Data Awakening: Brush the map to get the ultimate talent

Data Awakening: Brush the map to get the ultimate talent


206 Chapters Ongoing Status


Blue Star has entered the era of data awakening.

Li Ye awakens the talent of order at the beginning.

[Ultimate posture: You can give it to your own talent as the ultimate posture]

[Temporary gift: When entering the dungeon, you will receive a temporary talent]

Talent: Temporary gift. Ultimate posture – permanent existence: when clearing the instance, temporary talent → permanent talent

Talent: Conqueror. Ultimate stance – infinite stacking: The effects of the Conqueror can be stacked infinitely

Talent: Requirements reduction. Ultimate posture – Ignore needs: You can ignore the use needs of all items

Talent: Divine Blessing Reincarnation. Ultimate posture-Infinite Nirvana: infinite rebirth, each rebirth will gain a temporary gain

Talent: Spiritual stance. Ultimate posture – perception of good and evil: you can detect all hostile units in your position


As time goes by, Li Ye obtains numerous ultimate gestures and becomes invincible in the world.


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