's 100,000 cavalry, conducted a battle at the Baita Temple in Xining. Our army was defeated, losing more than 50,000 people. Rob Zang Tenzin took advantage of the victory to pursue and surrounded Xining!"

This bad news was like a thunderbolt from the sky, and Yongzheng, who was already with a black line, completely ignited his anger.

He kicked the herald to death, his face contorted, and he walked around the palace.

"Give me a xuan, Nian Concubine!" Yongzheng roared angrily: "Let Nian Qianyao's sister come to see me!"

The young concubine didn't know what was going on, so she came to Yongzheng's Heart Cultivation Hall with high spirits.

"Your Majesty, what are you looking for a concubine?"

Before the young concubine could stand firmly, she was slapped in the face by Yongzheng and fell to the ground.

The young concubine's face was full of horror, and tears flowed: "Your Majesty, what's wrong with you?"

Yongzheng was furious, viciously threw the bad news on her face, and scolded: "Your brother, do a good job!"

Concubine Nian looked frightened, read the battle report, and cried: "Your Majesty, victory and defeat are a common thing in soldiers, and besides, my brother may also have a hard time." Fan Shijie, the governor of Ganshan, the gate of the Hongshi, always refused to transport food to him, and the army under the control of the king of Beijing urged him three times a day, and my brother was also forced to be helpless, so he had no choice but to fight the rebels in advance. "

"Slut!" Yongzheng couldn't do anything at this time, he was in a bad mood, and kicked the young concubine in the stomach, and said fiercely: "The reason why I tolerate your brother and fly outside is that you, the concubine, bully the weak everywhere in the harem, don't you need to rely on your brother's talent? Now, I have waited for more than a year, but I have lost 50,000 people, and the rebels have surrounded Xining?"

He vented all his resentment and anger on Concubine Nian, and beat Concubine Nian to bruises all over her body, before he threw down a sentence viciously: "Slut! You wait, if Nian Qianyao can't win, or if there is any abnormal movement, I will send you to the cold palace! And Nian Qianyao's three sons, all Ling Chi!"

Yongzheng didn't look back at this time, and left with a cold snort.

The young concubine began to cry and was extremely sad.

She bit her sweat towel, her beautiful eyes were miserable, and she no longer had her usual flying and domineering attitude, and there was no palace maid around, willing to come up and help her.

This palace is full of people who tend to be inflammatory, usually when she is favored, even the queen does not dare to scare her, and now she is openly attacked by Yongzheng, beaten violently, and the favor is gone, just like a plucked phoenix is not as good as a chicken, and is discriminated against and sneered by palace maids from all walks of life.

Concubine Nian was sad in her heart, struggled, and went back to her palace to cry.

After crying, Concubine Nian's fear did not disappear, but became deeper.

"I want to send you to the cold palace and put your three nephews to death. Yongzheng's threat lingered in Concubine Nian's mind over and over again.

"What should I do?" the young concubine trembled in fear.

In front of her eyes, she suddenly remembered someone.

A handsome, handsome, young and promising figure.

"Jia Baoyu!" A trace of essence flashed in the beautiful eyes of the young concubine: "Jia Baoyu was named the second-class general of Zhenxi by the emperor, and he will definitely be sent to the western front to serve as a watchman." "

Facts have proved that Concubine Nian is by no means a vase on the surface, on the contrary, she can be an assistant harem in the Yongzheng harem, second only to the queen, she is actually very smart, and she deeply knows who can be offended and who can't be offended.

Her mind was spinning at this time, thinking about how to help Nianfu survive the crisis.

"That Jia Baoyu may be appointed by the emperor to succeed his brother!" Concubine Nian thought carefully: "It is more likely that Yongzheng gave him the right to secretly fold the monopoly and let him spy on his brother." Whether he is willing to say good things or not is very important to my year. "

She remembered that she had made the Nian Mansion squirm before, approaching Zhen Baoyu's layout, and breathed a sigh of relief.

"In the name of the three brothers, it is the same as saying" The young concubine's beautiful eyes turned slightly: "It is a must, and the palace will also go out in person"

She sat up, wrote a letter, and passed it on.

At the same time, the young concubine was violently beaten by Yongzheng and penetrated into various palaces.

Empress Yixiu was relieved: "Haha! Slut, you finally deserve it." "

She usually has a lot of contradictions with the young concubine in the assistant harem, how can she be unhappy when she sees the young concubine in trouble at this time?

An Lingrong said with a smile: "I heard that Zhen Huan has also been snubbed by the emperor recently, and the two enemies of Concubine Nian and Zhen Huan fell together, but God bless Her Royal Highness the Queen." "

Empress Yixiu, her beautiful eyes were so smiling that she couldn't see it: "An Lingrong, if this is the case, I will fulfill you, how about it?"

An Lingrong was pleasantly surprised, kneeling down to thank him.

When Zhen Huan heard that Concubine Nian had fallen out of favor, she also sympathized with the same illness, and said to Shen Meizhuang: "Your Majesty, your personality is becoming more and more tyrannical, and in the future, our sisters, hard times will come." "

Shen Meizhuang no longer loved Yongzheng, and said lightly: "I never please the emperor, but I heard that the emperor can't do anything?"

Zhen Huan smiled bitterly and lowered her voice and said, "Meizhuang, it's good that you know it yourself." The emperor is indeed already the No. 1 eunuch in Tianzi. After he lost his ability to be humane, his violence increased day by day. "

Shen Meizhuang was also worried.

Jia Yuanchun's Fengzao Palace.

"Zhen Huan was snubbed because of the assassin case, and Concubine Nian was beaten because of Nian Qianyao's defeat?" Jia Yuanchun also shuddered. Although the plain Zhen Huan and Concubine Nian always hurt her and fought endlessly, the rabbit died and the fox was sad, and the things hurt it, and Yuan Chun was also shocked by Yongzheng's tyranny.

Although Yongzheng was good to her at this time, who knows when this moody Yongzheng will burst into anger and abuse her?

This man is inhumane and psychopathic.

"Baoyu, when will you come to save your sister and get out of the sea of suffering?"

The kind Yuan Chun prayed secretly.

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