Doomsday Rise

Chapter 2107: , Cursed Sword

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A loud shout was like a thunderbolt from the blue. Taishi Chugong's eyes widened and he looked to the west, because this loud shout was not made by him. A thin middle-aged man came from a distance with lightning in his hand, holding a golden tiger head gun. , it was impossible to see how he exerted his strength, dots of golden light shot out, and the ignorant Yasha rushed towards him as if he was struck by lightning, his vitality disappeared in an instant, and when the body fell to the ground, the middle-aged man was already in front of him, the speed was staggering.

Everyone gasped when they saw the middle-aged man's face clearly. They saw that the face looked as if it had been chewed by a wild dog. It was full of bumps and bumps. The nose was gone, leaving only two holes. There was basically no flesh on the cheeks. Normally, it only has two eyes, which emit a ferocious and cold light like a demon, which is frightening.

Junior Sister Ziqin only glanced at it and then lowered her eyes in fear. She didn't dare to look any further, but she heard Miss Ruoruo blurt out: "The evil man with the golden gun!"

"Do you know him?" Taishi Chugong was surprised. He didn't dare to say that he was well-informed, but he had seen more of the world than Ruoruo. He didn't have the slightest impression, so why did Ruoruo know him?

"This man is a murderer. Most of the people who have seen him are dead. He was discovered by his father when he was massacring the city. At that time, his father did not know him. After three moves, he was defeated. The scars on his face, This person is the one who stayed. If dad hadn't run so fast, the consequences would have been disastrous." Girl Ruoruo's face was full of fear.

Taishi Chu Gong gasped, the beggar with twenty-three and two ounces of swords showed solemnity in his eyes. He defeated Che Luotuo with three moves, leaving scars on his face and forcing Che Luotuo to flee. This man is really scary.

"I seem to have heard Master talk about this man. In order to make a good gun, he forced people from a town to mine for him. Later, in order to keep it secret, he killed everyone in the town. He was very cruel." Junior Sister Ziqin. The fear of the evil man with the golden gun showed in her eyes. When the master mentioned this man to her, she even had a nightmare that night.

"This man can be bad." Taishi Chu Gong said.

"Yes!" Erliang begged Hua to be convinced.

While he was talking, two masters jumped out from behind Chu Xundun. One was holding a broad sword, and the other was using an octagonal hammer. The man who used the octagonal hammer was nine feet tall and his voice was like a loud bell.

"You're such an ugly monster, do you deserve to scream here?"

The octagonal hammer moves up and down like a pincer attack. If you look carefully, you will find that the downward hammer is powerful and full of power, but it is a feint. The real killing move is the upward hammer, which has restrained power. Once it hits the golden gun villain, it will accumulate The power will explode in an instant, like a volcano erupting, destroying everything.

The swordsman's moves are simple, and he can sweep through thousands of armies with one move, creating the momentum of thousands of armies and horses, and allowing thousands of armies to overcome obstacles.

Both of them took the initiative to attack, seemingly fighting on their own, but masters such as Jian Twenty-san could see that their weapons were long and short, and their attacks were divided into upper, middle and lower, which happened to seal the golden gun villain's attack. All angles, the timing of the shot, the control of the direction, and the control of the power are just right, leaving no opportunity for the villain with the golden gun.

Taishi Chugong frowned, thinking that he had no choice but to retreat when faced with such a pincer attack. However, the villain with the Golden Spear did not stop at all. With a flick of his wrist, the Golden Gun Tiger Head Spear transformed into three cold stars. Two octagonal hammers and broadsword were hit respectively.


A crisp sound sounded, and the two octagonal hammers and the broadsword were shattered into pieces at the same time. The owner of the octagonal hammer and the owner of the broadsword were shocked. Before they could react, a golden light flashed, and a hole appeared in their hearts. , the front and back were transparent, and the villain with the golden gun appeared in front of Chu Xundun, stepping on the two bodies. A dazzling golden light bloomed, and the next second, he was pinched by fingers that appeared out of thin air.

The golden light in the sky dissipated, leaving only the Vajra Tiger Head Spear and a skinny palm, one of the two old men guarding Chu Xundun.

"Villain with the Golden Gun, my master is kind-hearted and spared your life. Not only are you ungrateful, but you want to seek revenge. You are simply a beast." The old man was half a head shorter than the Villain with the Golden Gun, but his aura was far greater than that of the Villain with the Golden Gun. powerful.

"Old guy, my face is neither human nor ghost, and it's all thanks to you, so go to hell!" The villain with the Golden Gun was filled with murderous aura, a flash of green light shot out of his eyes, and the Golden Gun Tiger Head Spear suddenly disappeared. It was so sudden that the old man was stunned. , suddenly heard Chu Xundun's anxious voice coming from behind.

"Mr. Zheng, get out of the way—"

The old man immediately realized that something was wrong, but before he could react, his heart went cold. An indescribable destructive force burst out from his heart and surged through his body at lightning speed. He didn't even have time to regret it. No, consciousness disappeared, but people around him could see clearly.

Mr. Zheng's body exploded, and pieces of flesh shot out in all directions. A bit of golden light rushed out from the flesh and blood, looking for Shuyuanwww. only took the center of Chu Xundun’s eyebrows, which was extremely fast.

The masters of the Chu family were shocked. Even though they knew it was too late, they all rushed forward regardless of their own safety. Some wanted to rescue Chu Xundun, some directly attacked the villain with the golden gun, and wanted to surround Wei and rescue Zhao. However, everyone with a discerning eye could see that it was too late.

From a distance, Jian Ershisan, Taishi Chugong and others who watched this scene were shocked by the power of the golden gun villain. They liked the golden gun villain to stab Chu Xundun to death, but they also vaguely felt that Chu Xundun should not die so easily. That's right, after all, he is one of the four dragons of the Chu family. This kind of person has a very tough destiny.

"Go to hell!" The villain with the golden gun shouted loudly, and the sound shook the whole place. The golden gun's tiger-headed gun burst out with thousands of rays of light, like a scorching sun. Everyone looking in this direction narrowed their eyes. Vaguely, he could see the masters of the Chu family who rushed to rescue or surrounded Wei and Zhao as if they were struck by lightning and flew backwards. Only a few of them could withstand the terrifying aura emanating from the villain with the golden gun.

However, what everyone is most concerned about is not the situation of these masters, but the life and death of Chu Xundun. However, the light from the tip of the Jingan Tiger Head Spear is so bright that no matter how they open their eyes, they cannot see clearly. At this moment, a strange A scene happened, the dazzling golden light suddenly dissipated, and the golden tiger-headed spear stopped a finger away from Chu Xundun's eyebrows. The evil man with the golden spear stared straight at Chu Xundun, as motionless as a sculpture, with a pale expression on his face. The expression was very strange, as if he couldn't believe it, but also seemed extremely shocked, with a deep reluctance and a trace of confusion.

These expressions are too abstract. It is really difficult to read accurate information from the face of the villain with the golden gun.


The villain with the golden gun fell straight down, and the moment it touched the ground, both the man and the gun shattered on the ground, like crystals hitting the ground.

"What happened?" Everyone was shocked by this scene.

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