Dr. Green Dragon

Chapter 1558: Dark Moon Orb

Chapter 1558 Dark Moon Orb

"Obox-Obo, legend has it that this was the first demon prince of the Abyss. In his time, the tanar'ri demons had not even been born."

"However, these ancient demons have lagged behind the times. Even if they still rule some levels of the abyss, they have finally squeezed out the throne for the tanar'ri demons, and will no longer receive the favor of the abyss itself..."

 Demiplane library.

 Isaac and Ivicola Sagran were talking.

Even they cannot stay away from the chaos in Amn.

 Because the trade routes have been affected, Isaac has approved the Consulate's support plan for Amn.

 At this time, his meeting with Ivicola Saglan was also related to Amn.

They had a secret agreement long ago, and they wanted to join forces in the name of a joint company and through a common agent to secretly control Amn.

 At this time, this is undoubtedly their best opportunity!

However, since they are preparing to formally intervene in Amn, it is indispensable that they also have a detailed enough understanding of the enemies they will face this time.

The scorpion man himself is already very good. He can teleport directly from the New World to the ancient ruins underground in Amn. This is not something that can be accomplished by simple magic.

 The supporter behind the Scorpion Man, the demon lord of the Abyss, Obox-Obo, is even more impressive.

According to the information held by Ivicola Sagran, this demon lord is not only an ancient demon, but also the ruler of the Abyss before the birth of Tanari. Furthermore, this demon lord is most likely the number one ruler of the Abyss. A demon prince!

In the ancient times, this person's status in the Abyss was like that of Demogorgon, the devil prince today and the leader of the three giants of the Abyss!

This time, since they want to use the scorpion man to achieve the purpose of secretly controlling Amn, they must naturally be prepared to have a direct conflict with this person in the end!

"You take care of the matters of controlling Amn first. Leave it to me to study Obiris."

"Recently, I am preparing to contact an abyss lord. From him, I should be able to learn about the situation of the Obiris Demon."

 Isaac is not in a hurry to get out of seclusion right now, so even if it involves manipulating Amn, he is willing to leave it to Ivicola Sagran.

Correspondingly, after he completed the creation of the Dark Sacred Artifact, he then perfected the "Chaos Double Burning Ritual" and used it to enslave Eltaba's words.

He believed that Eltaba’s understanding of Obox-Obo, at least Lord Obiris, must be deeper than that of him and Ivicola Saglan.

Obiris, this was the name of the demon clan that ruled the Abyss before the Tanar'ri.

 “That’s it.”

 Ivicola Sagran also nodded.

Industry specializing in surgery.

When it comes to researching the Obiris Demon, she is naturally not as professional as Isaac.

 But she has rich experience in agent actions.

 After a little time of communication, the two of them went their separate ways.


 Continuous wars and constant chaos.

It is also interspersed with major events such as the all-out conflict between the Church of the Dawn and the Sect of the Rising Sun, as well as the direct confrontation between the Dragon Witch Cult and the City of Shadows because of Sergant.

But all this failed to substantially hinder Isaac’s research.

 Gradually, the time came two months later.


  The location of the evil altar that once led Baragas into an ambush.

Once again, the endless original evil energy, centered on this altar, completely enveloped the entire royal city.

However, it is completely different from the distortion of the past and the essence of the "old days" that lagged behind the times.

 This evil original energy is combined with the energy of "magic essence". Under Isaac's control, it seems to have a sufficient degree of correspondence with the "evil magical power", and it seems to have taken off the coat of the "old days".

"it's time!"

 “With the original evil as the source, the immunity of the abyss lord can be bypassed from the source.”

“Using the essence of magic as a link, we can add infinite possibilities to it in terms of shaping.”

“It will be the most suitable artifact to combine with the legendary evil magic.”

“But only by mastering the power of evil magic can we fully unleash its power!”

“The state of my secret power is exactly this fundamental premise!”

“However, in order to maximize its ‘domination’ effect, I need to further specialize its attributes.”

“Binding and dominating with oaths as its core attributes…”

  Isaac’s conception and design are completely completed.

At the same time, all the resources needed to create the holy vessels, including the various sacrifices required for evil rituals, have also been prepared in advance and fully.

 The next thing to do is to create this powerful evil holy weapon step by step through a series of magic rituals!


 Half a month later.

 When the last scene, the evil ritual performed by the "Triple Parallel Heavenly Array" is completed.

Over the Evil Altar, an orb that was as magnificent and mysterious as the "Dark Techira Stone" and filled with the essence of darkness and evil was created by Isaac.

At this moment, Isaac has always maintained the "power of the secret ritual" because of the three parallel formations.

 This control over the power of evil magic means that he also has sufficient control over the Dark Orb.

Through this power control, Isaac can grasp all the attributes of this dark orb created by his own hands with extremely clear clarity!

“In normal state, you can ‘Charm Monsters’ 5 times a day and ‘Dominate Monsters’ 1 time.”

“The power state of the secret ritual, in addition to the normal charm and control, also has the effect of calling evil creatures from the lower planes and forcing them to complete tasks by binding them with oaths!”

"Once the calling target is determined, and can break through the target's prophetic protection and lock on it, the coercion of this 'oath binding' will force the target to either succumb to this coercion, or else, it must Resist ultra-high-intensity will coercion, and..."

Isaac stretched out his hand and took the dark magic bead into the palm of his hand. Another look of satisfaction flashed through his eyes.

 It seems that his evil holy weapon is not very powerful, but in fact it is not.

First of all, the "sworn binding" target of this dark magic bead has no life energy level limit. At most, the higher the life energy level of the target being sworn to bind, the more "sworn binding" will be required to do it again. Cooldown" waiting time.

Secondly, this magic bead completely follows his design, and it has infinite, but definitely numerous, plasticity!

“It can be combined with the ‘Adamantine Binding Circle’. Even if the caller is able to resist the will coercion of the magic bead, he will still be subject to the second level of imprisonment and restrictions!”

“It can also be greatly strengthened through the evil energy of the ‘dark energy core’!”

“Combined with legendary spells, it becomes even more difficult to resist!”

With this magic bead, Isaac is already confident that he can complete the forced restraint of Eltaba and even Malkekid.

Of course, the forced binding of this magic orb is only a task effect. Once the target completes the task, the oath binding will definitely end normally.

 So, this is only a prerequisite for the "Chaos Double Burning Ceremony", and it is the prerequisite for the ceremony to be carried out normally and continue!

 The real core content of the ceremony lies in the ninth-level chaos runes!

However, although this step is the core, it is not very difficult for Isaac.

 This premise is what Isaac needs most!

“Let me call you ‘Dark Moon Magic Pearl’!”

 (End of this chapter)

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